My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 20

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


20 - Confession

"I love you, Kazu-kun. Please go out with me."

On a clear, sunny day as far as the eye can see.
On the rooftop of the school that is bathed in pleasant sunlight.
I, Ayanokouji Kazuto, am.......

――――being confessed to by Kurumizaka Nana.

She has dyed her face bright red and is clasping her skirt forcefully with both hands that are trembling in shyness.
I can see the seriousness of her feelings in her determined eyes.

"Kurumizaka-san......" (Kazuto)
"I don't want to betray Rin-chan. but I just can't control these feelings of mine anymore......" (Nana)

Perhaps she's wavering between her feelings for her precious friend or her own love interest.
With tears in her eyes, Kurumizaka-san lets out her true feelings.

"I don't care if I have to throw everything away....... So, Kazu-kun, please go out with me." (Nana)
"......." (Kazuto)

What should I do? No, I don't need to worry about it.
Because to me――――

"Kazu-kun!" (Nana)
"――――" (Kazuto)

As if catching me off guard, Kurumizaka-san jumps into my chest.
I can't help but accept her.
What a soft and small body she has.

"What if...... Kazu-kun had met me before with Rin-chan, what would...... have happened?" (Nana)
"That is......." (Kazuto)

Clinging to my chest, Kurumizaka-san looks up at me with moist eyes.
I'm at a loss for words in the face of such tremendous charm and fragility.

"Kazu-kun......" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san is standing on tiptoe stretching herself and bringing her face to mine.
She's going to kiss me.

"......." (Kazuto)

I try to escape reflexively, but for some reason, my body doesn't move as if I'm paralyzed.
If don't do anything, my very first kiss will be robbed.
But I can't resist, and just as my lips are about to overlap with Kurumizaka-san's――――

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep!

The loud sound of my alarm immediately made the world in front of me dissipate.
I slowly open my eyelids to see the familiar ceiling in my field of vision.
I'm waking up on the bed in my room.

"............A dream, huh?" (Kazuto)

Of course, obviously it is, isn't it~?
There's no way an extremely popular idol like Kurumizaka-san will fall in love with me.

"I wonder if this dream is also counted as an affair in Rinka's eyes......?" (Kazuto)

I guess she will.
While feeling chill runs through my spine, I stop the alarm clock on my smartphone.
I wonder why I had such a dream of being confessed to by Kurumizaka-san.
She even tried to kiss me.
Do I subconsciously harboring such a desire......?

"Ah, it's from Rinka." (Kazuto)

I receive a message from Rinka on my smartphone.
The content is a normal morning greeting message starting with "Good morning".
However, this time there is a nice bonus.
There is attached a two-shot image of Rinka and Nonoa-chan with a big smile on her face.

"S-so cute! This's really precious.......!" (Kazuto)

Okay, I'll use this as a lock screen.
Well, Rinka's face looks weird, like she failed to smile, but I don't mind it.

"Well, let's go to school today with high spirits~" (Kazuto)

It's already been a month since I found out that my wife in the game is Mizuki Rinka.
I am starting to get used to the drastic changes in this daily life of mine.
In other words, I'm having a peaceful day.
It'll be nice if everything can go on without a hitch.......

Well, I don't think anything more than the big event of finding out that your wife in the game is actually a popular idol will happen in the future, though.

Now, I'm waiting for my morning homeroom.
As I sit in the rearmost seat by the window, I stare at the back of Rinka, who is sitting in the front row.
She seems to be reading a book as usual.
Her posture is as beautiful as ever, and her back is straight gracefully.
The hair that hangs down her back is really shiny, and just looking at it makes me fall to her.

......I'm getting a lot of fondness from that beautiful girl, aren't I?
It's a great fact to reconsider.

"I have to, settle it......." (Kazuto)

It's not good to take advantage of Rinka's fondness forever.
I have to sort out my feelings and thoughts and give an honest answer as soon as possible.

"Even so, ...... am I a man worthy enough for a popular idol like her?" (Kazuto)

I was told by Kasumi-san that it was fine to stay as I was, but it didn't make me feel any better.
I think I'll try my best to exercise and study first.
It may be a good idea to try and get some kind of result and gain some confidence.

When I'm thinking about it while looking at Rinka's back.
I feel a slight vibration in my pants pocket.
It comes from my smartphone.
I take out my smartphone and check it.
There's a chat from Kurumizaka-san.

[There's something I want to talk to you about during the lunch break today. Please come to the rooftop's landing alone.] (Nana)

...... I wonder what it's about.
I suddenly remember my dream from this morning.
Kurumizaka-san staring at me with her moist eyes, leaning into my chest and bringing her face to kiss――――.

"N-no, no,............, what am I thinking about?" (Kazuto)

I feel guilty about Rinka, and my chest starts to sting and hurt.
I should not think about this.
Kurumizaka-san is Rinka's best friend.
Not even delusions are allowed.
I reply "Okay" to her and pocketed back my smartphone.

I have a pretty good prediction of what Kurumizaka-san wants to talk about.
I'm sure it's a talk about Mizuki-san and I's befriending operation or something like that.
And after that...... surely she's going to ask me about how far our relationship has progressed.
I've been asked a few times via chat before, but I've always given vague and unclear answers.
I'm sure she unsatisfied with it and decides to ask me directly in real life.
The other day, she was grumbling "Kazu-kun and Rin-chan won't tell me anything" to me.

"......" (Kazuto)

I guess I'll have to report to Rinka that I will meet Kurumizaka-san during the lunch break.
If she suspects me of cheating on her like before, I'll have a pit in my stomach.

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[End of Chapter]

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