Fixed Damage Chapter 47

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 4: The Black Phase


8 - Black Phase 1

[Please call me Rakshasa from now on.]

[Darkness] suggested it abruptly.

[It's complicated if you always call me [Darkness], isn't it? Essentially, [Darkness] is a concept of power. Whilst I am only a part of it.]

What a bewitching smiled woman.

[You're the first host who can [Embody] me to this extent. Therefore....I would like you to know my true name.]
"I don't care what I have to call you. But, if it is what you want, then I'll call you by that."

I said to [Darkness] Rakshasa again.

I took her along with me and started walking in the wilderness.

My legs were weakened, so I was pretty slow on walk.
Rakshasa walked with me, adjusting her pace with mine.

Around me was a gloomy monotonous wilderness.

Black Phase <Qliphoth>──huh.

The same was true to the hill of the tombstone that I wandered into before, but here was also a scene with a feeling of desolation.
The cloudy weather and the dimness of the surroundings also added to such an atmosphere.

Dark-colored lightning bolt occasionally run through in the black sky.
That lightning burst dazzlingly and then suddenly disappeared.

"It was..."

It didn't feel like a lightning strike.
It disappeared as if it was sucked into void.

[A part of [Darkness] is flowing into some other time or another world.]

And Rakshasa,

[Or there may be someone like you who wears [Darkness] and wields its power.]
"Someone like me......"
[Time and world may change, but the karma of mankind remains the same.]

Rakshasa smiles.

Mankind karma.......huh
I guess my vengeance is one of them.

[Let's take a break here.]

After two hours of walking, Rakshasa pointed behind a huge rock.

[It must be hard to travel for a long time with your weakened body.
"......You're right."
[You won't feel hungry here, but fatigue still will accumulate. Please sleep peacefully.]

Rakshasa informed me.

[If you want, I can tell you a bedtime story.]

I looked over at Rakshasa.

[Just kidding.]

She smiled and held up her index finger, this [Darkness] woman.

The mischievous atmosphere of her was a little unexpected.
Is there such a side, this woman.

"It really doesn't sound like a joke, so stop it."
[Fufu, I was going to give you a hug if you'd like to get on the joke.]

Rakshasa smiles gloriously.
I didn't know how far her seriousness, I can't read her at all.

[The girls who were with you will get angry at you, won't they?]
"Shea and Yulin? I don't think they're going to get angry."
[You'd better learn more about the subtleties of human emotions, not just anger and hatred, Master.]
"...... What are you talking about?"
[Especially when it comes to maiden's heart.]

This woman's words just didn't get to the point.

[I've been dwelling in you for a couple of years now...... and you've grown a lot stronger.]

Rakshasa suddenly changed the subject.

"I've never forgotten my resentment and hatred towards those guys. That thought has nurtured my [Darkness]."
[Thanks to it, I can talk to you like this. It's nice to have you here to see me.]

As she said, Rakshasa squinted her eyes with happiness.
I noticed a faint teardrop under her right eye.

"Have you been dwelling many humans before?"
[Ara, are you jealous?]
"......Why should I be jealous?"

I was a bit disappointed.
Rakshasa looked at me and for some reason, she looked happy.

[That's right. I've dwelled hundreds of thousands of humans and brought [Darkness] to them. However, there was no one who wore [Darkness] as powerful as you, but......First of all, you are the first person who has made my figure so clearly [embodied].]

Rakshasa explained.

[For most of the hosts were limited to the extent of my voice reached them. Some of them even had a mental breakdown the moment they were dwelled by me.]

She told those horrible things to me with a smile.

Did carrying [Darkness] meant that the burden and wear and tear physically and mentally were more intense than I thought?
I myself didn't feel any kind of burden or wear and tear from using this power, but...

[In your case, it seems like you're rather getting power from [Darkness]. Normally, [Chains of Darkness] would have taken everything from you and sucked you to death, but the [Darkness] replenished your life force that was lost, and that's why you're still alive till today.]

Rakshasa explained.

"So I was ...... supposed to have died......?"

I thought that the effect of that ritual was to deprive all of my magic power or caused my body to deteriorate significantly.

But I was wrong.
I was supposed to have died from being sucked out everything of mine...?

[Although your state──your current physical abilities are quite weak, your vitality far surpasses that of an ordinary person. So don't worry.]

Rakshasa took my hand.
Her unexpectedly warm hands wrapped my bony hand.

[I will continue to do everything in my best for you, Master. Please wield [Darkness] to your heart's content.]

After resting, we started walking again.
We walked for a few hours, rested for a few hours, and then repeated the process a few times more until we saw a huge lake ahead of us.

[We've arrived, Master.]

Rakshasa pointed to the lake.

"Is that our destination?"

The existence that led me to further [Darkness].
Is that here?

Rakshasa nodded quietly at my question.

[That lake is the central point of the [Black Phase]. And at the bottom of it.....]

Rakshasa told me in a reverent tone.

[The root of the [Darkness]──[Abyss] is lurking there."

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[End of Chapter]

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Rakshasa (राक्षस, rākṣasa), a supernatural being in Hindu mythology. Rakshasas are also called "man-eaters" (nri-chakshas, kravyads). A female rakshasa is known as a rakshasi. (wikipedia)
(in my motherland, rakshasa (Raksasa) is more related (familiar) to an evil being and a gigantic size.)

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