Fixed Damage Chapter 45

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


6 - [Darkness] vs [Light]

"Please watch me, Valery-sama. I will now avenge to the man who trampled on your dreams──this is the proof of my love......delivers to you, Valery-sama.......!"

Mikha murmured in a passionate tone.

His eyes, staring into something void in the sky.
Or perhaps he was hallucinating in the form of Valery.

"When I defeated this man, please love me a lot again, Valery-sama......"

As he mumbled, saliva dripped from the edges of his pale peach-colored lips.

......I wonder what in the world he was fantasizing about.

"Shea, Yulin. Stay close to me."

Saying that, I stepped forward.

Basically, [Fixed Damage]'s anti-personnel tactic was simple.
Getting within the area of effect of the skill──that's all.

As long as it got within range, I could deal 9999 damage to the target at that moment.
Nearly all enemies would be finished with that──.

"Mikha, you said you had the record orb of [Chain of Darkness] in your possession."

I asked as I closed the distance.

Considering the situation, there was probably no doubt that this guy had that orb.

However, I need to confirm it.
Or, to confirm was there a mastermind who pulled the string behind Mikha.

"The research results are as good as his soul. Of course, I have it."

Mikha put his right hand on his chest.

"Even if you kill me, or even if you rape me──I will never give it to you."
"Don't worry about two things of the former, but the latter, it is another case."

I don't have the same hobby as that Valery does, you know.

At any rate, I had confirmed that Mikha had the orb.
Now I just needed to get rid of him and took the orb.

There's no need to show any restraint or mercy to the guy who had turned Yulin's village into this kind of calamity.

"I'll erase your existence."
"Just do it if you can!"

Mikha stuck out his right hand.

Feather-shaped arrows poured down like rain.
A shooting-type skill, [Blessing Arrow].

I kept moving forward without any care to it.
At the time those series of arrows touched the black scales that covered around me──[Fixed Damage] destroyed them all.

And──the distance between me and him had reached 10 meters.

"It's over, Mikha."
"Skill [Flower Protection]

My pronouncement and Mikha's skill activation were simultaneous.


With a deafening sound, the black scales that erupt from my entire body burst in front of Mikha.
Colliding with a crimson shining flower petal that appeared to cover his slender body.

"The power of my [Light] isn't limited to just the [Blessed Arrow] earlier. The defense is as well."

Mikha smiled.

"Your evil power cannot reach me."
"Evil power.......huh."
"Of course! The incarnation of [Darkness]── you have stolen the dreams of my beloved one! You robbed his hope! You thrust him into despair! I'll never forgive you!"

Mikha's eyes were glaring at me, seemed like they were about to blow flames.

So far, I had taken out my anger, hatred, and vengeance on my enemies──but this time it was the opposite.

"So, then?"

I tried to take the intense hatred that Mikha emitted nonchalantly.

"Do you mean you don't even care about it at all!"

Mikha is getting more and more incensed.

"That person's most important thing──you've trampled on it! The dream he has spent his whole life exploring!"
"He's the one who trampled on me first."
"Shut up!"

Mikha yelled angrily.
He glared at me with bloodshot eyes.

"I will avenge that person's grudge. If what he lost won't come back, I'll at least offer your head to Valery-sama..."
"Try it."
"Then I won't hesitate──[Spirit]!"

Mikha held up his hands.

"What is......?"

I raised my eyebrow.
The next moment, a yellowish-white glow rose up from around me.


The corpses around rose at once.
Just like the undead.

"Be careful, Chrome-sama. That guy can turn dead villagers into monsters similar to a familiar."

Shea warned me.

"It meant that just as I have you, [Subordinate], Mikha has his own subordinate as well."
"I see. So it is [Subordinate] from the [Light] side."

Furthermore, the corpses of the villagers were clothed in light and transforming.

They wore shining knight armor and had unusually thick limbs.
There were halos on the top of their heads and wings on their backs.

The angelic knights had appeared.

"Now, [Spirit], kill that guy!"

Mikha ordered with a broad smile.


With a voice that couldn't be classified as either a shout or a roar, more than a dozen angel knights were approaching from all sides.
They didn't seem to be afraid of the [Fixed Damage] I was deploying.

"It's useless. Everything that comes close to me──"

I said it, but I felt a sense of discomfort.

"Ga......guuuuuuuu ......"

The angelic knights who touched the black scales stopped for a moment and took two or three more steps forward.
There was where the [Spirit]s finally turned into particles and disappeared.

I was able to defeat them, but──I couldn't erase them in an instant.
Do they have the vitality to withstand one or two impacts of 9999 damages?

"......No, that was not true either."

I gave a small growl.

The moment they touched the black scales, I saw a pale glow took the shape of a flower petal popped off.

It was [Flower Protection] skill.
Mikha's power protected the angel knights from [Fixed Damage], was it his plan to close the distance of 10 meters to me to get a better shot at me.

But──how naive you are.


Shea snuggled up to my side.
She didn't look worried, but she looked grim as if she was trying to protect me in case of an emergency.

"Don't worry about it,"

I smiled at Shea, and then at Yulin on the other side.

"They're not even enemies of my [Darkness]."

The next moment, more black scales spew out from my entire body.


An extraordinarily deafening sound resounded, and all the shining petals were blown away.
As it was, those angel knights were also obliterated.

It was no longer possible to even take a few steps forward as before.

"What the......! They disappear in an instant──"

Mikha leaked a confused voice.

"Is my skills weakening......?"
"It's the opposite."

I told him coldly.

"My power is growing. Affected by your [Light]."

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[End of Chapter]

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