Fixed Damage Chapter 35

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


13 - That bond between master and disciple is an illusion of a distant day.

"You said something interesting when you heard about [Darkness], Valery. Certainly, it was──"

[There is a device in the back of this room that extracts all the magical power from the subject.]

I remembered Valery's explanation.

"It was a device to simply reproducing the [Chain of Darkness]──was I right?"

I grinned.
In contrast, the blood drained from Valery's face.

"Yo, you bastard, could it be...."

He must have realized.
What am I planning on?

At first, I was just going to kill him.

It was Valery who directly applied the curse spell to me.
I hate, f*ckin' hate him, It couldn't be helped right.

I had been holding this grudge for the last two years.

However, just kill him was not enough.
I want to make him suffer more and despair more.

To do that, I would take away the thing he cares most about.

"Shea, cut Valery's limbs tendons, immobilize him and then carry him to the device."

If I approached him up to 10 meters, I would just kill him without any entertainment.

Let's let Shea did it until the last minute.
However, I was the one who do the finishing touch.

"Understood, Chrome-sama."

Nodding, Shea pulling out the sword.
Her eyes were terrifyingly sharp.

Is it because of the anger she's felt after coming here and watching their experiments?
Her mercilessness against an outrageous person might have become sharper than before.

"Do, don't come clos──"

Valery stepped backward.


The high-tier lightning magic was released.

"──Shea, don't move."

As per my instruction, Shea stopped on the spot.

Shortly after, the lightning bolt approached her and disappeared.
Even if it was an attack aimed at Shea, if it was an attack that involved me, I could damage it with skill effects and erased it.


Valery released the attack spells as if he was impatient.

Flames, ice, wind, invisible energy──.
Everything was blown away by my skills.

"Go, Shea"

Looking at the right timing, I ordered my [Subordinate] girl.


Shea faded into a red flash.
The moment after he continuously released magic spells and there would be a cooldown to recharge his magic power before launched the next attack.


Shea moved behind Valery at superfast speed and tore the tendons of Valery's both legs.
In addition, both his arms as well.

"Guaaa, aaaaahhhhh..."

Valery screamed.

With this, he would not be able to move.
I looked down at this writhing guy chillingly.

"At this distance, Shea's sword is faster than your magic. If you do anything strange, she immediately cuts you off──understand?"

I warned Valery.

"Yulin, do you want to participate in revenge?"

I would just check with the girl behind me.

"...N, no, I am..."

Yulin shook her head from side to side.

She was looking at Valery with an expression full of pity.

Do you even have mercy on a person who has cursed you?
Maybe her personality not allowed her to do "revenge".

No, she is a mere normal person and I'm the one who insane here, ain't I?
Who knows.

Well, I don't care about it now.

I only care about fulfilling my wishes.

"Then, Shea. Bring him to the back of the room."
"Understood, Chrome-sama."

Shea nodded without hesitation.
She held Valery's arms and drag him to the front of the capsule, just as if carrying luggage.

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At the back of the room was the device.

There was a cylindrical magic device with a helmet connected by a tube──or, it looked like.
There was a manual on the side, so let's look over it.

"……I see."

I lost my magical power, but I was a former wizard.
Regarding these magical devices, I had a rough idea after seeing them even if it was my first time.

According to the manual, if you put it on the head and activate the device, you will be able to extract the subject's magical power.
Just like two years ago, when I had been cursed by a forbidden spell, I lost all my magic.

However, this was a device just to "Steal the subject's magical power".
It didn't seem like it could give the power of [Darkness] like the [Chain of Darkness] that they put on me.

"Shea, connect that one to the device"
"...! St, stop it, Chrome!"

Valery screamed.
However, because the tendons of his limbs were cut, he could only shake or twist his body.

Shea effortlessly held him down and put the helmet on his head.

I fiddled with the device and finished the settings.
After that, just push the activation switch.

"Valery, are you ready?"
"Ugh... Stop... Stop it alreadyyy..."

I looked down at Valery.

"I can't let my intellect, my magical power end in this way! With my power, the magic civilization of humankind will develop more and more! So please, I beg you... Oh my disciple!"

Valery exclaimed.
His obsession and attachment to magic were truly intense indeed.

"What the heck is that thing of the magic civilization of mankind will develop more. You a whimsical guy. You just want to satisfy your desire for knowledge. You've sent countless humans into hell for that. I'll end it now and for sure. I'll make you separate from the magic you explored in your life, forever."
"I, I don't want tooooooooo~!"

He turned pale and screamed.

Valery, who was always so calm, to show such a face.
Losing his power of magic──it was, after all, more painful than death for him.

"F, forgive me... Chrome, Do not deprieve my magical power... I will do anything else you want! P, please forgive meeeeeeeeeee~!"

Valery pleaded desperately.

"Y, yes, anything you order!"

As he said, Valery laid his face down and began to lick the floor.

Perhaps he would have licked my shoes if possible, but unfortunately, he would die if we were too close.
Instead, he chose to lick the floor.

The man who was the best wizard in the world and my master, now was──a miserable one.

"I'll tell you, I've already got an audio recording orb from Irina. Its content is a confession of what the Hero Party did two years ago. If this spreads, your fame will fall apart to the ground."

Valery's face tightened.

"Even if you lose your magical power, it still will be possible to take a disciple and carry out the research on your behalf. But when the Hero Party's sin comes to light, you will be chased as a sinner. No longer people wanting to be your disciples.''
"B, bastard..."
"This is the end. The path of magic you've spent your whole life exploring it. Now is cut off──by my very hands."

I slowly touched the switch as if to show off to him.

"No... don't doo...ooooo~..."

Valery's expression changed from anger and sadness to despair, and then to an emptiness that gave up everything.

Have you realized that no matter what you did or what you said, it was completely useless?

And I──

I pushed the switch.

At the same time, a dazzling flash enveloped Valery.

"Gu, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.....!"

Was it physical pain or mental pain, I wondered.
Or, maybe both──Valery screamed out loud.

It was a scream of despair, being robbed of his magical power, being robbed of everything he had pursued throughout his life.

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[End of Chapter]

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