Fixed Damage Chapter 51

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


12 - Fateful Confrontation 2


The series of scenes that unfolded in front of his eyes was truly a nightmare.

The moment Yuno's Holy Sword collided with Chrome's [Darkness], an image of Irina appeared in front of his eyes.
It seemed to be the inauguration and parade that took place the other day when she was installed as the Supreme Priestess.

In the middle of the event, a young knight broke into the parade, but he repented in front of Irina and committed suicide.

After that, Irina, who was taken away by Chrome and his companion, had both of her legs crushed and was tormented a lot, and even──

[Now take it──[Subordinate] Irina.]
[Hi, hiiiiiiii...........aaaaaaa, GAAAAAAAAAAA...!?]

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She was transformed into a horrible demonic beast.

"Aaa, Irina......!"

Yuno groaned.

My dear Irina.
That innocent and beautiful Irina,

Was transformed into a hideous creature.

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[The Irina you know is nowhere to be found.]
[I changed her to the suited appearance of herself.]
[Become an ugly demonic beast.]

Still, was what Chrome said earlier was the truth?

Besides──other things bothered him.
The young knight who attacked her at the saintess's inauguration ceremony.
His words implied that he and Irina seemed to have a love affair.

"What all these things mean, Irina...... you allowed a man other than me to touch you!? No way...... It's a lie, isn't...... you're the purest saintess in the world...... you couldn't possibly do such a slutty thing...... only mine, my beloved......"

A sense of defeat....

They're all mixed, raging in his chest.

"......but, if all of this is true..."

In the corner of his head, his calm self was trying to convince.

Apparently, Irina can't go back to the way things were.

Then let's give up about her.

"I'm the hero who saved the world. Women are going to come to me even if I don't ask them.......!"

If I look for it, I can find a beautiful woman as beautiful as Irina.

In the first place, there is one beautiful woman on my side.
There is a beautiful woman who is comparable to Irina.

She has a bit of a quirky personality, but ...... is perfect in terms of both beauty and sex appeal.

(It can't be helped. It's better to discard Irina and go with Farrah...... No, it has not to be limited to one person. ...... There are plenty of beautiful women who will surely come to me......)

His lower abdomen burned with a growing desire.

That's right, I am──a chosen and special person.

It's ridiculous to offer my love to just one woman.

It's different from the days when I was a virgin boy in a small town who had no experience with women at all.
I have the right to be loved and should be pampered by more women and live happily ever after.

(Fufufu, I don't have to restraint with Irina anymore. I guess it'll have been better if I think like it. I'm not just talking about hugging beautiful women one after another......!)

"You're in a good mood, Yuno."

A chilling voice interrupted his imagination.

The scenery switched and the figure of Chrome appeared about ten meters in front of him.

"Chrome-kun ......!"

Yuno's expression stiffened.
He shook off his earlier delusion and turned his attention to his former best friend.

"But from here, it will not be pleasant anymore. Brace yourself, O Hero."

His former best friend gave a dark smirk.

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"But from here, it will not be pleasant anymore. Brace yourself, O Hero."

I said to Yuno.

The series of scenes had ended, and I was back to facing him again.

The distance between him and me was the same 10 meters as it was just before the scenes appeared.
It's within the range of the EX Skill [Fixed Damage].

"I will slowly torment and scrape you to death."

The black scales, one of them touching Yuno's cheek.

"A...... Gaa!"

His handsome face──his cheek was torn wide and blood gushed out.
Further, another scale went to his right hand.

"Th, this scale is your attack──?"

Yuno swung his holy sword in panic.
Its golden blade and my scales collided.


With a deafening sound, the sword corroded and crumbled into tatters.

"Impossible! The holy sword is──"

More scales touched Yuno's right hand.

"Ga, aaaAAAAAAAA!"

Even torn to shreds up to his elbow.

"Next, is your left arm? your legs? your chest? or your belly?"

I grinned.

My [Fixed Damage] now took the form of the black scale, making it easier to grasp the area of effect.
With the image of letting the tip of the scales spouting out to touch his body, it looks like I can slowly scrape him to death.


Yuno let out a painful cry and sprayed yellowish-white particles from both feet.

Using it as propulsion, he took a big leap.
In an instant, he dropped to a point about 20 meters away from me and escapes out of the range of the [Fixed Damage].

"H, hurt...... it's huuuurrrrrrtttttttttt ......! Dammmiiiiiiiit, my aaaarrrm!"

Yuno gazed at me while letting out a painful cry.
He had a hatred look on his face that belies his usual freshness.

"Your power ...... haa, haa ...... destroys anything within its range of effect, didn't......!"
"Right. Whoever you are, you can't resist it."
"Don't get too carried away...... skills [Restore]."

At the same time as Yuno murmured, the tattered and corroded holy sword emitted light.
Arkweiss immediately restored to normal.


As Yuno said, the holy sword flew through the air and was held in his left hand.

"As long as I have the holy sword, I can still fight──"

Yuno smiled tremendously.

His torn-up right arm was covered in a yellowish-white glow around the section.
Perhaps it was a healing effect, the blood had stopped.

However, as expected, the arm itself didn't seem to have regenerated──.

"Including what you did to Irina, I can never forgive you."
"I can never forgive you either."

I approached Yuno again.

"These past two years──not a single moment in my life have I ever forgotten how much I hate you guys."
"It's over, isn't. Our friendship."
"Don't delirious. It's already over a long time ago."

I snorted at Yuno's over-late line.

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[End of Chapter]

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