My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 6

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


6 - Online game nerd and cool idol

"... It's almost time for the appointment." (Kazuto)

It was only a few minutes to 21.00.
I had already logged in and was staring at my computer screen.
What was shown on the screen was a young warrior-looking man fishing at the beach.
That's the character I'm controlling. The occupation is Warrior.
He is a nice guy who uses his sword and shield to fight in close quarters.
However, due to his unusually high mining skills, he has become a man who looks better with a pickaxe than a sword. (PTW/N: Obviously)
And now he's fishing.
It was no longer a miner's day off.

"Ah... I caught a fish. No, dαmn, it’s a boot." (Kazuto)

I immediately discarded the boot from my inventory.
It was just worthless trash.
I regained my composure and started fishing again.
Probably I will be able to chat with Rin while fishing today.
Basically, I rarely play with Rin on weekdays.
Even if we did, it was limited to 20 to 30 minutes.

Before, I just thought that she was busy with her real life.
But now, I could understand why I could only play with her on holidays.
I guess Mizuki-san was so busy with her idol activities that she didn't have much free time left on weekdays.

"... It's more normal than I thought." (Kazuto)

I was expecting to be more nervous, but I was surprised at how relaxed I became.
When I thought about it, it was only natural.
I had just found out who Rin actually was.
But it was not that she became a different person.
After all, the environment of the online game led me to normalcy.

"Rin, I can't wait for you to get here." (Kazuto)

I waited for a few minutes while fishing, and then.
[Rin-san has logged in], and that notification is displayed in the chatbox at the bottom of the screen.
I decided to send her a quick chat.
~"(This is a Translation Content of so, read only on my site, kay!)"~
[Thanks for your hard work~. I'm fishing right now.] (Kazu)
[Hee~, that's unusual! I can't believe Kazu is fishing!] (Rin)

O-oh, it's the usual Rin.
I was wondering "which" one she would come with, but I guess she came with Rin.

[I'm going over there now~] (Rin)
[Okay.] (Kazu)

I continued fishing on the beach.
Soon, Rin appeared riding on a horse.
After dismounting from the horse, Rin walked along the beach and came next to me.
She is an elf in a rather revealing outfit.
After all this time, I wonder if this is Mizuki-san's hobby......?
I guessed it somehow, but immediately continued the chat.

[It's unusual for you to invite me on Monday.] (Kazu)
[You know, after what happened today, I just wanted to play with you, even if only for a little while.] (Rin)
[I see.] (Kazu)

I Involuntarily loosened my cheeks.
I was genuinely happy.
Regardless of whether she was Mizuki-san or not.
Rin was holding a fishing rod, then threw the lure toward the sea.
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The two of us began fishing side by side.
It had been a scene I had seen often over the past few years.
Even on the day when we confirmed each other's identities, nothing had changed on the screen.

[I guess I can tell you this now. I was actually nervous the whole time I was at school~] (Rin)
[Nervous? Why?] (Kazu)
[Wasn't it natural for me to be nervous when I thought I was going to meet Kazu in person.] (Rin)

[You didn't look like that at all. From what I could see you were reading a book during this morning.]  (Kazu)
[I just acted like I wasn't. I didn't even remember anything about the contents of the book.] (Rin)

So that was what happened.
It seemed I wasn't the only one who was nervous.

[So when my eyes met Kazuto-kun's, I didn't know what to do, so I waved my hand.] (Rin)
[Aah, so that was it.] (Kazu)
[I was so happy that you waved back. Was Kazuto-kun not nervous?] (Rin)
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[I was really really nervous, you know. I was so nervous that I had to go to the lavatory in the morning.] (Kazu)
[That's too much. Kazuto-kun didn't seem to be nervous though.] (Rin)

No, I was deadly nervous, you know.
If anything, I think I was more "nervous" than anyone else on the planet at that moment.

[At lunch break, when I tried to talk to Kazuto-kun, my voice trembled just a little...... I was so embarrassed and my face became hot, I thought a fire would burst out of my face.] (Rin)
[Did you tremble? I think you were normal.] (Kazu)
[No. My voice was definitely trembling.] (Rin)

Speaking of which......
At that time, Mizuki-san just said a few words and left the classroom immediately.

She had always looked so cool, so it was hard to understand her emotions, but when she told me what was on her mind, I found it very cute.

We continued to talk about our day.
The conversation went on without a break, and the chat flowed smoothly.

And when I realized,

[Oh, it's so late already.......] (Rin)

An hour had passed in the blink of an eye.
It was now 22:12.
Up until now, Rin had always made sure to log out by 22:00.
She'd gone a little over.

[Are you going to get to bed soon?] (Kazu)

I asked casually, and after a few seconds, a short reply came, [Yes].

"...?" (Kazuto)

An awkward silence followed.
Should I try to chat with her more?
As I pondered for a while, I received a chat from Rin.

[Do you have a headphone with a microphone?] (Rin)
[I have, but why?] (Kazu)
[Why don't we do voice chat next time?] (Rin)
[Sure. Let's do that.] (Kazu)

I see, she didn't have to hide her identity anymore, so why don't we just chat with our voice?
I couldn't find any reason to refuse this proposal.

[And also, are you free next Saturday night? I'm sure Nana and I can arrange it.] (Rin)
[I'm free. I'll make it free, no matter what.] (Kazu)
[That's a relief then. I won't be able to log in until Saturday, so you'll have to bear with it okay.] (Rin)
[That's too bad. If so I'll just play by myself.] (Kazu)
[Ahaha, Then...... Good night, Kazuto-kun. I'll see you at school tomorrow.] (Rin)
[Yeah, good night. See you tomorrow.] (Kazu)

Rin disappeared from the screen.
[Rin-san has logged out] notification was displayed in the chat column.

"... Shall I go to bed too?" (Kazuto)

Normally, I would have stayed online until 23.00. 
However, I was filled with a mysterious sense of fulfillment now.
I just wanted to lie down in bed while soaking in this pleasant lingering feeling.

"Today was a great day, yes...." (Kazuto)

To put it more precisely, my daily life had changed since last night.
I wondered what would happen from now on.

As I fell into bed, I thought about Mizuki-san until the moment I fell asleep.

~"(This is a Translation Content of so, read only on my site, kay!)"~

[End of Chapter]

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