Fixed Damage Chapter 55

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.


16 - Subordination and Punishment 2

"You'll enter this crystal and keep watching Valery as well. You can not help him, you just keep watching his suffering. Of course, you'll experience the same──that's your 'punishment'."

I declared to Mikha.

It would be more painful for Mikha to watch the one he loved the most suffer than it would be for himself.
And──it would be despair.

"Ku... uu ..."

Mikha's frightened expression remained, and he no longer seemed to have the energy to resist.

First of all, I took away his magic power, the same way done to Valery.
This made it impossible for him to use magic to escape.

However, Mikha still had the power of [Light].

To seal it, I removed a part of the [Darkness] chain and restrained his whole body.

"Damn, something like this..."

Mikha twisted from side to side, but the chain quickly became one with him and became impossible to be removed.
Then I placed Micah in the crystal next to Valery.

"I put you in the same situation as your beloved master. Isn't it good for you, Mikha."

I gave Mikha a cold stare.
I pressed the activation switch on the crystal that contained Mikha.

"G, gyaaaaaaaaaa!"

There was an animal-like cry of agony that did not match his pretty face.
Inside the crystal, Mikha's face twisted in pain as he repeatedly screamed.

"It'll be impossible to use the [Light] to overcome the [Darkness] with that pain. You can't even concentrate your mind to use even a skill."

His magic and skills have been sealed, and now Mikha completely can't escape.
He can't even use magic to end his own life.

The two crystals side by side became a prison for both the master and the disciple to continue to taste the living hell.

This didn't mean that the people of Yulin's village will come back to life.

But that's not the point.
Revenge is, probably not something you do for the sake of it.

The meaning of revenge──I myself get very confused when I thinking about it,  I still can't find an answer to this question.
At least, I was able to settle one matter.

That's probably the most important thing for now.

"Yulin, this may not be the ending you want......."
"No, I...feel a little lighter now."

Yulin looked at me.

"Maybe it was...... a beautiful thing after all. When I saw Mikha's limbs being crushed, I felt a secret joy. 
This is the retribution for what you have done to the people of the village, now suffer more──I felt like the cruelty inside me was awakening."
Her eyes moistened──but no tears flowed.

It was like a demon.

"Thank you, Chrome-san──no, Chrome-sama."

A high-pitched sound echoed.


Yulin looked surprised.

The crest engraved on her body──The crest of "Dark Pheromone" disappeared without a trace.
Perhaps there was some kind of interference when she was pierced by the Mikha's attack.

"......Hmm, so he's done one thing to atone for his sins."

I snorted.
Of course, that didn't mean I'll forgive Mikha.

"──Let's go. Shea, Yulin."

I told the two [Subordinate]s and walked away.

"Hurt, hurt, hurt, it's hurt..... Cursed youuuuu, I won't forgive you, Chromeeeeee! Mikha, if you were a disciple, be a little useful..... You're only good for sex, you incompetent bastard! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRT!"
"AAAAAAAAAA, hurt, huuuurrt! Valery-sama, is suffering this pain with me... damn...NOOOO.... GAAAAAA, I wish I could hold you... GAAAAAAAAA, SHIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!"

From behind, I can hear the screams full grudges, and anguished cries of the master and the disciples.

I had thought that they would be considerate of each other, but it turns out that their bond was surprisingly thin.

Well, from now on, there will be no one get in the way.
Please take your time to talk about your true feelings, just the two of you.

I left the institute with Shea and Yulin.

"For the finishing touch. Yulin, can you use your skills to make this institute undetectable to others?"
"I can, Chrome-sama."

Yulin nodded reverently and raised her right hand.
Her dull eyes and beautiful nails light up with a bewitching red glow.

"Activate skill── [Camouflage]."

With a voice, the entire building of the laboratory was covered in a crimson glow.

[Camouflage] skill.
It's a skill unique to Yulin, who has become a demon, and it makes the target unrecognizable to others.

Now no one but us will be able to find this laboratory.

There's no way for them to escape.

And there's also no way to save them...

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[End of Chapter]

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