Fixed Damage Chapter 49

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.



10 - Black Phase 3

"Where is that person?"

I asked [Abyss].

[Thou art quite obsessive. Is that person related to thee?]
"I'm asking where he is......!"

My voice, naturally, trembling.
Yuno is here?

[If thou wantest to see him, I'll give thee a transfer ride.]

And [Abyss].


From a tactical standpoint, I shouldn't be meeting him.
I was not ready to fight him yet.

Nevertheless, this place is──

"...... please give me."

Those words came out of my mouth naturally.

I don't care about tactics.
Whether now I'm capable and that bastard's power....... I don't care at all.

I just simply want to encounter him.
I just want to greet and confirm.

I need to know the truth about that time.
The truth from his very own mouth──.

Before I realized, I was standing somewhere else out in the wilderness.

A small hill lined with countless tombstones.
This's the place where I first came to this world.

At my side was the figure of Rakshasa.
And on the other side of the hill was the figure of a tall person.

Such an excellent appearance with blond hair and blue eyes gave a refreshing atmosphere.
Wearing a glittering armor.
The crimson cloak fluttering in the wind.
In his hand was a beautiful long sword that looked like a work of art.

"You are......!"

I'll never forget.
There's no way I'll forget

The man I always remembered every day for these past two years.
The man I always hated every day for these past two years.

"You...... are......!"

Black scales erupted from my entire body.

Normally, unless there are enemies within my skill range, the power of [Darkness] won't be materialized.
Is this in line with my heightened feelings, or is that guy with [Light] special?

"You're...... no way......!"

Yuno also looked at me.
He had a stunned face.

"It's been a while, Yuno ......!"

I took a step closer.

"Chrome-kun, aren't you......?"

Yuno still stood there with a stunned look on his face.

"I am, My appearance may have changed a lot, but it's genuinely me."

I took a step forward further.
The number that indicating the distance to the target in my field of vision was 30 meters──which means, 20 meters left to reach the skill range.

"The man you betrayed, Chrome Walker."
[Hmm, having Rakshasa at his side. He is a pretty powerful host of [Darkness], Master.]

A voice rang out at Yuno's side.
A yellowish-white glow popped and a stocky, fat man's figure appeared. (PTW/N: Wuuoooo!?!  Is this Dicchead Hero, accompanied by Ugly Bastard.)


Rakshasa groaned.

"Do you know him?"
[He is quite a troublesome one among the [Light] terminals. Right now, he doesn't have great power, but if the [Light] host awakens.......]
"You're alive, Chrome-kun......"

Yuno groaned in a muffled voice.

"It's good to see you looking well too. I hear you're the hero who has slain the demon king."

I snorted.

"E, everyone is concerned about you too. After all, we are buddies, aren't we......."

The hell you say.

You sacrificed me to gain power.
The woman which is my lover, you stole her from me.

"Right. And I've already had the pleasure reunion with some old friends."

I took one more step closer.
......17 meters to go.

"Riott had become an atrocious lord, hadn't he? So when someone who was a good-natured big-bro figure got power......, people changed."
"He can be rough sometimes, but he's kind at heart. Riott-kun is."
"Is that so. Well, that guy has done bad things. So I have made him disappear without any trace with my power."

One more step.
......16 meters to go.

"Valery had repeatedly done human experiments to pursue and master magic. It's like a daily activity. But I couldn't bear to watch the subjects suffer. So I stripped all of his magic and restrained him so he could never do it again. He'll never appear again."
"Valery-san......!? He is your mentor, isn't he!"

Yuno threw criticism words at me at this point.

He's totally...... best at getting on people's nerves.
If it was purposed to irritate me, I wouldn't be this angry.

In the case of him, what I was really saying was that his nature was even more disturbing.

Always innocent anywhere, always easy-going anywhere.
Always selfish anywhere──this guy is.

"I met Irina, too."

Yuno's complexion changed.

There's a rumor that this guy and Irina were engaged to be married.
Because the whereabouts of Irina was not known──well, it was because I had turned that woman into a demonic beast──Yuno must be very worried about her.

"Is, is she safe?"
"She was in the cuddle of another man in order to gain the position of Supreme Priest. She was almost killed by a man who was mad and upset ntr-ed by her...... That Saintess-sama is looked good as usual."
"In another man's ......?"

Yuno's eyebrows frowned for a moment, as if he didn't understand what I was saying, and then he huffed and shouted.

"Lie, it's a lie! Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie! She's all only mine! She's not like those slutty town girls! She gave her chastity to me! She'll never fall for another man!"

No, Irina had a lot of intimate-ship with me many times when we were still lovers.......
Could it be that she lied to Yuno by saying "you are my first"?

"So that's it, you lie like that to mislead me... I won't fall into such a sneaky trap!"

Swinging the sword in his hand, Yuno shouted.

"My lover──Irina is the purest woman in the world! She'll never betray me!"

......It might be better to not knowing the true nature of that woman, for his sake.
Well, it's just a trivial matter though.

"If you're asking if Irina is safe──the answer is yes."

I grinned.

"However......, the Irina you know is nowhere to be found."
"What mean?"
"I changed her to the suited appearance of herself."

I paused and stared at him.

An anxious face.
A worried look.

Seeing that look on his face made me thrilled in hatred.
I could feel the hatred sublimating into a black pleasure.

Frightened more.
Shocked more.
Get mad.
Get sad.

And, get despair.

Now you can feel the pain and suffer you caused me──.

"Become an ugly demonic beast."
"It, It's a lie...... lie ...... I won't be fooled!"

Yuno shooked his head violently from side to side, looking aghast.

"There are three left. You, Fara, and Margo....."

I got even closer.
The distance between us was 13 meters.

"Time to doom, Yuno."

......No, it's lukewarm to kill him instantly.

Now, what kind of "punishment" do I think this guy deserves?

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[End of Chapter]

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