Fixed Damage Chapter 40 (Arc 4)

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


1 - Pursuit

''The only thing missing is the orb that recorded the [Chain of Darkness] spell. Was it stolen........"

I grumbled as I looked at the empty shelves.
Looking at the hair on the floor, it was most likely the work of that guy called Mikha from earlier.

"What would you do now, Chrome-sama?"
"Chase him."

I said so immediately.
Then I looked at Yulin.

"Sorry. I'll definitely find the way to break your curse. Can you wait for a moment?"

Based on the circumstances, it probably hadn't been that long since Mikha escaped.
I might be able to catch him up.

In order to prepare for the battle against Yuno, The Hero of [Light], that's coming up, I'd like to obtain the orb that recorded the research about [Chains of Darkness].

"Of course, I can. Because, You have sealed that Valery and saved a lot of test subjects!"

And Yulin.

"You can aside me for later. Please do what you have to do first, Chrome-san."
"He'll definitely take care of you, Yulin-chan. So don't worry, Chrome-sama is a man who keeps his word."

Those two girls were smiling at each other.

Shea looked at me and her expression tightened.

''Would you like me to seek him first?
"Can I?"

I asked Shea.

"But don't get too far. He's Valery's best disciple──he's abilities of the court magician's level. When you find him, come back and let me know."
"Acknowledged. Chrome-sama."

After kneeling and bowing, Shea stood up.
"Skill [Acceleration]."

Her movement immediately became a red flash trajectory.

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Shea went off at super-fast speed and then returned in no time.
As expected, it was a tremendous speed.

And the report was──.

"He's in the village...?"
"Yes. I found him in a village about two kilometers from here. He was chatting amicably with the villagers..."

Shea nodded at my words.

"About two kilometers away is──it must be my village, then."

Yulin said that.

"Is that so?"
"That is."

Yulin's face was happy.

"How's the situation?"
"He was having a field day with the village girls."
"He has a nice face, after all."

I laughed bitterly.

"He's indeed a pretty guy. Ah, no, I'm sorry."

Shea murmured and quickly bowed her head.

"You do not need to apologize."
''Fufu, to Shea-san, Chrome-san is more and more than him, right?"
"Mou, Yulin-chan, you're really!"
"Ufufu, Shea-san, your feeling is leaked out of control.
"Lie, is it so clear?"
"It is."
"So that...."

Yulin smiling, and Shea had a tight face.

''It's at a level that anyone but maybe Chrome-san would notice."
"Ahaha, I see..."

Shea blushed.

"Shea-san is a maiden after all, How cute."
"Enoughー, Mou. Ehehe."

For some reason, the two of them were amicable.
What a heartwarming's sight.

But let's put this conviviality aside for now.

"Let's go toward him."

I urged them on and headed for the village.

Even though it's two kilometers, it's a good distance for my weakened feet.
In the middle of our advance, I was out of breath.

"I can't get any closer..."

Suddenly, Yulin stopped in her tracks.

──Her curse, the [Darkness Pheromone] had the ability to lure monsters.
Moreover, at nighttime, it was way easier to lure.

"Chrome-sama, Once again I'll go alone from here. I'll go get him."
"Yulin-chan can't get close, right. And if you ended do lure monsters, Chrome-sama's skill is more reliable in repelling it."

And Shea.

"First of all, if you get near to Mikha, He'll definitely kill you."
"Well, that is..."

I understood that, but...
I still felt uneasy.

"I'll be fine. Please keep Yulin-chan safe, Chrome-sama."

Shea smiled.

Her fighting ability, including her skills, had reached the hero class.
Well, it's not going to happen very often.

"Don't push yourself too hard. That's an order."
"Acknowledged, my Lord."

Shea pressed her lips against the back of my hand and ran out with her [Acceleration] skill.

Don't overdo, Shea──.

I murmured again in my mind.

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[End of Chapter]

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