Fixed Damage Chapter 30

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse

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8 - Break into 3

"Hi, hiiiii, don't kill me! Don't kill me!"

That boy fell into the spot.
He was looking up at me, while trembling and rattling.

"If so, tell where he is. And also──."

I pointed to Yulin.

"The way to remove the curse on this person."
"Subject number 372....!?"

That boy was taken aback..

"She seems to have been cursed with [Darkness Pheromone] spell. There's any way to dispel it, isn't?"

I decided to hear from him first.

"I, I don't know..... I don't know at all"

That boy trembled and shook his head to the left and right.

"Not willing to say, huh."

I sighed and said with a slight threat.

"I, I really don't know! Trust me! Please, don't kill me!"

The boy pleaded with tears in his eyes.
From that pathetic appearance, apparently he really didn't know at all.

"But.... Valery-sama is the only one in charge of all the magic research results, so if you look for him....."
"Where is that recording orb?"

Usually, the results of magic research were stored in orbs that could record high-density information.
Maybe Valery was doing so too.


That boy's face turned pale.

The research result of magic was equal to the top-secret for the wizard.
Furthermore, it was Valery's, the world's greatest wizard, so it had immeasurable value.
There was no way he could talk about his whereabouts and the orbs storage location.


I took a half step.
Just a little closer, he would disappear.

"A, alright ..."

The boy gulped and nodded.

"The lowest floor of the institute. Go down the central stairs, then head towards the inner second room──there's a place that we call "Sage's Compartment"."

Then, how about we go there to find out how to remove Yulin's curse?

"Yosh, let's go back to the first question."

I had my chin jerked.

"Spit out his whereabouts"
"Valery-sama is in the middle of ritual magic ... researching a new technique ..."

And the boy.

"As usual, he's still researching wicked magic that requires a sacrifice huh?"
"Y, yes, with the hearts of seven virgin maidens and the reproductive organs of ten virgin boys of the neighboring village..."

......Tsk, that information didn't even need to be heard.

"Where is he doing that ritual magic?"
"On the underground floor..... It's a room behind of the "Sage's compartment" that I mentioned before......... for ritual only....."
"I get it"

I've asked that far

"Then, die."

I proceeded one step.

The distance with him was 11 meters.
1 meter left.

"Eh, the promise is──"

The boy had a stunned look.
I coldly looked at that boy.

"You've taken the lives of many subjects so far, right? So, do you think you could be forgiven now?"

There was no room for sympathy.
There was no reason to forgive.

"Be, because those guys are just ordinary villagers who can be found everywhere, you know!? We are magician geniuses who appear for every tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ──we're selected human beings!"

He shouted.

"Please don't kill me! I'm a special person! I can't die in a place like this!"

He was a self-centered guy.

Just like his master, until the bones.

I took one step further.

"Uwaaaaaaaaa I don't want to die! I don't want to di..... Gyaaaaaaaaaa....."

Along with the death agony, that boy spurted his blood out and fell, and eventually disappeared.

"He, he has disappeared ... Valery's disciples are so scary ..."

Yulin murmured with a stunned face.

"It doesn't matter who will come out."

I told Yulin

"I'll just erase everything"

We went further.

We went down the stairs and eventually arrive at the lowest floor.
There were many traps in the way, but all of them were destroyed by my [Fixed Damage] and shea's [Dissection] and [Acceleration].

A few wizards appeared from the front of us.

"You can't go further from here onwards, you intruders!"
"Do you not know that this is Valery-sama's laboratory!"
"I will defeat you for the sake of my beloved Valery-sama!"

Hey, these guys were also Valery's lovers.
Every of them was a fine beautiful teenage boy.

…….Valery's hobbies were fully open.

However, he was not a man who took disciples only for his own hobby.
Probably all of them were as powerful as the previous two.

They couldn't do any harm to me, but Shea and Yulin were in danger if they got out of [Fixed Damage] skill range.

"Don't separate from me, you two"

I instructed them.

"I am one of Valery-sama's disciples, Mikha. Wh, who are you.....?"

A very beautiful boy at the rear asked.
He looked like a pretty girl with pale pink hair trimmed at his shoulders.

"At least not Valery's friend."

I snorted at that "Disciple".

"I came here to do business with your master."

I would not introduce myself, I would only tell what I wanted to do.

".....It looks like it's not a peaceful business."
"I've already made two of your fellows disappeared. Of course, it's not a peaceful business."

While saying it, I felt their hostility and hatred continued to simmer.

Apart from that, I had no personal resentment toward that Mikha.
Well, like the two disciples I mentioned, I thought he was repeating wicked experiments, so there was no reason to keep him alive.

"Ah, he is a wonderful wizard. He has developed many magics and will surely contribute greatly to the progress of the world's magical civilization!"
"To be precise, repeated the human experiments, right?"
"That, that's..... for the sake of world, precious sacrifice needed....."
"Just arbitrary reason"
"More people will be saved. This is the pain needed for the world!"

Mikha emphasized.

"I respect him from the bottom of my heart! I believe at him and will continue to follow! And someday, I will be his successor."

It was like a feeling of blind faith.

"Maybe because you're Valery's lover. It's an affection rather than respect right? or it's a desire? Or selfishness?"
".....! W, what your relation with──"

Mikha's face flushed.
Did I hit the right place or touched a part he didn't want the other to touch?

"It's good! You are an evil intruder who came to do damage to Valery! I understand that!"
"Oh, I'm about to finish it up."
"Be careful. he has a way to erase magic."

Those disciples grasped their wand with caution.

"... I see, so you're watching the previous battle with a magic video relay or something huh."

Well, it didn't matter what they saw.
All I had to do was erase them.

These guys attacked ── together.

── The battle was just a disappointing thing.

Swords of flames, spears of lightning, arrows of ice, axes of the wind──.
All disappeared the moment reached within 10 meters.

It didn't matter what its attributes or how powerful it was.
In front of the attack magics that approached continuously, I kept on going lazily.
Shea and Yulin were on my left and right side.

Eventually, the disciples who entered my skill range disappeared like the magic they released.
One, and one more ...

"Hi, Hii..... I can't...!"

The last one── Mikha screamed and ran away.

"Do you want me to chase him, Chrome-sama?"

Shea asked.
With her [Acceleration], she would catch him up soon.

"──No, leave him alone."

No needed to chase him after all.
There was something I wanted to do first.

Of course my revenge on Valery, but I want to find out how to dispel Yulin's curse first.

We went straight.
As what was spilled by the previous first disciple, we went to the second room from the central stairs of the inner-part.

"Sage's Compartment".
A place where Valery's magical research results were stored.

The door was tightly closed.

"Yes, Chrome-sama."

Shea's sword emitted a black glow, tearing through the layers of the door protected with magics.

"I'll open it"

We set foot inside the room──.

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[End of Chapter]

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