Fixed Damage Chapter 39

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 3: The Pursuit of Forbidden Curse


17 - The Hero and the Swordswoman 2


The sword held by Yuno was pulsing violently.
A torrent of white, shining energy overflowed from the tip of the holy sword.


Then the space in front of him distorted greatly.
Beyond that──he could see what looked like a black stain.

"What is──that."
[It seems that the door of the [Black Phase <Qliphoth>] is about to open. It's even interfering with me.]

A voice came from the holy sword.

No, to be precise, it was like the will that dwelling in the holy sword──.
It was simply called [Light].

[It's a sign that the power of [Darkness] has been maximized somewhere.]
"The power... of [Darkness]."
[This may be a threat incomparable to the remnants of the Demon King's Army. Brace yourselves, Yuno, The Hero of [Light].]

[Light] told.

[The [Light] and the [Darkness] enhance each other and also are drawn to each other, and sooner or later they may find each other at some point.]
"...I don't get about it at all, but right now I have to focus on the enemy in front of me."

While saying that, something was stuck in Yuno's mind.

The [Light] and the [Darkness] enhance each other and also are drawn to each other──.
He repeated those words from earlier in her mind.

(No, I have to focus my attention on the battle...!)

Yuno regained his spirit once more.

"Let's go, [Light]. Give me great power!"
[Roger that, Master.]

As always, the voice of the Holy Sword was reliable.

With this sword, he would not be defeated by any enemy in the world.
Even the most powerful Demon King Vilgarodomus was defeated.

Compared to that, no matter how powerful Lagios is──.

"I will win."

A radiance overflowing from the holy sword enveloped Yuno's entire body.
A pattern that looked like a spade appeared on his forehead.

It was the crest of the Hero of [Light].

At the same time, his body was fully filled with power.

We can win──.
No matter what kind of enemy, I can crush them with a single blow.
Such overwhelming confidence rose.


With wrapped in a golden aura, Yuno kicked the ground.
In an instant, he leaped up to the top of Lagios' head.

"F, fast──!"

Even Lagios was surprised.


Filled with a fighting spirit, a golden slash was unleashed.


The forehead was deeply slashed, and then, that giant body of the blue dragon collapsed.


Yuno exhaled heavily and sheathed his holy sword on his back.
The golden aura that had released and the strength gradually faded from his body.

"──Not yet!"

Fara shouted out a warning.


Turning around, Yuno's vision reflected the giant body of Lagios, who had stood up.

It seemed that the demonic dragon was still alive even after receiving the strike just now.
It was a tremendous life force.

"No way, that was──[Barrier Crest]!?"

There was something shiny on Lagios' forehead.

That was the [Barrier Crest].
It is a treasure trove that nullified all kinds of [Abnormal State] such as poison and paralysis, and also protected the user until received a cumulative 30000 damage from physical and magical.

In the past, when they fought against the Demon King, Yuno and the others were able to survive the onslaught with this treasure.
It seemed that the demonic dragon had that treasure embedded in his forehead.

Even though it was the Holy Sword Arkweiss, its single strike did about 6000 damage.
It was impossible to defeat the [Barrier Crest] in a single strike.

"Kukuku, without this treasure, I would have been beaten by you. That's pretty impressive, Hero."

Lagios laughed.


The enemy was already in a firing stance for the next Dragon Breath.
The other party, in contrast, was in a rigid state immediately after the attack.

This carelessness──.
About half a year had passed since the battle with the Demon King, and his actual battle sense against a strong opponent had dulled.

If it was him in the past, he would not have let down his guard even after done the previous attack.

"This's bad........!"

Yuno's expression tightened in fear.

Am I, going to die here....?

Fear painted his mind in black.

I don't want to.
I don't want to die.
I've saved the world and earned endless honors.
I should have lived happily with the woman I loved.

No──women were not that necessary, as long as he had position and achievements as a Hero, he could get more women.
He would be able to do what he wanted with the wealth and honor he achieved.

I want to live.
I want to live.....

I want to live──!

"Now, begone from this world, oh Hero──."

The shining breath was released from Lagios' mouth.

──Just before that.

"As if.......I'll let myself dieeeeeeeee!"

Yuno's will burst forth.

At the same time, the golden aura rose explosively.

[The desire and willingness amount of the master have been reached.]
[The ritual's progress has reached 85%.]
[The master's [Light] output has increased by 666%.]
[The limit amount to transfer to [Phase] has been acquired.]
[The transition to the [White Phase <Sephiroth>] is difficult under present conditions.]
[As for the [Black Phase <Qlyphoth>], the door is already about to open, the process is transferable.]
[The master is in danger, transfer to the inside of [Black phase] has been arranged as an emergency evacuation process.]

"Wh, what is, this...?"

Yuno expressed his confusion.

For two years he had been fighting with the Holy Sword, but this was the first time he had heard such an unintelligible message.

"──No, wrong."

Yes, he had heard a similar message once.

He would never forget that.
That was when he sacrificed Chrome and obtained the power of [Light] in return.

[Transferring the master into the [Black Phase].]
[However, this transference is limited, and in 666 minutes, will be forced to return to the original location.]
[Upon the return, the master must immediately remove the threat or attempt to flee.]

"What the hell is actually going on here──?"

As soon as Yuno groaned, his vision darkened.

The next moment, he was standing in a strange place.

"This place is...?"

Countless tombs on a small hill.

And beyond that, about 20 meters away...
A silver-haired young man dressed in a black hood and cloak was standing there.

A chilly breeze fluttered his hem.
Something like black scales was spewing from his entire body.


It was a face he knew well.

He was, the man he once traveled with as a companion.
He was, the man he once called his best friend.
He was, the man whom Yuno betrayed.

"You........can't be........?"

The Hero of [Light] groaned in a daze.

A man wearing the [Darkness], was before his eyes──

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[End of Arc 3]

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