My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 7

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


7 - The cool idol who hates men

A few days had already passed since I found out that Rin's real identity was Mizuki-san.
The next thing I knew, it was already Thursday.
The day after tomorrow, the three of us, including Kurumizaka-san, were going to play an online game.

"Hey hey, Ayanokouji. Cheer up, will ya?" (Tachibana)
"He's right, Ayanokouji-kun. You should thank God that you were able to go to the cafeteria with Mizuki-san even if it was just once." (Saito)
"... I'm not depressed, though." (Kazuto)

It was lunch break, and the classroom was filled with a peaceful atmosphere.
I was having lunch with my two friends as usual.
I hadn't talked to Mizuki-san in the school since that Monday.
The reason was that a little rumor spread in the school after Mizuki-san and I went to the cafeteria together.

Considering her idol activity, it would be better not to get involved in public anymore.
In the end, we had only spent one lunch break together.

"So Ayanokouji's popularity period is only so far huh?" (Tachibana)
"Popularity period eh..... I've told you guys, it's just that my friend was a popular idol, haven't I?" (Kazuto)
"Even so, it's still a pretty amazing story." (Tachibana)

Tachibana said while biting yakisoba bread.
......Dαmn, this guy spilled his yakisoba on my desk.

"But you were chatting with Mizuki-san during breaks, right?" (Saito)
"Well, it's true." (Kazuto)

As Saito said, during lunch break, I was having a nice conversation with Mizuki-san via my smartphone.
By the way, Mizuki's tones were that of Rin.
Does she naturally change her character in text chat?
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"Well, there, Ayanokouji." (Tachibana)
"What's that, Tachibana. Next time you spill food on my desk, I'll get angry." (Kazuto)
"Don't worry, I'll lick it off." (Tachibana)
"If you do that, I'll seriously beat you down, okay?" (Kazuto)

I felt sick imagining Tachibana licking my desk.

"Haha, I'm kidding. Why Ayanokouji didn't call Mizuki by her given name?" (Tachibana)
"W-why the h*ll did you suddenly ask me that? I don't have the courage to do that, you know?" (Kazuto)
"But Mizuki calls you Kazuto-kun, right?" (Tachibana)
"Well... yeah" (Kazuto)

When I think about it, she called me by my given name from the beginning, right?
I thought it was due to Mizuki-san's personality, but.......

"It's not normal for that Mizuki to call a man by name, you know." (Tachibana)
"Is that so?" (Kazuto)
"Yeah, this is a story I heard half a year ago.... I heard a handsome guy called Mizuki by her given name when he was trying to approach her." (Tachibana)
"Hee, and then?" (Kazuto)

"I heard he was treated coldly.." (Tachibana)
"... that's a scene that comes to mind." (Kazuto)
"But do you know what did that handsome guy misunderstand? He misunderstood that Mizuki was telephoning and lightheartedly hugged her from behind." (Tachibana)
"T-then?" (Kazuto)
"She threw him on his back and knocked him to the floor.....!" (Tachibana)
"O-oh man...!" (Kazuto)

Well, as far as I can tell, that guy was the worst.
It's great sexual harassment if you call someone by their name out of the blue and then hug them from behind.

"Fortunately, the handsome guy only suffered bruises, but ... Mizuki's dislike of men proved to be considerable." (Tachibana)
"It's not that she hates men, it's just self-defense, right?" (Kazuto)
"But, such Mizuki was calling Ayanokouji by his given name?" (Tachibana)

Ignoring my words, Tachibana continued the conversation.

"...So, what are you trying to say?" (Kazuto)
"That's you, that thing." (Tachibana)

Tachibana said with an air of mystery.
Saito also smirked following him.

"According to my calculation, the probability that Mizuki-san is in love with Ayanokouji-kun is 84%!" (Saito)
"Huuhh!? W-w-wh-what are you talking about!?" (Kazuto)

Saito told me with so much confidence that I couldn't help but got up from my chair and shouted.
At that moment, I felt eyes on me from all over the classroom.

"......" (Kazuto)

My face was so hot that it was almost boiling.
I hurriedly sat back in my chair.

"Pfffft! Ayanokouji-kun, you're getting impatient." (Saito)
"I-It's because you say strange things! T-that someone like Mizuki-san is in love with me ...!" (Kazuto)
"No, Ayanokouji-kun, I think it's quite possible." (Saito)
"No, it's not. I and Mizuki-san are just online game friends. Nothing more, nothing less." (Kazuto)
"Is that so? I've been observing Mizuki-san lately, and she seemed to be rather interested in Ayanokoji-kun." (Saito)
"Again, doing something inappropriate..." (Kazuto)
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I said in astonishement and reached for the white rice in my lunch box with my chopsticks.
Ah, shoot, my hands are trembling and I can't grab the white rice...!
I still hadn't gotten over my upset!

"Ayanokouji-kun doesn't seem to be aware of it, but Mizuki-san is watching Ayanokoji-kun every chance she gets." (Saito)
"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've seen it too." (Tachibana)
"......N-no way." (Kazuto)

That popular idol, Mizuki Rinka, is in love with me, who is called the online game nerd...?
It was not a very believable story.

"What would you do if I said that?" (Saito)
"It is a lie! I was a little happy, though!" (Kazuto)
"No, it's the truth." (Saito)
"What the h*ll is that..." (Kazuto)

That was not good. I was being toyed by Saito and Tachibana.
I would take a deep breath and tried to regain my normal mind.

"If you are so suspicious, why don't you call Mizuki by her name?" (Tachibana)
"...If she ignores or throws me, I'll never be able to recover." (Kazuto)
"Hey Saito. How much is the probability that Ayanokouji's name-calling challenge will succeed?" (Tachibana)
"According to my calculations, it's about 70%." (Saito)
"It's a probability I'm afraid to try. And it's even lower than the probability of she's in love with me." (Kazuto)

Saito's calculations continued to make no sense to me.
I gave Saito a half-hearted grin and took a piece of his omelet into my mouth.

――Ouch. I bit my tongue.

Mizuki-san is having crush on me.
I was imagining such a fairytale-like development, and my mind was in turmoil.

"Hey, are you Ayakoji Kazuto-kun?"
"Ee----?" (Kazuto)

I turned my head to the side as someone called out to me.
An unfamiliar female student was standing there.
She was not a classmate.
But from the color of her scarf, I could confirm that she was in the same grade.

"Can you go out with me for a moment?"
"Umm, I'm in the middle of eating..." (Kazuto)
"Ah, I'm sorry, give it up. I'm in trouble if it's not right now."

She did not withdraw her request, even though she bowed her head apologetically.
She had a gentle atmosphere, but she didn't seem to have any intention of giving me a veto.

"H-hey hey hey...! I knew it, Ayanokouji is going to be popular...!" (Tachibana)
"I-it's not like that. And I have a boyfriend."

While Tachibana shuddered exaggeratedly, the girl said it as if it was natural.
I put down my chopsticks and asked her.

"I don't mind, but can you tell me what your business is?" (Kazuto)
"I can't say it out loud, but Nana-chan is calling you."
"Kurumizaka-san is?" (Kazuto)

What kind of business is it? I wondered.
Anyway, if Kurumizaka-san is the other party, I couldn't just ignore her.
I quickly put my lunch away and stood up.

"Then let's go there." (Kazuto)

When I tried to follow her, Tachibana and Saito opened their eyes wide and showed surprise on their faces.

"N-no way, After Mizuki, now is Nana-chan!? You, you are a monster...!" (Tachibana)
"A-according to my calculations, the probability of Ayanokouji-kun being popular is......100%!" (Saito)

What are you saying, these people.
I walked out of the classroom, feeling their eyes on my back.

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[End of Chapter]

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