My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 21

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

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21 - The Energetic Idol, Kurumizaka Nana

Lunch break arrives without incident.
In response to Kurumizaka-san's call, I come to the rooftop landing.

"Kurumizaka-san is......not here yet, huh?" (Kazuto)

Maybe I'm a little too hasty.
I sit down on the stairs and wait for Kurumizaka-san to arrive.
I think I'd read a web novel while I wait for her.
Just as I take out my phone, I hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Ah, Kazu-kun. Sorry~. Did I make you wait?" (Nana)
"No, I just got here." (Kazuto)

A cheerful smile appeares on Kurumizaka-san's face.
She's sweating slightly.
She also seems to have come here in a hurry.

"I told Rinka that we're going to meet, was that okay?" (Kazuto)
"Yes, it was okay. I'm also afraid that Rin-chan will be angry with me." (Nana)

The way she said it, sounds like she's been through this a few times.
Then, Kurumizaka-san immediately asks me.

"So, Kazu-kun. How far have you and Rin-chan progressed? I'm very curious because neither of you has told me anything at all!" (Nana)
"It as I said on the smartphone, we're getting reasonably close." (Kazuto)
"What do you mean by "reasonably close"? It's too vague, Kazu-kun!" (Nana)

She seems to want to know more about our relationship.
She approaches me with excitement.
Not good, I'm starting to remember and become conscious of the dream I have this morning.

"I'm sorry, but I'll be in trouble if you get too close to me......." (Kazuto)
"Hmm, why? Ah,...... do I smell?" (Nana)
"No, you don't. You smell great as usual." (Kazuto)
"......The way you said it sounds like a pervert." (Nana)
"......" (Kazuto)

Kurumizaka-san stares at me with half-lidded eyes.
I guess I have made a mistake in my choice of words.

"You went to Rin-chan's house last week, didn't you?" (Nana)
"How do you know?" (Kazuto)
"Kasumi-san reported it to me!" (Nana)

Seriously? I don't know that they had a connection......
No, it won't be strange if they had.
Rinka and Kurumizaka-san seem to have been getting along for a long time, and it's not strange if Kurumizaka-san and Kasumi-san get along as well.

"If so, I think you should ask Kasumi-san ......" (Kazuto)
"Eeeeh, Why I should to when I can directly ask the person in question anyway?" (Nana)
"I don't know if I can understand what you mean, but....... It's embarrassing if I tell you myself." (Kazuto)
"As the commander of Kazu-kun and Rin-chan's befriending operation, so I have to keep track of their relationship! Now, come tell me!" (Nana)
"You're really getting into it, yes......." (Kazuto)

I've heard that girls love to hear about other people's love lives, and it seems that this popular idol, Kurumizaka Nana, is no exception.

I decide to tell her about my day at the Mizuki's home.
Starting with the younger sister, Nonoa-chan, getting tangled up with the eldest sister, Kasumi-san, about the drunken mother who just coming home.
Most importantly, I must not forget Mikio Papa.
Mikio Papa left a strong impression on me, both for better and worse.
In the end, I wondered what he was trying to tell me.

After I finish telling everything, Kurumizaka-san, who has been nodding her head enthusiastically, speaks up with a straight face.

"You've been getting all the family members approvals. So, why you two aren't dating yet?" (Nana)
"Ugh!" (Kazuto)
"Do you not see Rin-chan as a girl, Kazu-kun?" (Nana)
"No, that's not the case." (Kazuto)

I see her as a very very attractive girl.
Even if she is a bit odd girl who tried to act like a wife in real life.

"Speaking of which, did you two ever go on a date?" (Nana)
".......No, we haven't, We're even not officially dating yet." (Kazuto)
"Even so, it'll be nice to go have fun with her at least once, won't it?" (Nana)
"We're always having fun a lot together in the online game." (Kazuto)
"That's not what I mean....... You know what I mean about, right?" (Nana)
"......Yes." (Kazuto)

She raises her eyebrows a little and gives me a threatening look.
However, because her original face is too cute, I don't feel scared, but more feel fascinated.
It's like a tiny squirrel trying its best to intimidate you.

"Okay, it's decided. Next time, the two of you have to go out together." (Nana)
"...... Are you serious? Wouldn't it cause an uproar if people around found out? What if someone takes a picture and spread it on social media...." (Kazuto)
"Hmm, it'll be fine in disguise then." (Nana)
"Wouldn't they still able to recognize even if in disguise? The aura of a popular idol is not something that can be easily concealed, Rinka and Kurumozaka-san shine brightly." (Kazuto)
"Ahaha, You're exaggerating, Kazu-kun. We're just ordinary girls, you know." (Nana)

You're absolutely not ordinary, you know.
It's not that she's being modest, but she seems to be saying it from the bottom of her heart.
I guess this sarcastic feeling is the secret to her popularity.
Her cheerfulness and friendliness made it easy for me to interact with her as a normal person.

"Surprisingly, if you wear a hat, glasses, and a mask, you won't be recognized. Also, it's important to change your atmosphere. It's pretty hard to put into words, but more or less it's like that." (Nana)
"I see." (Kazuto)

It's the so-called "price of fame", huh.
Seems like being idols make them have hard times spending their daily life.

"This week and next week are...... I'm afraid our schedule is full. If we can have a day off, I'll let Kazu know, so you have to invite Rin-chan that time then!" (Nana)
"Even if you say that...... I've never gone out with any girl before, so I don't know what I've to do." (Kazuto)
"Just leave it to me! I'll follow you to make sure your date goes well!" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san responds confidently while putting her hand on her chest.
Her brεasts are rather large, so I have it hard where I have to look.

"......Has Kurumizaka-san ever been to go out with boys?" (Kazuto)
"Haven't?" (Nana)
"Whaaat......." (Kazuto)

I don't think I can rely on someone who has no experience.
When I'm feeling skeptical, Kurumizaka-san, who seems to have sensed that my inner feelings, hurriedly made an excuse.

"D-don't worry! I watch a lot of romantic dramas and movies! Also, I even like romantic comedy anime!" (Nana)
"......So?" (Kazuto)
"That is..., I don't have any experience, but I think I have a lot of.............knowledge." (Nana)

"Can that knowledge be applied to real life?" (Kazuto)
"I-it can, maybe....... During the other night, I was able to complete a game where boys get along with each other in one night." (Nana)
"Isn't that a BL game? That's not helpful at all. Moreover, you've been up all overnight just to clear it?" (Kazuto)

Unimaginable, but Kurumozaka-san is such a person.
Well, I don't mind it, though.
Everyone has their own hobbies and interests.
But there's no such information written in her official profile.
So, she's hiding it, huh?

"D-don't concern yourself with me. Kazu-kun, you're going to do your best to respond to Rin-chan's feelings, ain't you? You said you wanted to face Rin-chan in real life too, didn't you?" (Nana)
".......I've indeed told that." (Kazuto)
"You can at least go on a date with her then, am I right?" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san has crushed my escape route just as a counterattack.
What a terrifying idol she is.
Whether it is for the sake of disguising her interest or for her best friend Rinka, she's aggressively pushing me.

...... No, it's not good for me to keep dithering.
I still can't make a decision even after all this supports from the people around me.......

"I think you don't have to think too hard of it. Do you hate the idea of having fun with Rin-chan?" (Nana)
"No...... I don't hate it." (Kazuto)
"I'm glad. ...... Oh, it's almost time. I have to get back to class." (Nana)
"You're right." (Kazuto)
"Then I'll contact you if we have a day off!" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san smiles in relief and waves at me before walking down the stairs.
The sound of her light footsteps echoing off the walls as she moves away.
She really is an energetic girl.
She is a caring person, or rather, she is straightforward to her goals.......

"Why is Kurumizaka-san working so hard for the sake of Rinka?" (Kazuto)

She's not just meddling.
She had previously said she wanted Rinka to be happy.
But I think the words she had spoken were not as a friend, but out of a deeper emotion.

It's not something I can figure out by thinking about it.
What I should be thinking about now is the "date", the normies event that I don't seem to have anything to do with.

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[End of Chapter]

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