My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 30

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


30 - The three's daily life

The morning classes are over, and with the chime comes the lunch break.
I'm more hungry than usual due to the swimming class I have taken in the morning.
It isn't just me, but everyone else as well.
My classmates who belong to the cafeteria group are rushing out of the classroom.
In the midst of all this, I can confirm the presence of Rinka, who is walking with a lovely light blue handbag in her hand.
......Alright, I'll go too.
The rendezvous is the landing of the rooftop. Rinka is waiting for me there.

"Sup, Ayanokouji. Let's have lunch, let's have. I'm starving already." (Tachibana)
"Yo! Ayanokouji-kun. I, Saito, am here. Let's have lunch together." (Saito)

Naturally, Tachibana and Saito gather around my seat.
Well, this is always the case......
But unfortunately, I have a prior appointment today.
I'm sorry to them, but I will have to decline.

"I'm sorry. I have another appointment today." (Kazuto)
"Huh? What are you talking about, Ayanokouji? You don't have anyone else to have lunch with but us, do you!" (Tachibana)
"It's a fact though, but it pis*es me off....... How should I put it, haven't we had this conversation before?" (Kazuto)

When I'm looking down at Tachibana with half-lidded eyes, Saito whispers in a tone of voice that is considerate to the surroundings.

"No, Tachibana-kun. You can't do it, because Ayanokouji-kun now has a very special girlfriend." (Saito)
"Hmm... Ah, you're right. I'm so jealous of you that I had to delete that fact from my brain." (Tachibana)

At Saito's words, Tachibana claps his hands.
They're my friends, and they're one of the few people who know about the relationship between me and Rinka.
Although Tachibana and Saito usually do and say lousy things, when it comes down to this matter, they are trustworthy and will do their best to help us (I hope).
...... No, I'm pretty sure they're trustworthy here.
They won't tell anyone about my relationship with Rinka

"Godddamiiiitt!! I'm so jealous! I bet you fοndle her bοοbs all the time, don't you!? And also have her call your name in that beautiful voice of hers." (Tachibana)
"Aren't you too devoted to your lust? You're so full of sh*t, really you are." (Kazuto)
"Don't be stupid! Even if I'm castrated, seeing that erοtic body would increase my sεxual desire!" (Tachibana)

Tachibana becomes intensely excited. I silently give him a chop on his forehead.

"Ouch! What the h*ll are you doing?" (Tachibana)
"That's the chop for getting excited over my pretty girlfriend." (Kazuto)

It's the first time in several years that I have committed a small act of violence.
I'm a pacifist and a non-violent person, but I'm annoyed when people have weird fantasies about my girlfriend.

"Screw you! Go ahead and give chops to all the men in the country, then!" (Tachibana)

That's impossible.
But there is a part of what Tachibana has said that makes sense.
If you look at it objectively, there is no doubt that Rinka's appearance level is among the top class in Japan.
It'll be harsher to tell people not to fantasize when they see Rinka.......

"Hey, Ayanokouji. You have to share your happiness with me." (Tachibana)
"What exactly do you want me to do?" (Kazuto)
"Introduce me to a girl! A kind girl who will only love me!" (Tachibana)
"...... I can introduce you to such ones." (Kazuto)
"Whoa! Seriously?" (Tachibana)
"Yeah. How about Akita or Poodle? I hear they're very loyal." (Kazuto)
"Are you making fun of me? You're telling this me to give up on human women?" (Tachibana)

Tachibana, who has lost his temper, grabs me by the chest and closes the distance between us.
Oh no, I must have played him a little too much.

"Phew~......, don't do that, Tachibana-kun. Let's have more composure in our hearts." (Saito)
"......What's with you, Saito? Is it will be appealing to have more composure, huh? ......Ah, could you be, have gotten a girlfriend too?" (Tachibana)
"Fufu, that your 'could you be' is a bingo." (Saito)
"Wh-WHAAATTTT!" (Tachibana)

Tachibana and I both let out a big gasp of surprise when Saito snapped his glasses on with plenty of composure.
Does Saito finally have a girlfriend?

"I'll show you my girlfriend exclusively." (Saito)

Saito takes out his smartphone from his pants pocket and shows us the screen.
On it is a picture of a special beautiful girl that makes our mouths dropped. Her blond hair shining brightly. Large brεasts. Big and clear eyes. And a simple nose drawn with vertical lines.......

"Oi, oi, oi! It's 2D!" (Tachibana)
"Yes, you're right she's 2D! a 2D wife!" (Saito)

Saito exclaims to the screaming Tachibana.

"Saito! That girl won't come out of the screen!" (Tachibana)
"What's the matter with that! In the face of infinite love, it doesn't matter whether it's 3D or 2D!" (Saito)
"Wha――――!" (Tachibana)
"Listen, Tachibana-kun, Ayanokouji-kun. 3D girls grow old as they age. But with 2D girls, they can stay young forever!" (Saito)
"Y-you're right! 2D girls are the best, aren't they!" (Tachibana)

Hearing Saito's passionate speech, Tachibana shivers as if he's moved.
For me, I'm just stunned, unable to follow the flow of conversation.
To be serious, if you have love in your heart, it doesn't matter if she looks old or not.
Even if we become old, I want to stay with her...... Isn't that what you call love?
I don't know either, though.

"Then I'll, be off." (Kazuto)
"Have a good day, Ayanokouji-kun." (Saito)
"Go ahead, Ayanokouji! While you're brεastfed by a 3D woman, we'll be moving on to the next stage!" (Tachibana)

As long as they seem happy, I'm not going to say anything.
Let's go to Rinka as soon as possible.

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[End of Chapter]

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