My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 15

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


Double Release!!

15 - Mizuki Nonoa

"Hey, Kazuto-bro! this time, be a horse!" (Nonoa)

――――she becomes attached to me very much.
It as if as fast as two panels comic.

At first, Nonoa-chan looked surprised, but she probably observed me and decided that I was not a dangerous person.
She started messing around with me as if she was checking my humanity.
I've always liked children, so I'd like to play with them.

"Horsey, horsey!" (Nonoa)
"Yes, yes. Hold on to me tight, okay." (Kazuto)

She's so taken with me.
With Nonoa-chan on my back, I go around the room on all fours.
This is surprisingly fun, and troublesome as well.

"I was wondering what'd happen at first, but...... Kazuto-kun is actually good at dealing with children, yes." (Rinka)
"I wonder about it. I'm just having fun with them, though....." (Kazuto)

There's also a fact that Nonoa-chan is unusually friendly.
Suddenly I remembered the nostalgic memories of my middle school days.
When I went to a nursery school for school lessons, the children gathered around me.
The kid's snot was wiped to my uniform, boys kicked my leg, girls hugged me, etc...
It was really messy, but fun in its own way.
However, my classmate at that time laughed at me and saying, "Ayanokouji's mental age is the same as that of a kid."

Then the night, I created a character using that of my classmate (I registered it with just the first half of the last name for privacy reasons) in the game and got killed on purpose by a small fry monster.
It was insidious, even for me.....

"Big bro, I want to have an arm swing this time!" (Nonoa)
"Ah, that. It's okay, but as an exchange, don't tell anyone I'm here, okay?" (Kazuto)
"Okay!" (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan replied cheerfully on my back.
I'm back from a horse to a bipedal human, and I hang Nonoa-chan on my right arm and swing her gently.
She's much lighter than I expected.

"Amazing... Kazuto-kun, you have strength, yes." (Rinka)
"Because Nonoa-chan is small, so if it just this much, I can afford........uh" (Kazuto)

While saying that, I swing her whole body and trying my best to do the arm swing.
Nonoa-chan is lighter than her age, but it's still a little tough for me as a nerd gamer and an indoor person.
I'm going to have sore muscles, for sure!

"Ahahaha! Big bro, you're amazing!" (Nonoa)
"R-right.....!?" (Kazuto)

I suddenly catch my face reflected in the window.
Somehow I have a great expression.

"Now, I want to play online games!" (Nonoa)
"No, Nonoa. It's too early for you." (Rinka)
"It's not!" (Nonoa)

Perhaps Nonoa-chan has tired of playing with me as a plaything, now she demands to play online games.

"Nonoa, you're still in the first grade of elementary school, aren't you? At least when you reach middle school." (Rinka)
"Not fair, it's only Rinka-sis! I want to play too!" (Nonoa)
"No means no." (Rinka)
"Mmm~~~......Kazuto, big bro, please." (Nonoa)
"Eh, me?" (Kazuto)

The subject of the conversation suddenly changes.
Nonoa-chan turns her gaze at me expectantly.

"No, Kazuto-kun. It's too early for Nonoa." (Rinka)

Too early huh, I wonder if there's an age limit on online games.
No, it's not my place to interfere with the Mizuki family's way of thinking.

"Kazuto-bro...!" (Nonoa)
"..." (Kazuto)

Little girl + upturned eyes + teary eyes = Angel.
The obvious answer comes out in my mind.

"Rinka, shouldn't it be okay if it's just a little?" (Kazuto)
"Haa~, you're too soft.........just a little, okay?" (Rinka)
"I did it! Thank you Rinka-sis!" (Nonoa)

Rinka looks reluctant when she sees Nonoa-chan jumping up and down happily.

Well, surely it may not be good to get hooked on online games at this age.
But her little sister will inevitably be intrigued when she sees her sister playing games happily.
Rather than forcing her to endure it, I think it's better to let her experience it even just a little.......

Rinka starts up her computer and launches Black Plains.
She sits Nonoa-chan on the chair and opens the character creation menu.
It seems she's going to start playing from scratch.

"Hmm? Let's see..." (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan's fiddling with her character's form with poor control.
Rinka explains in a gentle tone from the side.
I could tell that the two sisters were close.

I sit down on Rinka's bed and watch their backs.
From the looks of them, it's going to take some time.
Eventually, after nearly thirty minutes, Nonoa's first character is completed.
She was a small girl wearing a black robe.
Her name is "Nonoa".
It's named "Nonoa" to resemble her real self.

"Look, look, big brother Kazuto! Is this girl cute?" (Nonoa)
"Yeah, it's so cute." (Kazuto)
"Ehehe." (Nonoa)

When I praise her, Nonoa-chan smiles with satisfaction.
Then the tutorial begins.

"Umm, is this the move?" (Nonoa)
"Yes, it is. Then if you press the space bar......" (Rinka)

Does she have it hard with her first mouse-keyboard operation?
Nonoa-chan is struggling to control the character on the screen.
When she manages to complete the walking mission, The Old Whitebeard, who is like a master in the game, says, [Well done! It's amazing, Nonoa!] He clapped his hands and praised her.

"Hehe, I was praised. Hey, Kazuto-bro, am I great?" (Nonoa)
"Yeah, you're great!" (Kazuto)

She asks me happily, so I give her a head pat and praise her.
Children are really cute and innocent.

If it was me, "Stop talking nonsense and get on with the tutorial. Why there's no skip button?" or something like that.

"...Even I can do that too." (Rinka)

Eh? I heard something muttered.
Did I hear it wrong?

I stand behind Nonoa-chan and look at the screen without worrying about it.
This time the tutorial for fighting monsters begins.
It's a battle that I can definitely win, since the HP won't decrease even if being attacked.

Nonoa-chan makes an adorable voice saying, "Ei, Ei," as she repeatedly fires fireballs at the monsters with poor control. Winning the game with plenty of time left(?).

[Hmm, as expected of you, Nonoa! It's amazing!]

"I did it! I'm amazing!" (Nonoa)

Nonoa-chan, who made her eyes shine, pulls my sleeves to show off the praise she got.

"You're amazing, Nonoa-chan." (Kazuto)

I gently pat Nonoa-chan's head.
She's really innocent and cute.
O God, I really want a little sister from the bottom of my heart!

"I've never had Kazuto-kun praise me for something like that before." (Rinka)
"...Umm, Rinka-san?" (Kazuto)
"What is it, yes?" (Rinka)
"Are you possibly, competing against your own sister?" (Kazuto)
"I'm not. I'm just talking to myself. Don't get the wrong idea." (Rinka)

Rinka denies while maintaining her cool demeanor.
......What the heck is that.

While wondering, I continue to praise Nonoa-chan for an hour and a half while keeping an eye on her gameplay.
During this time, I'd like to note that Rinka, who's next to me, was muttering things like, "I'm pretty good for my first time, but is that really something to praise?" or "Even if it's for a child, isn't that a low standard of praise?".

"My eyes are getting dizzy. I'm sleepy." (Nonoa)

Stopping the mouse, Nonoa-chan rubs her eyelids and murmurs.

"You've been playing the game a little too much. So your eyes are tired. Let's call it a day." (Rinka)
"Mmkay. Kazuto-bro, carry me~." (Nonoa)

The sleepy Nonoa-chan throws her arms around me.

"You can't do that, Nonoa. Don't cause too much trouble for Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"Mmm~. Carry~." (Nonoa)
"Cut it ....." (Rinka)
"I'll be fine. Come here, Nonoa-chan." (Kazuto)

As if to restrain Rinka, who's beginning to speak harshly, I carry Nonoa-chan in my arms.
She's light and warm.

"Even though she's already in first grade....." (Rinka)
"That's normal. Even I was still begging my mother to carry me when I was in third grade." (Kazuto)
"You're a spoiled kid, yes? ......Kazuto-kun when he was little eh......!" (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)

Hey hey, you had the look of a criminal for a second, are you okay?
I shift my consciousness from Rinka to Nonoa-chan.
Her eyes look so tired that she's about to fall asleep at any moment.
She had been fooling around with me before she started playing games.
It seems that she had been playing with her friends before that......

"Kazuto-kun, you like children, don't you?" (Rinka)
"That's right. I won't deny it. Do you hate them, Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"I like them, because children have no ulterior motive." (Rinka)

That's right.
Children don't think about the other person's looks or status at all.
There may be some exceptions, but basically, children are pure.
You can communicate with them in the same way that you can communicate in the game.

"Speaking of which, Rinka. It's already getting dark, are you sure you don't want me to go home?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. My mother won't be home until late at night. And my father won't be home for work, so don't worry about it." (Rinka)
"That's a lot of work for a Sunday. Does your mother have work too?" (Kazuto)
"No, She's on a day trip with her high school friends. She went out of the house with a skipping step." (Rinka)
"You have a cheerful mom, yea... How about your college older sister?" (Kazuto)
"She's been staying at her friend's place. I'm sure she won't come back today either." (Rinka)

Rinka says, looking a little sad.
She must really love her family.
I don't really understand.
In the end, I never got a hug. (PTW/N: not sure about this part, "kekkyoku, dakko[hug/carry] wa ichido mo shite moraenakattashi".)

"Zzz~, Zzz~......" (Nonoa)

I can hear the sound of peaceful sleeping breath coming from my chest.
She really has fallen asleep.
Her sleeping face is very cute.
Is she an angel? (PTW/N: Always has been)
As I'm enjoying the cuteness of Nonoa-chan, Rinka gives me a poke on my left shoulder.

"Mm, what's wrong?" (Kazuto)
"That's, I'm very happy that you're fond of my little sister, but....... I think you're giving her a little too much attention." (Rinka)

Rinka, who dyes her cheeks in vermilion, says in a small voice while averting her gaze in a shy manner.
......Could it be, you're jealous?
Eh? Seriously?

"......Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"I want you to pay attention to me too....even if only for a second." (Rinka)
"――――" (Kazuto)

Rinka appeals to me with her upturned eyes, somewhat embarrassed.
What should I do, she looks dฮฑmn so cute.
It's very different from the cuteness I've felt so far.
It's a lovely cuteness that spreads warmth in my chest......

"Rinka....." (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun......" (Rinka)

The setting sun shining through the window creates a shadow on Rinka's neat face.
In the space where I can only hear Nonoa-chan's sleeping breath, the consciousness of me and Rinka are concentrated only on each other.

"......" (Kazuto)

We stare at each other at such a close distance that our lips can almost touch if we take a step forward.
I have the sensation that the flow of time is melting away, but at that very moment――――.

"It's been a while since I've been home! Seems, Rinka and Nonoa are... Eh, whose shoes are these!?"

A feminine but lively voice echoed through the door.

"N-no way..... my sister is back for the first time in a few weeks.....!" (Rinka)

Rinka's face turned pale again.
The sweet and warm atmosphere vanishes in an instant.
......That was dangerous.
I've been unintentionally swallowed by Rinka's charm.
We haven't even officially dated yet.....

"What do we do, have I hide on your bed again?" (Kazuto)
"It's too late for that..... Haa~" (Rinka)

It seems that she has already reached the point of giving up.
Rinka, who exhales a heavy sigh, has a distant eye.

"Why it must be today...!" (Rinka)

Ah right.
There are days like today.

~"(This is a Translation Content of so, read only on my site)"~

[End of Chapter]


Caption @the site: The younger sister, Nonoa-chan, is really an angel. And Rinka, who looks sulky behind her, is also cute...


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