Fixed Damage Chapter 33

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


11 - Self-esteem


"What is Valery-sama talking to them...? His voice is low and I cannot hear well..."

Mikha was silently watching from the shadows.

Once frightened by the terrifying power of the intruder, he escaped.
However, it was not possible to abandon his beloved Valery and run away.

If he was fighting against those intruders, he had to help──.
He came back with that feeling.

From another entrance, entered the Sage's Compartment, hiding himself in the myriad of shelves on the right side of the room.

(Aah, Valery-sama...)

Mikha dyes his cheeks hot and looked at his beloved master.

As expected, unlike Mikha and the other disciples, Valery was calm in the face of intruders.
Without trembling of fear, without being pressured, full of dignity.

(The enemy has terrible abilities... but Valery-sama will surely manage...)

One of the world's greatest wizards, a member of the Hero Party who defeated the Demon King.
Valery also created "The True Hero's Holy Sword Ark Weiss" a mysterious weapon possessed by the hero Yuno.

He longed for.


To his strength.
To his knowledge.

He wanted to become a wizard like Valery one day.
As he was studying under him, his admiration became like a love.

So when Valery invited him to bed, he didn't hate or feel humiliated at all.
There was only the joy of his admiration.

He tried to grow his hair become longer than he used to and got closer to what he liked.
He was now more confident that he was the most favored by him than the other disciples.

Appearance, inner appearance, and even the bed skill──.
Mikha thought of Valery and continued to polish all of it.

"Aah, Valery-sama... Please show me. The way you will use to beat those irreverent intruders."

He had lost in fear and ran away, but Valery was fine.

He was sure he would beat those enemies.

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[Darkness] was, what actually it meant──

To my question, Valery quieted for a while,

"I'm still researching it. I haven't got a definite answer. I've been investigating the ruins of the prehistoric civilization Remuscelia, who were much more familiar with [Darkness] and [Light] than we were..."
"Then, as far as you know"
"In a nutshell, it's something with huge energy that sleeps in a space different from this world."

Valery answered.

"Is it just energy? Is it a super existence with some kind of will? It has not been identified yet..."

Different space?
A huge amount of energy that sleeps there?

Both were stories I heard for the first time.

"Obviously, because I found it myself."

Valery smiled with a good smile, as if read my mind.

"The power of Magic is only eliciting a part of the power of [Darkness] and [Light] after all, or maybe the embodiment of the existence of god and devil ... I cannot say for sure, though. "

It was a grand story.

"I have been studying [Darkness]. [Light] can only be manipulated by the people with "sacred attributes" like a hero. However, if it is [Darkness]──it can be obtained by a magician such as me. Theoretically."

Valery opened his hands with a grand gesture.

"Manifested, [Commandment of Remuscelia]──"

The wall behind him split left and right.
What appeared was a magic formation colored in black and gold.

"Now, I'll acquire it. Your [Darkness]──"

The next moment, a black lightning bolt was emitted from the magic circle.


The lightning was entwining my whole body.

"This is──"

My whole body was heavy...!
It was such a shock that my weak body was likely to fall apart.


Shea screamed next to me.

All "Attack against me", whether it was physical or magic, all dealt 9999 damage.
Curse, poison, paralysis... anything else that harmed me.

But, this was──?
[Fixed Damage] didn't even work, Isn't it a kind of "Attack"?

The pains run on my limbs.

[Fixed Damage] didn't work...?
Was the spell so powerful that the effect did not disappear after dealt 9999 damage?
Was there something like that?

"No, perhaps──"
"[Commandment of Remuscelia]──A magical device that interferes with [Darkness] itself. It was excavated from ancient ruins."

Valery pointed to the magic circle behind him.

Speaking of which, only Yulin who did not be affected.
It meant that it affected only me who had the power of [Darkness] and Shea who had been given that power.

"By watching my disciples' battle, I was able to grasp your skill. It may be a system of [Annihilation] or its evolution. The range is probably about 10 meters. That girl uses [Dissection]. I do not need to afraid if I keep a certain distance. If I use this device from a safe position, This is my victory.”
"What is, that device is..."
"It's to interfere the [Darkness], didn't I have told you? The source of your power is [Darkness]. If I shut it down, your skill will not be able to be activated. You are just a mere human──no, you've lost all magic power and physical strength due to "Chain of Darkness", you're just a scum!"

Valery laughed triumphantly.


Shea tried to run.


Her movement reached subsonic speed.
But, just before that,

"[Wind] [Prison]"

He was bounced off by the wind magic cast by Valery, and furthermore, her limbs were bound and restrained in the air by an invisible energy.

As expected, he was called the world's greatest wizard, and his magic activation speed was terrifying.
Shea didn't even be given time to use her skill.

"A girl who gained part of the power of [Darkness]──You'll become a good experimental material. Be quiet there."

Saying it, Valery this time stretched his hand toward me.


As with Shea, invisible energy bound my limbs.
My deteriorated limbs, like a dead trunk, squealed as if screamed.

I couldn't move──

“I still can interfere the [Darkness], but I can't take advantage of that power. However, eventually──by developing such a technique, I will take away your [Darkness]. "
"Hahahaha, I've given up at your talent, so I banished you two years ago──but when I'm looking at this, you were the most useful disciple for me! More than that younger brother of that child who is killed lightly!"
"What, aren't they important disciples for you?"

I snarled at him while I was still restrained.

"Funn, are you going to curse me in that situation?"

Valery's eyes shone.


My limbs became more restrained, and more pressured.
It was really hurt so that it might break at any moment.

──But I didn't really mind this kind of pain.

"Compared to the pain of despair I received from you two years ago...!"

If you thought you would win this, it was a big mistake, Valery.
In the end, my victory was unwavering.

With confidence, I looked at Valery.

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[End of Chapter]

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