Fixed Damage Chapter 32

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


10 - Asking questions

"If you want to acquire information from someone, why don't you provide it first, Valery?"

I looked at my former teacher──now a man who had degraded to be my hated revenge target.

"Information from me?"
"First of all. It's about the way to remove the curse that had been subjected to Yulin."
"Yulin...? Ah, the subject 372 who escaped. Certainly, I have subjected her with [Darkness Pheromone]."

Valery's gaze turned to Yulin.

"Why you care about such a little girl?"
"Answer now."

I urged him.

"I keep all my research records about [Darkness Pheromone] in Orb numbered 372──the same number as that girl. Just bring it if you need it."

Valery pointed to the shelf on the right side of the room.

"If it can get your [Darkness], I'm not worried about other research."

His eyes shone brightly.
Two years ago, he was a man who was keen on the search for magic, but he didn't have such sharp eyes.

Was it meant that his passion had increased over the last two years.

"[Darkness]──It's the ultimate tier in magic. What I've explored for more than 40 years and still can't get. What I can't reach yet. My biggest goal──"

Valery told feverishly.

"Now, Tell me, Chrome. How did you can acquire [Darkness]?"
"Wait. I have another question."

His knowledge was valuable.
Before I finish my revenge, I had to get enough information.

"[Darkness] is──What actually is it?"

I still didn't fully understand about this power dwelled in me.

As I knew little about [Subordinate] relations until I met Shea.
There might be other information I didn't know yet.

Originally, that [Darkness], which would be the most important source of information, was a caprice.
Even if I asked a question, the answer not always be given.
So, it was a good idea to ask Valery about this.

My revenge was still far.
Among them, there was Yuno who had the power of [Light].

If I didn't hone my power more──.


Valery growled small.

"I haven't completely clarified it. And I'm still researching it. So, I'll talk on that premise."

Valery put it as the preface and started to talk.

“Once upon all──there was a civilization in this world that was different from now”

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It was a prehistoric civilization that was flourished prosperous millions of years ago.
It seemed that at that time had much more advanced magic technology than now, and was much more prosperous than now.

However, it was destroyed overnight by a mysterious disaster called "Great Disaster".

The magic we were using was the excavation and arrangement of the techniques developed by that prehistoric civilization.

Because the magic of prehistoric civilization was almost too advanced to be used.
It was used after being weakened and adjusted for modern people by reducing the output etc.

Valery had been studying that civilization all the time, I also knew

I didn't only know by rumor, there was a strong theory that prehistoric civilization itself was just a kind of legend or fairy tale.

Valery was enthusiastic about his research.
Well, at that time there was a fierce battle with the Demon King Army, so he couldn't concentrate on the research.

"Slightly before we parted──I discovered an ancient ruin. What was written there was a forbidden curse called the [Chain of Darkness]."
"Ancient ruin..."
"In other words, it was the ancient persons who have developed the [Chain of Darkness] spell, because they have much more knowledge about [Darkness] and [Light] than we have."

According to Valery's explanation──.

The forbidden cursed "Chain of Darkness" first created [Darkness] from the person who was sacrificed.
[Light] appeared in response to the [Darkness].
By giving the [Light] that appeared to the target person, that person gained tremendous power.

Simply put, that was it.

In short, I was chosen as a sacrifice to give the target person──Yuno, the hero with the holy attribute──the power of [Light].

It was also calculated that Irina showed the sight of visiting Yuno the day before.
It was to fuel my anger and sadness.

The greater the "negative emotions", the stronger the sacrifice would be.
The stronger the [Darkness] that was born, the stronger the [Light] that was born in response.

"The reason I chose you as a sacrifice was──because I thought that the existences such as lover and best friend were easy and suitable to be used as triggers to generate negative emotions."

Valery said.

"First and foremost, your spirit was the purest in the party. It's the result of my spiritual measurement magic in advance. The more pure and clean the heart is, the more it gets trampled. It is easier to produce deep [Darkness]──."
"I lose my magical power, but why did my body deteriorate as well?"
"All the magical powers of those who have been selected as "sacrifice" are absorbed and become the energy source for [Darkness]. The body's deteriorating is the side effect of losing all magical power at once."

Valery answered my question,

"At the back of this room, there is a device that removes all the magical power from the subject. I tried to reproduce the "Chain of Darkness" simply by using it──but, it was completely useless. Like you, the subject's physical ability has significantly deteriorated."

And, Valery.

"Well, put that aside. It seems that what matters is not the magnitude of magical power, but the size of the sacrifice's "negative emotion"."

With a smile on his face, Valery continued the explanation.

Even if I was his disciple, he had no feelings or emotions.

..... Surely, though I didn't know.
For this guy, I was only as valuable as experimental material.

"I have understood about the [Chain of Darkness]. So, what is [Darkness] or [Light] in the first place?"

My question moved to the point.

Honestly, just listening to it gave me to anger and hatred.
Two years ago, I was used just like a tool, and that disposed of memory revived vividly.

Still──first of all, was to gather all pieces of information.

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[End of Chapter]

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