My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 45

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


45 - The true identity of Kiyokawa Ayane ④

――――would you like to be friends with me?
When Kiyokawa asks me that question, she has a weak smile on her face. I can sense her resignation.

"As long as you can keep my secrets, you can just forget the befriending thing earlier, okay?" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa probably thinks that I'll refrain. That's why she said those words.

"I won't do it. It's not the neat and tidy young lady that I want to be friends with, but, it's the Kiyokawa Ayane herself." (Kazuto)

To be honest, I don't care what Kiyokawa's status is.
Whether she is a young lady or poor, it doesn't change the fundamental nature of Kiyokawa.......
However, Kiyokawa seems to be surprised by my unhesitant reply, and she has a surprised expression on her face.

"Th-this's strange....... You won't get any benefit from being friends with me, you know. It's indeed I make a lot of money as an idol, but I'm not going to use...... I'm going to save it for the future." (Ayane)
"It's not about money. Friendships are not based on profit and loss, are they?" (Kazuto)
"That's true, but......" (Ayane)
"Are you in a relationship with the members of Star☆Mines for profit, Kiyokawa-san?" (Kazuto)
"No, of course not! We are friends and colleagues who have gone through a lot together! There is no profit or loss involved." (Ayane)

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~
With her tone becomes rough, Kiyokawa strongly denies it.

"Right? I'm not expecting anything from you either. I'm just genuinely hoping to get to know you better." (Kazuto)

I convey my honest feelings to Kiyokawa.
I find out through this conversation that Kiyokawa thinks of her colleagues as very special existences.
Some people may think that's way overdramatic.
But if that's Kiyokawa's perspective, I think we should understand it respectfully.

"I, am a troublesome, pain in the ass girl, you know. I'm stingy, I'm shy, I'm nitpicky, and I'm a meddlesome person......" (Ayane)
"That's fine. I'll accept everything. No matter what Kiyokawa-san has been doing to me, no matter what side of her I find out...... I will never dislike her." (Kazuto) (PTW/N: Whatta killing lines, sasuga womanizer.)
"Senior Ayanokouji......!" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa's eyes moistened as if she's moved. Isn't it a bit of an overreaction?
If I'm a person who dislike a girl like Kiyokawa, I would have cut ties with Tachibana and Saito a long time ago.
......Those guys, they've left me behind and advanced to the next stage.

"......It's just as Senior Rinka said. Senior Ayanokouji accepts all the good and bad points of the others......" (Ayane)
"Did Rinka say such a thing?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. At that time, I thought that there was no way such a broad-minded gentleman existed......." (Ayane)

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~
"It was a misunderstanding, yes.", Kiyokawa says in a small voice.
I don't know what's going on, but it seems that Rinka was complimenting me when I was not around.
I'm flattered, though, yet I'm embarrassed as well, I want her to stop it. They overrate my value.

"Kiyokawa-san. Just so you know, I'm just a normal guy, okay? It's not like I'm particularly open-minded or anything like that, you know?" (Kazuto)
"......Senior Rinka also said something like this. Senior Ayakoji is not conceited of his prowesses and lives a humble life. I didn't think that there was such a gentleman..... but it seems that I was wrong, yes." (Ayane)
"Enough already, regarding those aforementioned, I'm not half as good as you guys just buttered me up." (Kazuto)

My reputation has begun to skyrocket, especially with Rinka. I guess this is what you call influence. Of the so-called misunderstanding.
And after she asks me to be her friend, Kiyokawa's attitude suddenly changes. She has become a girl who is insecure about herself. Is this what Kiyokawa really like?

"Ah, so that young-ladylike character I saw earlier was just an act?" (Kazuto)
"It was. As I said earlier, I'm a shy person....... I was able to talk normally with others by pretending to be a neat and tidy young lady." (Ayane)
"I see." (Kazuto)
"The character of the neat and tidy young lady is a mask. It's meant to conceal the real me and bring out the other me." (Ayane)

......A mask, huh?
That's strangely a fitting analogy.
If you hide your true self, you can act boldly.
Maybe it's the same way that people who are weak and reserved in real life become cocky on the Internet.

"When I think about it, it's no wonder I can't make friends with my classmates. I've been pretending to be someone I'm not." (Ayane)
"But you can be friends with me. After you've already told me everything, though." (Kazuto)
"......You are somewhat similar to my 'friend', Senior Ayanokouji." (Ayane)
"Friend?" (Kazuto)

Right, I remember that Kiyokawa said she has an online gamer friend that she's willing to marry.
The other day she have said we were totally different, but her assessment of us has changed quite a bit.

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~
"Then, umm...... from now on, I and Senior Ayanokouji are friends, is that all correct?" (Ayane)
"Yeah, of course." (Kazuto)

Was this what it was like to be friends with someone?
I nod deeply as I think about it.

"U-umm, Senior Ayanokouji. As a friend...... Can I ask you for a first favor." (Ayane)
"Sure. Ask me anything you want." (Kazuto)

Full of weakness and reserve, Kiyokawa looks up at me and asks.

"If you don't want to, I won't force you." (Ayane)
"Okay." (Kazuto)
"I am wondering if you might be interested in reading one of my novels once in a while? I've gotten feedback from the members of Star☆Mines, but I've never gotten feedback from any male readers." (Ayane)
"It's a walk in the park. I'll read any novel you write." (Kazuto)
"Are you sure? Thank you so much!" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa's face lights up with happiness.
The smile on her face is that of a girl who has shed her neat and tidy young lady's mask.

"Are you not going to post it on the Internet?" (Kazuto)
"I am not. If I was to be criticized by anonymous people, I would have suffered a mental breakdown. If that happens, it will affect my idol business, so I decided not to post on the Internet. And instead, I write by hand." (Ayane)
"I see." (Kazuto)

As expected of a popular idol. She does not forget to control her own mental state.

"Ah, this is not good! I'm going to be late for my lesson! I'm, taking my leave now!" (Ayane)

Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, Kiyokawa raises her voice.

"Y-yeah. Do your best." (Kazuto)
"Thank you very much!" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa walks out of the room in a hurry. The sound of footsteps descending the stairs becomes distant at a great speed.

"......Ha ha. What a strange girl." (Kazuta)

I feel like I've gotten a lot closer to Kiyokawa in just one day.
We've even become friends.......
I'm starting to think Kiyokawa is a little cute.
Well, I mean it as a friend (junior), okay?

"Senior Ayanokouji!" (Ayane)
"WHOA! I thought you had left!" (Kazuto)

Out-of-breath, Kiyokawa is standing at the entrance of my room, leaning against the door.

"I forgot my wig!" (Ayane)
"Ah!" (Kazuto)

The wig, which has been abandoned on a chair, is glinting in the sunlight streaming in through the window.

~"(This is a Translation Content of pemudatunawisata[dot]my[dot]id. so, read only on there, kay~)"~

[End of Chapter]

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