My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 5

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~
Author: あボーン (Abōn)


5 - The attack of bell pepper and probability

The day passed by peacefully, somehow.
After the classes ended, the students rushed out of the classroom.
They were probably busy with club activities or going out with friends.

I, who had nothing of interest to do, sat in my seat in a relaxed manner.
I looked at Mizuki-san's back with a vague feeling.
Mizuki-san waved lightly at me as she left the classroom.
I tried to resist the urge to grin and waved back.
After that, Mizuki-san left with Kurumizaka-san, who had come to pick her up in the hallway.

I didn't know the details, but I guess they're going to idol activities.
They may practice singing and dancing, or they may work hard on some kind of recording......
I wonder what kind of day student idols spend.
I'm starting to wonder about things I hadn't paid attention to before.
I want to know a little more about Mizuki-san.
She didn't want to touch on real-life topics, though.
I guess I'll just have to put up with this.

I was sitting in a daze on the chair for a while, but as I got up about to leave.

"Ayanokouji-kuuu~n......! Where do you think you're going?" (Tachibana)
"According to my calculations, the probabilities of you escaping from us are 0%." (Saito)
" guys." (Kazuto)

Tachibana spread his arms out to block the way.
And Saito, he was even holding my bag.
These guys were deadly serious.

"I-i-it can't be, you're not going to spend ...... private time with Mizuki Rinka, are you?" (Tachibana)
"I'm not. I'm just going to go home and play online games." (Kazuto)
"Really!? Is it true!?" (Tachibana)
"Of course." (Kazuto)

...... Let's not talk about what happened in the cafeteria.
I didn't know what these two would do if they knew that Kurumizaka-san was also get involved.

"Well well, calm down, Tachibana-kun. Ayanokouji-kun, you should also sit down." (Saito)
"No, I want to go home." (Kazuto)
"Sit down now... before my glasses catch fire." (Saito)
"..." (Kazuto)

I reluctantly sat down after being threatened incomprehensibly.
I really didn't understand why.
It was probably just me, but I'd like to see his glasses catch fire.

"Let's get straight, Ayanokouji. I want you to tell me everything here." (Tachibana)
"What you want me to tell?" (Kazuto)
"It's obvious, isn't it! It's about how you became close with Mizuki!" (Tachibana)
"Aah....." (Kazuto)
"And I heard you even talked with Nana-chan at the cafeteria! You fսcking extravagant bastard!" (Tachibana)
"Speaking of extravagant, isn't it belong to your body." (Kazuto)

I said while looking at Tachibana's fat belly.

"What you say, Dumbass!" (Tachibana)
"Pffft! That's a perfect counter-attack score according to my calculations! ....Pfffftt." (Saito)
"Saito too...! Enough about my body shape! We're talking with Ayanokouji now! How did you become close with Mizuki?" (Tachibana)
"More than that, Mizuki-san calls you by surname, but Kurumizaka-san calls you by given name." (Saito) (PTW/N: "Mizuki calls by myouji[surname], but Kurumizaka calls by namae[name/given name]"; Didn't Rinka call him by given name, and Nana by nickname? 🤔🤔)

"Yeah, it doesn't match their images, does it? Mizuki isn't a type that so casually calls someone by name..... And Nana-chan should have a sense of intimacy." (Tachibana)
"I can kind of understand that feeling. Well, that's why......" (Kazuto)
"You're not very good at diverting the topic, are you? Just tell to me." (Tachibana)
"Hmm......" (Kazuto)

What should I do?
If the fact Mizuki-san is an online gamer being known... Then, isn't the public will be heavily shocked?
I don't mean to belittle the game, but it's an image that doesn't fit Mizuki-san at all.
It may be too much to say that her character will be ruined.
Even so, it's not a good thing to be known.

"Hey Ayanokouji! Hurry up and tell me, or I won't give you bell peppers from now on!" (Tachibana)
"I don't like bell peppers. I don't hate them, but I don't like them." (Kazuto)
"Okay! Then I'll give you 1000 yen, so tell me!" (Tachibana)

Tachibana and Saito put their hands together and begged.
They're so desperate that I can't stand them.......
If possible, I would like to ignore them.
But if I don't say anything, they might make a fuss over it.
I made a decision with sorrow heart.

"... Don't tell anyone, okay?" (Kazuto)
"I know! We're friends, remember? We will definitely keep our promise!" (Tachibana)
"According to my calculations, we have a 2000% chance of keeping our words!" (Saito)
"It all smells like a lie..... I met Mizuki-san through an online game." (Kazuto)
"Really? How did that happen?" (Tachibana)
"The story is....... Two years ago, I got married to Mizuki-san on an online game." (Kazuto)
""S-seriously!?"" (Tachibana, Saito)

Both of them were surprised harmoniously.
Well, it's a normal reaction.

"Hey Saito! What's the probability that one's wife in a game is a popular idol?" (Tachibana)
"Well, according to my calculations, it's about 30%." (Saito)
"That's pretty high!" (Tachibana)

Tachibana and Saito made a lot of noise.
The classmates who were still in the classroom looked at us, wondering what was going on.

"Hey you guys, don't make a fuss. If the others find out about this, we'll be in serious trouble." (Kazuto)
"Huh? What's the trouble about?" (Tachibana)
"It'll affect Mizuki-san's image. And maybe, Mizuki-san will stop playing game if the public finds out about her hobby." (Kazuto)

I was not sure, though.
I hadn't heard anything about it from her.
It was just a hunch I had as a long-time friend.

"... I think it might be. According to my calculations, there's a 99% chance that Mizuki-san's gaming hobby will cause a public stir. And a lot of people will start playing games to meet Mizuki in the game. It will definitely cause a grand commotion." (Saito)

Whether it was a calculation or a prediction, but I think it's quite accurate.
At least it will definitely affect Mizuki's mental health.

"That's why, can you please not tell anyone about this?" (Kazuto)

I didn't know what they were thinking, but they kept their mouths shut and didn't say anything.
I was a little frustrated, so I continued my words.

"I want to protect Mizuki-san's place. It's my selfish guess, but I think that the online game world is......the only world where she can play without worrying about the eyes around her. Please, don't tell anyone." (Kazuto)

I appealed to them with a seriousness that is unlike me.
The two looked at each other and put their hands on my shoulders.

"Ayanokouji....... There's nothing to worry about. Your feelings have been fully conveyed to me.." (Tachibana)
"Tachibana......." (Kazuto)

Is this the power of friendship?
Tachibana, who had a sincere atmosphere, was looking straight at my eyes.

"――――So I'll let you have my bell peppers." (Tachibana)

"We're a friend, but I'll tell you. You'll taste some tasty pain, you know." (Kazuto)

How can you blurt out a cringey joke like that to a friend who has been talking so seriously?
I felt the urge to kill him as if it was normal.

"Hahaha! I'm kidding, Ayanokouji! As for Mizuki's case, it's a secret between just the three of us!" (Tachibana)
"..." (Kazuto)
"I'm really sorry. I'm scared when Ayanokouji, who is usually quiet, glares at me." (Tachibana)

I gave Tachibana a look that was filled with murderous intent.
Tachibana's mouth twitched and he hid behind Saito.

"Well well, Ayanokouji-kun. This is Tachibana-kun after all, so let's forgive him. Ah, of course, I'll keep my promise as well, so don't worry." (Saito)
"Haa~... Okay then." (Kazuto)

It's no use getting angry over it.
And I understand that they are not the kind of people who break their promises.
That's why I decided to tell them.

*Ping*. A notification sounded from my smartphone.

I took it out of my pants pocket and checked the contents.
The sender is Rin.
[Would you like to play a game for a while tonight?] It was what was written there.


Saito and Tachibana peeked into my smartphone from the side.

"W-what is it?" (Kazuto)
"Can we go too?" (Saito)
"Obviously the answer is a NO. Mizuki-san maybe is innocent in the game, but she's a shy person in reality.... She's wary of everyone except those she's been allowed." (Kazuto)

In fact, I've never seen her be friendly with anyone other than me.
Mizuki-san's social relationships in the online game can be described as somewhat exclusive.

"Somehow she's kind of like a cat..... Well, if Ayanokouji-kun says so, it can't be helped then. We'll shut our mouths." (Saito)
"That's right. I think I'll go back to playing online games for a while. I might even be able to marry an idol!" (Tachibana)

The two talked to each other in a relaxed atmosphere.
With this, Mizuki-san's case seemed to be settled.

While I was hearing their conversation, I replied to Rin, [Okay, I'll be there around 9 pm.]

While I was looking forward to tonight, my heart was racing with uncontrollable nervousness.

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[End of Chapter]

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