Fixed Damage Chapter 54

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


15 - Subordination and Punishment 1

"Make Yulin my [Subordinate]......."
[Of course, this will only work if the will of both yours and hers matches.]

To my astonishment, Rakshasa explained.

A subject that I shared a part of [Darkness] power I possessed.

The relationship is established when I acknowledge the other party and the other party also shows a will to obey me.

"If it can save Yulin, I have no objection. The rest is....."
"I also... have no objection......"

Yulin said under a painful breath.

"Chrome-san sealed Valery and saved many of the test subjects. And even now, you are trying to clear the regrets of the people of my village. If it is you. I will obey yo.......u......"

As she said, blood drained from her face.
Her dull eyes were duller and duller, and her consciousness looked like to disappear at any time.

"Enough. Don't say anything else."

I silenced Yulin and looked back at Rakshasa.

"As you heard. Make Yulin my [Subordinate]."
[Acknowledged. Then──]

She stretched her white hand straight.
The black chain entwined in it crunched.

[Confirming the will of Master. Yulin Ernes is hereby recognized as Master's [Subordinate].]

Purplish-black particles flooded from the chain and sprayed onto Yulin's right leg.


Yulin was panting a little.

"My leg is...... hot."

On the exposed right thigh area from her shabby maid clothes, a pattern shaped like a heart was floating.

[You have received the crest of [Subordinate]. From now on, you are Master's servant.]

Rakshasa said.

[Next, granting the [Darkness] skill to the [Subordinate].]
"What skill should I give to save Yulin?"
[It's [Demonification], Master.]

Rakshasa answered my question.

"[Demonification] ......?
[It's a variation of the [Demonic Beastification] that you gave to Irina Valim before. It is possible to acquire the supernatural abilities and vitality of a demon, while retaining the basic human form, will, and reason.]

Rakshasa explained.

"So──you're saying that Yulin will no longer be a human?"
[The only way for her to survive is to gain the vitality of a demon.]

.... Either die as a human or become a demon and survive.

"Can I just use [Demonification] and release the skill once the wound is healed and return her to be a human?"
[The [Demonic Beastification] is a skill that can be canceled at your will, but [Demonification] is a completely permanent skill like [Fixed Damage]. Once it is granted, it will remain until death.]

To my question, Rakshasa affirmed.

" fine... with... that..."

Yulin said breathlessly.
Her face is gradually showing signs of death.

If this continues, she will die──.


Her burned face was filled with desperation.

I want to live.
I don't want to die.

I could feel her strong will.

"──I understand."

I made up my mind.

I'll grant my [Subordinate], Yulin, the [Demonification] skill.

"This is ...... me ......?"

Yulin stood up.

That's what can be expected of a demon──.
When I gave her a skill, the wound on her chest closed up in no time.

Her maid clothes, which had been covered in blood, was now completely clean of any stain.

I looked at Yulin again, but there was no particular change in her appearance.

It's just that... the atmosphere of hers is quite different.
She was still the same innocent girl, but her whole body was emitting a terrifying miasma.

"How is your physical condition?"
"Yes, I'm fine now. I feel like I'm getting stronger and stronger."
"H, hiiiiiiiiiii......."

I heard a scream.

It was Mikha's.
He was crawling desperately with his shattered limbs, trying to escape.

"Do you think I'm going to let you go?"

In response to my will, the black chains pulled on his body.
Further, lifted him into the air and fixed him in a crucifixion-like pose.

He couldn't escape anymore.
I thought about just erased him with the [Fixed Damage], but suddenly my thoughts changed.

If I use the chains, I can carry Mikha even if I am lacking in physical strength.

"Shea, Yulin. Let's go back to Valery's lab."

Let's take Mikha and punish him there.

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[End of Chapter]

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