Fixed Damage Chapter 48

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


9 - Black Phase 2

"[Abyss] ......?"
[Let's see it first. Come on, Master.]

Rakshasa pulled my hand.
I lost my balance and wobbled.

[Ara, Forgive my rudeness.]

Rakshasa quickly held me in her arms.
I can't help but be thrown off guard by her soft skin and sweet scent.

[It'll be a trouble if you fall into the lake, won't it? I'm sure it's hard for Master to swim with your current physical state.]
"......You're right, indeed."

No matter how almighty [Fixed Damage] was, if I sunk to the bottom of the lake, it's the end for me.

[No, if it's a normal lake, you can use [Chain] to prevent from sinking. However, this lake is special, though......]
[You haven't noticed? As your [Darkness] has deepened, it should also begin to materialize.]

Rakshasa let go of my body and stretched her right hand straight.
A jet-black chain wrapped around her white, slender hand.

[You should have the same thing on your body.]

I had no memory of wearing such a chain.
So I looked down at my own body, and...

"What is, this......?"

Indeed, as Rakshasa said, there was a jet black chain wrapping around as same as she had on her right hand.
There should have never been anything like this before.

[It's a bond──so to speak.]
[With the [Abyss], you know. You can fix one's body in the air, capturing arbitrary enemies, and so on──depending on how you use it, it's useful, right. However, such things are just a side benefit, and the true use of the [Chain] is──]

[[Terminal 037]──[Name code: Rakshasa]. Bring him to me.]

A heavy voice sounded.
Came from the bottom of the lake.

Could it be, this is──

"Is this the voice of [Abyss]?"
[It is, I think it's calling us, no, to be precise it's calling you.]

I came to the shore of the lake with Rakshasa.

The lake in the [Darkness] world was so crystal clear that I could see all the way to the bottom.

"Is that......."

At the bottom of the lake, something huge was submerged.

[Yes, that's the [Abyss].]

Rakshasa told me.

It was so large that it took me a while to figure out its shape.

A supermassive sphere that was probably the size of a single city.
Black chains were wrapping and binding up everywhere on its surface.

One of the countless chains protruded to the surface of the water and was connected to the chain on Rakshasa's hand.

──No, it's not just to Rakshasa.
If I look closely, the chains that are wrapping around my body are also connected to the chains that bind the [Abyss].

"Hey, what actually are these chains?"
[Through the [Chains of Darkness], the sacrifice is bound to these [Chain].]

Rakshasa explained.

[Normally, that chain would intertwine to all of the power and life, and sucked them all out, then the sacrifice would die. But when the sacrifice is able to break free from that spell──the sacrifice is connected to [Darkness] and then gains [Darkness].]
"Able to break free from the spell...... Connected to [Darkness]......."

I repeated Rakshasa's words.

At the same time, I remember.
Yes, I remember when I was cursed with [Chains of Darkness] two years ago.

──I lost my magic power, my body became severely weakened, and banished from the party.
Surrounded by a horde of Sword Wolves, I was in a desperate situation──then I heard Rakshasa's voice.
As soon as I agreeing, the voice that said I had acquired EX Skill [Fixed Damage] sounded, the black chains that covered my body burst away.
And then, I got power.

"The chains at that time were...... something to curse me?"

And then when I managed to break free, I was bound with the new chain──or, another spell.

Its spell named [Darkness].

[O son of human, and my terminal.]

A voice rang out from the [Abyss].

[Thou art seeking a mightier "power"?]

You already know what I am looking.
It's a relief, saving me from the trouble of asking questions.

[The answer is quite simple. The stronger thy connection to me, the greater [Darkness] thee will get.]
"The stronger the connection, the stronger will be......?"
[It's basically the same as what thou have been doing. Cultivate [Darkness]. Let anger, resentment, grief, sadness, hatred, despair──every negative emotion rise.]

And [Abyss].

[And one more thing──[Darkness] gets a greater [Darkness] in connection with other [Darkness] and involvement with [Light].]
"Aside from [Light], what is the other [Darkness]?"

Is there someone else with similar powers besides me?

[There are a very small number of people like you...... who have been gaining the power of [Darkness], and someone who had been empowered like that girl.]

Rakshasa said.

[But the world is a big place. It will not be easy to encounter those people. The easiest thing to do is to develop a connection with the ones you shared the [Darkness] with──someone like that girl.]
"Deepen connection......huh?"
[The quickest thing to do would be to make her a lover. Why don't you exchange a vow with her?]

I choked out.
What is this woman saying all of a sudden?

[Ara, you have a surprisingly innocent side, haven't you.]

Rakshasa joyfully teasing.

[──I feel an unpleasant feeling.]

Suddenly, the lake trembled greatly.
[Abyss]'s supermassive body at the bottom caused the vibration.

[It seems that someone with a sign of [Light] has slipped into the [Black Phase <Qliphoth>].]
"Sign of [Light], you said......?"

I repeated the word [Abyss] and huffed.

Could it be,

My heart beat fast and faster inside my chest.
Sweat oozed from my entire body.
An ache rose in my chest, followed by scorching anger and hatred.

And finally, an intense joy welled up inside of me.

So you, in this world?

That damn man.

The hero of [Light], Yuno...

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[End of Chapter]

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