Fixed Damage Chapter 44

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


5 - Revenge of the wizard


Shea, with a red flash of light, returned.


She was not in a fine state.
Her armor was shattered in many places and blood was dripping from her arms and legs.

"What happened?"

Honestly, I didn't need to ask, I figured it out.
She run for her life after a battle with Mikha, or something like that.

"I'm...very sorry."

Shea collapsed to the spot.
She fainted with a bright blue face.

Apparently, she had run to the limit of her strength.

"Hey, Shea...!"

I hurriedly crouched down at her side and began to quickly stop the bleeding and disinfect her.

With my weakened arm, it was hard to get her armor off.
Yulin helped me, left her with the underwear.

A heart-shaped pattern was floating in the richly raised cleavage of her chest.

It was a pattern that was proof of [Subordinate].


Its design had changed from what it used to be.
The design had become more complex and elaborate.

"What actually does this mean...?"

It bothered me, but for now, I had to treat her up first.
With Yulin's help, I finished her first aid.

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"What happened to the village, Shea?"

After resting her, I asked again.


Shea glanced at Yulin.
She looked gloomy, as if it was hard to say.

Looking at the dark expression on her face, I could get a rough idea.
Perhaps Yulin's village──

"Please tell me."

Yulin stared at Shea.

She had a pale face.
She, as well, probably had a rough idea of what had happened to her village.
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"I'm sorry ... when I arrived, the village was already ..."

Shea lowered her head.

"There was a pile of bodies,.... and I don't know if, any of them are still alive....."

Yulin gulped.
Her face paled as she lost her blood.

"It, it's a lie... a lie, isn't it..."

Shea shook her head from side to side in silence.

"Father, mother,....everyone...."

As I look at her, tears were gathering in her eyes.

"Could it be Mikha's work?"

I asked.

[Chains of Darkness] was a forbidden spell that requiring sacrifice.
He might have sacrificed the villagers.


She nodded. Perhaps the wound still hurting, Shea frowned,

"Are you okay?"
"Y, yes....Mikha attacked me and I fought back,.... but I couldn't fight back and I ran away..."

Shea replied while holding the wound.

Even if she had the skill of [Darkness], she couldn't match him.
Maybe Mikha had acquired the power of [Darkness] or [Light].

"──Shall we go?"

I've made my decision.

If the village was wiped out, there was no point in keeping Yulin waiting here.
Even if she could lure monsters, if there were no villagers themselves left, it'll be fine.

First of all, Yulin would want to see the state of her village with her own eyes as soon as possible.

"Shea, Yulin, come with me."

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By the time we arrived at the village, the moon had risen.
Under the pale moonlight, the countless corpses that had been piled up together were illuminated in a pale white light.


Yulin gasped faintly and fell on the spot.
She was in a state of stupor.

"Aa...aa... aaa..."

Intermittent moans and sobs leaked out.


Shea bent down to her side and hugged Yulin.

"You have finally arrived, huh? I've been waiting for you."

A small figure advanced from behind a pile of corpses.
The distance was about 15 meters.

He had bright red hair and a dainty, girlish beauty.
That was Valery's disciple, Mikha.

But his expression had changed since I met him at the Institute.
His bloodshot eyes glared at me with hatred, and his mouth was drawn tightly together.
His bloody face still retained the impression of a florid maiden.

A beautiful avenger──.
The boy wizard with that impression held out his right hand toward me.

"Skill [Blessing Arrow]."

At the same time, a yellowish-white light popped in front of him.

The light turned into a form resembling feathers and flew like an arrow.
One after another was shot──the number of them was roughly a hundred.

"That's an attack that even my [Dissection] couldn't cut through! And even if you avoid them, they'll chase you endlessly──"

Shea gave a warning next to me.

A group of light feathers rushed toward me from all sides.


As soon as it touched the black scale that spewed from my entire body, it disappeared without a trace.
It entered within 10 meters, which was the range of effect of [Fixed Damage].

"There's no need to cut it up or avoid it. Just erase it."

I said so, and then looked at Mikha.

"It looks like you're gaining the power of [Light]......."

I intuitively realize that.

That attack was not "magic".
I didn't feel any magical power at all.

As I thought, Mikha must have acquired the power of [Light] through the [Chain of Darkness].
Just like Yuno two years ago──.

Using only the information from the recording orb, he was able to construct his own technique to reproduce Valery's [Chain of Darkness].
As was to be expected, Mikha was also a top-notch wizard.

"It seems this's going to be good training. Before facing Yuno, I'll first shatter your [Light]."
"I'll use my [Light] to avenge Valery-sama's grudge. Be prepared for that."

Mikha smiled a twisted smile.


For the first time, I was going to challenge the battle against [Light].

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[End of Chapter]

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