Fixed Damage Chapter 43

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


4 - Tragedy in the village

It had already been two hours since Shea had left.

"Somehow, she's a little late."

I let out a small sigh.
Will she be okay? my anxiety grew.

"It's far away from here, so it will take a while, won't it?"
"She has [Acceleration] skill. She should have made it to the village in no time."

I answered to Yulin's question.

"If it's a weak foe, she should be able to take it down with her [Dissection] skill. Is she having trouble dealing with Mikha or..."

There's also a possibility that she's being held captive.
If I go there, however, I could put Yulin in danger.

It was just a frustrating situation.

"Ummm.... can't you just leave me here,
so you can go to the village by yourself, Chrome-san...?"
"I can't do that. If you get attacked by a monster, I won't be able to make it in time."

I shook my head from side to side.

Maybe it was a mistake to let Shea go alone.
I bit back that bitter thought.

Suddenly, my skin was gooseflesh.

"What is this feeling...?"

The first thing that I feel was "Chills".

But that was not all.
I was certainly felt strange nostalgic and familiar feeling at the same time.

That's right, that was the feeling of two years ago──.

The time when I was sacrificed to the forbidden spell [Chains of Darkness].
And then, after losing everything, I acquired [Darkness].

It was very similar to the feeling I had at that time.


Slightly back in time──

Mikha the wizard was visiting a village near the Institute.

People from this village had been taken away as test subjects on several occasions.
Of course, they didn't do anything wrong that would expose their true identity.

To them, he was the disciple of the world's greatest wizard.
The villagers welcomed Mikha's visit as if welcoming a hero.

(How naive they are, good grief.)

Mikha scoffed inwardly.

In order to defeat the fearsome [Darkness] user, Chrome, the opposing power──[Light] was necessary.
The method to obtain that power was recorded in the orb.

Apparently, Master had once sacrificed Chrome and strengthened the Hero, Yuno.
The man who was his apprentice had been disposed, but that didn't matter for him.

Valery had said in his conversation with Crome that "disciples are just mere disposable tools".

But it's different only for me.

Things with the other disciples were just a play to Valery.
Only me, the one who's truly loved by him──.

Yes, He believed it.

(So, I'll take that man down. Please watch me, Valery-sama.)

Mikha turned his thoughts to the explanation about the ritual again.

The [Chains of Darkness] that once Valery performed was to create [Light] from one's deep despair.
It was because Chrome was his disciple that had spent years with──he knew what had to do to despair him the most.

But he had only just acquainted the villagers here.
No matter who would be sacrificed, it might be difficult to create despair as deep as Crome's.

(Then the numbers would make up for it.)

Mikha's idea was simple.
Collect the amount of strong, deep hatred and despair from many people equivalent to that person's.

(Yes, for example──let's sacrifice all the people in this village.)

"What can I help, Mikha-san?"
"I know it's an empty village, but I hope you'll have a good time."

The village girls came up to Mikha's side.
They pressed their soft bre*sts to him, perhaps on purpose. (PTW/N: you seduce a wrong person, girls.)

It was a situation that would have pleased any normal male human, but it was rather uncomfortable for Mikha.

(They are getting way too close, really.)

It was just a poison for him inwardly.

There was only one person in the world who was allowed to freely touch his body.
It was only Valery, his beloved master, the only one who can.

Yes, the dainty girl-like appearance, the flowery lips, the bright red hair, the smooth white skin of him──
These belong to Valery alone.

(Aah, Valery-sama....)

Mikha's cheeks blushed with ecstasy as he paid no attention to the girls who still pressed their bre*sts to him and trying to talk to him.
A flush of excitement rose in his cheeks.

It was the excitement of, lasciviousness.

"I guess it's the time──Let's start."

Mikha lifted the corners of his mouth and laughed.


All of the villagers were bound with invisible energy.
The ability to capture a large number of people at once without chanting is only possible thanks to Mikha's strong magical power and high-tier skill.

"Wh, what are you...?"
"Now, let your negative emotion flow out. Your fear, hatred, and despair──those will help make this ritual a success."

He announced it as if was singing, and Mikha burned the nearby villagers with a lightning strike.


The villager was scorched and died. singed

Flames for the next villager.
And then ice, wind, and earth──one after another, he cast magic to kill them.

Screams and cries of agony echoed throughout the village.

However, Mikha's 'Prison' had blocked their escape.
The rest of them could only watch as they are killed one by one.

It could be my turn to be next──such a thought made them felt fear and despair.

After that, Mikha's slaughter continued.

He drained every drop of their blood, killed them by slowly squeezing her head, or crushed their limbs one by one──.
One by one, Mikha took care of the villagers as much as possible to inflame their fears.

That despair took the form of black haze and began to drift around him.

At the same time, a dazzling light appeared in the sky.

"I see, the embodiment of [Darkness] due to fear and despair.......and then, with that [Darkness], [Light] appears at the same time......."

Mikha murmured in satisfaction.
As per the orb's record.

"Then, O [Light]──come to me. Give me the power to avenge the grudge of my beloved Valery-sama."

As soon as he chanted, a yellowish-white light enveloped Mikha.


Mikha let out a moan of delight.

The [Light] was dwelling inside him.

And at that time.

"How terrible...!"

With a voice, someone approached from ahead.
It was a beautiful girl with flame-red two sides up hair.

"You are──"

She was the girl who accompanied that man who had hurt Valery badly, as he recalled.

"You've saved me the trouble of looking for you. One by one I'll kill you all for sure."

Mikha looked at the girl knight.

"That won't happen. I'll stop you first."

She held up an oddly shaped sword, colored in black and red.

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[End of Chapter]

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