Sasuga Mia-sama - 24

Tearmoon Empire Story

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24 - The actor is all.....

Shion Saul Sankland was born as the firstborn of the king of the Kingdom of Sankland.

"Those who stand on the people, have to always love righteous and uphold justice"

The words his father told him on his young day..... That became his creed, and until now he had lived in that way.

The royal family, the noble family, and the ones who stood on the people must always be proud, disciplined themselves, and became the role model of the people in their way of life. He thought so, but ...

As he grew up, he could even see a disgusting side of them.

There were various humans in the aristocrats..... Those who lived in the way as his father said, was not many.

But, he still expecting from St. Noel Academy.

After all, that was an academy where young children of excellent nobles gathered. He wondered how many amazing people there were that he had never met, that deserved to stand on top of people....

Because he was such a person, he was disgusted as soon as he saw the students, who were foolishly doing such a trivial thing to wait for their turn across the lake.

Immediately after that, he again encountered a scene that was not suitable for an aristocrat.

Three daughters of some aristocrats were bullying a servant who did a careless mistake and an aristocratic girl who protected her.

".....Haa~, this place is also the same, huh?"

"Unfortunately, the depravity of the royal aristocrats in each country continues to progress. It is not easy to find aspiring people like His Majesty the King or Your Highness Shion."

A royal attendant on his side, Keithwood, shrugged. There was always an ironic smile floated on his face.

Shion and Keithwood were childhood friends who had grown up together from an early age.

Keithwood originally was a war orphan, he was taken over by the King and raised like a real son.

Therefore, there was a bond of trust between the two, which was close like a sibling.

"What would we do? It seems to be troublesome though, but will you help them?"

"Of course"

Without hesitation, Shion nodded.

Obviously, It was opposing his justice to leave a unilaterally abused girl. And suddenly, a ray of light gently entered in their sight as they tried to run.

"What exactly are all of you doing there?!"

A girl lightly shook her shining hair as if it melted from the light of the moon, and opened her mouth herself proudly.

That girl, Mia Luna Tearmoon, appeared with an angry expression on her beautiful face.

"She is, Princess Mia, who is praised as the Empire's wisdom, huh."

Somewhere vaguely, Shion was staring at that scene.

He was impressed by the anger of Mia, as well as the fact that those weak people were being oppressed.

Shion believed to righteousness and being angry with an evil act had done was righteous, which was what one had to possess as a people that stood above the people.

However, how many ones who cared about the suffering of others and even got angry as if they were himself?

Even Shion himself wanted to give help because of his sense of justice.
It seemed that Shion saw her as a ruler, the ideal one, when Mia was angry with that injustice.

......Human beings were, easy to understand that they could not understand each other, no matter how far you go.

"I heard that she established a hospital in a slum."
"Yeah, I've always wanted to see her since I heard that story ..."

Shion looked again at Mia.

"This's definitely a box with unknown worthy value, to not only blessed with compassion but also thinking goodness for people....."

Even though that one was an incompetent person, it was better than a powerful one who made bad govern, Although Shion already had a certain evaluation, Having met the real current situation, made him revised his evaluation about her greatly.

"Giving her hairpin herself, probably it was her action intended to incite of its effect."

For just a good person, it was impossible to throw oneself into the turmoil and dispel the evil.

But she, had the wisdom that suitable for a person who belonged to the Emperor of the Empire, and there also had a heart that loved justice.

"It was worth coming to St. Noel even if I just to be able to become acquainted with her."

While he was making that hyper evaluation, Shion's mood quickly improved.

Meanwhile, Mia, was flustering.
Although she felt good to say sarcasm to her, she had made Tiona cried, and then she became frightened to blame for her guilt.

――For her to cry easily like that, It's too unexpected!

Originally, Mia was just a decoration. She lacked the qualities to be a tyrant, also she had a small and half-boiled conscience.

"Ah, aa, um, I, I've gone too far. Ple, please stop crying."

An so, she said something couldn't be understood, and then pushed the handkerchief away to Tiona.....

"Pl, please wipe your face with it!"

She left fleeing.

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[End of Chapter]

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