Fixed Damage Chapter 31

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


9 - The Sage Compartment

We set foot in the room containing the results of Valery's magical research, the Sage Compartment.

The shelves on the right side of the room were lined with innumerable orbs.
Each one of them should contain his research data.

Looking at the other side, I saw several black crystal pillars.
Various humans, regardless of age or sex, were confined inside it, stark naked.

"Hurts... it hurts..."
"Help me..."

Heartbreaking voices echoed everywhere.

Was it a mechanism that caused pain when in the crystal, or was it caused by some magic test?
Screams and sobs, anger and resentment ──I could hear all of it clearly.

It was a hell picture.

"They're the human subjects same as me..."

Yulin murmured with a dark face.
......Had she encountered the same thing?

I was taught when I was still Valery's disciple.
He was said that magic was a technique that used a person's "negative emotions" as an energy source.

The higher the magic, the more "negative emotions" were needed.
Pain, wrath, sorrow, remorse, and despair.
It was the same kind of emotions I used to taste.

They would experience endless pain to activate some spells.

I couldn't bear any longer.


I ordered my [Subordinate] girl.

"I understand, Chrome-sama."

She took my order, even if I didn't put it in concrete words.
No, she would have done so on her own, even if I didn't order her.


A black shining sword cut through the crystals one after another.
Freed the people contained inside.

"Those who can move, immediately escape from here. All the traps on the road we went through have been destroyed."

And she explained to them the escape direction.

"Th, thank you very much……"

Most of them stood up with a squeal and then left the room.

The remaining dozens seemed too distressed to even stand up.
I wish I had a way to treat them.


I turned my gaze to the back of the room and stiffened my face.

A shabby stone plate was leaning against it.
Was it a mural cut from somewhere──I wondered.

The hill and countless tombs were depicted.
A long chain hanging from heaven and a woman.

"Could it be──"
"It depicts the curse of the "Chain of Darkness." I carried here that mural I found two years ago in an ancient ruin."

And, the footsteps were approaching.

This voice was──.
I throbbed.

I couldn't forget it.
It absolutely could not be forgotten.

I had always been taught magic by this person.

I wanted to be strong enough to protect Irina.
With that feeling in mind, I studied under this person.

Although strict, he was a respectable teacher who sometimes showed kindness.

But everything──had become past.

"As I thought, you're... Chrome"

A man with long bluish-black hair was standing behind the door.
His sharp eyes gazed straight at me.

"It's been a while, Valery."

I met my former teacher for the first time in these two years.

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"Why you're alive, Chrome"

Valery looked at me with a stern look.

"What is that, your disciple was still alive, so shouldn't you be more pleased?"

I asked with irony.

"...Hnn, my disciple you said? Your talent is just an average. So, it was not a loss to....sacrificed you for "Chain of Darkness"."

Valery snorted.

"Thanks to that, the Hero Yuno, gained an enormous amount of [Light] power. Enough to slain the Demon King."
"Did you sacrificed me because I didn't have much talent?"
"It's mainly because I recommended you to be the sacrifice. It's boring to teach those who have no talent."
"Your disciples that I wiped out, they were so talented."
"...One might be as good as me at some point. Sadly."

Valery frowned.
I didn't know if they were his talented disciple or mere lovers.

"Let's back to the topic. How could you be able to survive? How could you be able to utilize the power of [Darkness]?"

Valery stared at me.

What reflected on his eyes was vigilance and fear.

"A person who is sacrificed to "Chain of Darkness" should not be able to survive... Normally, that person would be swallowed by [Darkness] and disappeared. But, why── And even gained the power that I could not gain..."

Probably jealousy.

To me, who gained the mighty power of [Darkness]──.

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[End of Chapter]

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