Fixed Damage Chapter 34

Fixed Damage
Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


12 - Black scales

"Chrome Walker. Why do you want to study under me?"

When I first met, Valery gazed at me wistfully.

"I want to be strong. To become a man who fits her. I want to be able to protect her whenever she in danger."
"Who is she?"
"She' childhood friend"

While saying it, I got shy.

To become a man who can protect the girl I love──Irina.
Is it mediocre as a reason to aim for strength?

But for me, it was a reason worth risking my life for.

"It seems that your talent is quite good. You can become, at least a court magician class, maybe?"

Valery stared at me and nodded.

"I also like the fact that you have pure eyes than anyone else. You may eventually fulfill my wishes."
"No, it's a long way off. I'll train you first. My training is tough, Chrome."

That was when he made me his apprentice.

"Thank you, Sage-sama!"
"Just Valery is good"
"Yes, Valery... Shishou!"

And I was trained by him, honed and refined my magic technique.

Four years later, at the age of seventeen, I gained the power to be certified as a wizard by the Shardy Kingdom.
I was chosen to be the member Hero Party and fought together.

Valery had always given me the right guidance.

He was an excellent master of magic.
In terms of personality, I didn't know his true nature at that time, so I respected him obediently.

I longed to become a wizard like him someday.

Shaking off my remembrance, I looked at him.

[What, aren't they important disciples?]

Why did I ask such a question?

Does Valery really have a heart for his disciples?
For me, and for his disciples nowadays.
I wonder if somewhere in my heart I wanted this question answered.

It still remained in my heart, which currently filled with a desire for revenge──For him, Is there a piece of admiration?

"Important disciple?"

Valery's reply was a ridiculous mockery.

"They're just disposable tools. It's more efficient to do magic research with more hands, rather than doing it alone. That's just why I raised them for."

As I listened to his reply, I felt that the core of my heart was getting cold.

"...And in addition to that, they're also for your own sexual gratification, aren't they?"
"Hnn, don't meddle to other's hobbies."

Valery distorted the tip of his mouth and laughed.

“There are plenty of replacements for my disciples. I am Sage Valery, a member of the Hero Party. Aspiring apprentices come in droves from all over the world. I'll just have to screen out those who have the looks and qualities I like.''

This low-life, no matter where.
I stared at him.

I respected him and sometimes longed for.
However, that kind of feeling──Maybe there was one piece left in my corner, the last admiration.
The last remained thing.

It was completely gone now.

"Come on, Chrome. With your [Darkness] in my hand──"

The moment Valery looked at me and smirked.


A crack ran in a part of the black and gold magic circle behind him──"The Commandment of Remuscelia".

"──I don't think that your effort such a degree can hold back my [Darkness] further, Valery."

It was my turn to grin.

[The master's despair and hatred are rising... The second regulation has been reached.]
[Ritual progress rate has reached 85%]
[The power of [Darkness] of the master increased by 666%]
[The manifestation of [Darkness] has changed from the basic form to the scale form]
[The interference binding wave against [Darkness] has been nullified.]

The voice of [Darkness] echoed.

I could feel it.
From the bottom of my body, the overflowing power sprung up.

Is it an action to overcome the interference of that ancient magic device?
Or did the face-to-face with Valery heighten my hatred even more?

The "power" that rose from the whole body spread around as energy that was shaped like jet black scales.
As soon as the scale touched the lightning emitted from the device,


And made a jarring noise and extinguished the lightning bolt.

"No way── are you've nullified the effect of [Commandment]!? Impossib──"

Valery groaned.

"That has enough power to temporarily suppress even the [Darkness] of a Demon King class. There's no way it can be repelled.....''
"What happened? Is that your trump card?"

I took a step.

From the device, lightning bolts──the interference waves to [Darkness]──continuously emitted, which were all extinguished by jet black scales.
Then there was a roaring sound.

"The device is──!?"

Valery was flustered.

The huge magic circle behind him was emitting white smoke.
In the blink of an eye, it was engulfed in flames and "The Commandment of Remuscelia" burned down.

"What the hell is your strength──"

Valery stepped back with a horrified expression.

"What the hell is..... your, hatred is....."
"The power I possessed, You guys who gave it"

Lifting the tip of my mouth, I smiled full of amusement.

“Hatred. Grudge. Anger. Sadness. Despair. Then──Desire for revenge.
All of those things made me stronger. My [Darkness] grow up──"
"[Darkness] grows meant....!?"

I continued to walk with black scales expanded from my whole body.

His trump card was destroyed.
There was nothing to interfere with me.

"Now, it's the revenge time."

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[End of Chapter]

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