Fixed Damage Chapter 41

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


2 - Shea's Magic Sword 1


A red flash of light run through the darkness of the forest.
It was Shea who was running at subsonic speed using her [Acceleration] skill.

"My body is.......light!"

She felt like she could go faster than ever before.

Looked down and before she knew it, she noticed an unfamiliar boot on both feet.

Those black boots, with their metallic texture, extended to above her knees.
They stood out on Shea's beautiful leg line, and combined with the glossy texture, they were glamorous.
Parts that resembled wings were attached to the positions of both ankles.

"Is it a new phase of [Acceleration].......?"

Shea stepped on the ground by adding force.

The ground was gouged out as if it had exploded, and the momentum of the explosion accelerated her movement.
After that, a shockwave occurred.

The girl knight's speed broke through the speed of sound.

"Could it be the effect of Chrome-sama's 'power' becoming stronger...?"

In the earlier battle against Valery, Chrome's [Fixed Damage]'s──more precisely, the power of [Darkness] had clearly become stronger.

[The master's despair and hatred are rising... The second regulation has been reached.]
[Ritual progress rate has reached 85%]
[The power of [Darkness] of the master increased by 666%]

She recalled the words that the [Darkness] had announced.
That strengthened [Darkness] must have affected her skills as well.

If I become stronger, then I can be more useful to Chrome──.

Just itself was enough to make her very happy.
He was a person to whom she owed a debt of gratitude, and she was clearly aware of the fact that more than it, the feeling within her was growing more and more these days.

([Darkness] has become stronger, which means that Chrome-sama's anger, hatred, and despair have increased as well,....right?)

She was worried.

Nurturing the power of [Darkness] to the utmost. Kept pushing it to the limit, and then──in the end of it.

What will be waiting for Chrome?
Will Chrome turn into something else?

"No matter what happens, I will protect him──"

Shea murmured so to herself.

"I will fight for him as his sword, as his knight........!"

With that renewed determination, she ran further.

And──she saw a yellowish-white light flickering ahead.

"Those are...!?"

Those were knights wearing a yellowish-white armor with unusually thick limbs.
Each of them was carried a huge hammer in the hand.

There were four of them in total.

They(♂) were surrounding a woman.

Probably a neighboring villager.
She wasn't sure whether she was a little older than Shea or not.
The appearance is somewhat similar to Rhea──Her late older sister.

"H, hiiii...!"
"Raise your voice of despair, o child of human."
"Raise your cry of fear, o child of human."

Those knights told so solemnly.

When the hammers were raised in unison, there was a buzzing sound, and dazzling halos emerged on the top of their heads.
Wings of light spread out from their backs.

The knights, who had transformed into an angel-like figure, swung their hammers down without hesitation to the woman.

As if they were just exterminating an insect.
To crush her to death, indifferently──.

"I won't let it happens!"

Shea kicked the ground and closed the distance.
In an attempt to cut off the hammer that was being swung down, she activated [Dissection]──.


But the sword that was supposed to cut off anything was repelled by the radiance that the knight emitted.

In the meantime, four hammers were struck continuously.


With a cry of agony, that woman turned into a lump of flesh.


Shea exclaimed out loud.

I can't forgive them.

It also included the fact that the woman who had been crushed and killed looked vaguely like her sister.
With [Dissection], I can cut anything──that thought, had led to arrogance and caused a gap in her heart.

And most of all, she couldn't forgive herself for the casualties who had fallen in result.

"You all, and me as well... are equally unforgivable"

The sword in Shea's hand emitted a red light.
Both the blade and the hilt lit up with intense heat, as if it was blazing.

"What's that...?"
"A mere human being, could have this much amount of [Darkness]...!"

The angelic knights were surprised and backed away.

Shea's sword had changed.

The sword's blade, which emitted a mixture of black and red light, its length had doubled.
Furthermore, its width and thickness increased by three times.
Finally, the tip of the sword split into two halves.

"My sword is──"

Shea was stunned and stared at her sword.

It was indeed a magic sword.

"It this a new form of [Dissection].....!?"

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[End of Chapter]

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