Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 11

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


It was a little after 20:00. I had long since returned home, and was cooking for a dinner for Rei.
The menu was cabbage rolls with tomato sauce and consommé soup. The cabbage was available at a reasonable price, so so I prepared it in abundance.
The tomato sauce was also based on ketchup, so the taste itself was never out of place.

"......It's about the time." (Rintaro)

Just after I checked the time on my smartphone, I heard the sound of a door opening at the entrance.
The next thing I heard was the sound of slippers scraping down the hallway.

"I'm home. It's a little late. Sorry." (Rei)
"It's okay. I'm just getting ready." (Rintaro)
"I'm glad." (Rei)

When Rei came into the living room, she looked a little tired.
It's not surprising, since she had been practicing even after doing her best to make it through the concert.

"By the looks of you, you seem like you're going to fall asleep soon. ...... Go take a bath first. I'll simmer the food so it doesn't get cold." (Rintaro)
"I'll do that then. Thank you." (Rei)

She went straight to the bathroom and came back to the living room about 20 minutes later.
She came to the table with her hair a little damp, which made her look vaguely sexy, and this was the only time I couldn't look directly at her.

"Today we have cabbage rolls. Try it with the sauce on top." (Rintaro)
"It's also my favorite.......! Let's dig in." (Rei)
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Seeing Rei eat so deliciously as always, a sense of satisfaction began to well up inside me.
At the same time, I made a decision.

"Rei." (Rintaro)
"What is it?" (Rei)
"I'm returning this." (Rintaro)

I placed an envelope with a wad of bills in front of Rei.
This is the 500,000 yen that she gave me as salary.
I've been keeping it ever since I received it, without spending it.

"...... Why?" (Rei)
"I want to renew our contract." (Rintaro)

I then took out my notebook and unfolded it on the table.
There was a new contract that I had devised.

"First of all, we'll stop the salary system. Otosaki Rei will only pay for the rent of this room, utilities, and cooking materials. Whenever a cooking utensil breaks, we will discuss it. In some cases, I'll buy them with my savings." (Rintaro)
"But that's――――." (Rei)
"Even if I paid them, it wouldn't be more than a hundred thousand yen. And in exchange, I want you to reduce my workload." (Rintaro)
"What do you mean?" (Rei)
"It's exactly as it says. First of all, I won't cook dinner on Wednesday nights and Saturday-Sunday afternoons and nights. However, I will prepare food that can be heated and eaten in advance. This is because of my part-time job. I have a set day to help out." (Rintaro)

And then――.

I tapped my finger on the last sentence of my notebook.

"Staying overnight is strictly forbidden unless there are unavoidable circumstances." (Rintaro)
"Eh......." (Rei)
"You can't give me that kind of 'gaahn' look. It's not right for a boy and a girl of our age to be sleeping under the same roof. And today, I thought about it again. If you guys' dreams are ruined because of me, I'll probably have to live haunted by it for the rest of my lives." (Rintaro)

That's right. In the end, I was scared.
Regardless of the age Rei is thinking about retiring, but a scandal at a time when she could still play an active role could rob her of her future.
And taking away Otosaki Rei's future would also take away the future of the other two.
I can't live under such pressure.

"Ah, and this is unfounded. Rei first told me that my food was warm....... Thanks to Mia's verbalization today, I have renewed confidence. But if I'm cooking food for a salary, it's no different than a restaurant, right? So I thought, "If I take advantage of this, I'll forget about the warmth someday." (Rintaro)

Just as many housewives and househusbands in the world are not paid, I should put myself in the same environment if I want to be one.
What I need is not the obligation, but compassion――――although it may sound clumsy to say it, that is what Rei is looking for.
There is no need to exchange money.
The only reason I still asked for rent and everything else is that I'm not a softie enough to take it on completely free of charge.
I even think it is unavoidable as long as it is a necessary expense.
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"If Rintaro says...... that's what he wants, I'm fine with these terms." (Rei)
"What? You seem desperately submissive." (Rintaro)
"It's a shame that I'm not able to stay here. But what Rintaro is saying is right. So I thought I should accept it." (Rei)
"......I see." (Rintaro)
"But it will still be a hassle to go back and forth." (Rei)
"Well, yeah." (Rintaro)
"So I have a suggestion." (Rei)

With a sparkle in her eye, Rei held up one finger.
For some reason, I have a bad feeling about this.

"I'm going to start living alone. This is not a decision I've just made, it's something I've been discussing with my family and with they two." (Rei)
"Ye-yea......" (Rintaro)
"Actually, Kanon's father is a real estate agent. So we have already decided to rent an apartment. It's close to the office and it's more efficient." (Rei)
"You mean you guys are going to live together?" (Rintaro)
"Not exactly. The apartment itself is a 1LDK, so it's really too small for the three of us living together. That's why all three of us will be renting each room on the same floor. There are only four rooms on the floor. Since there are three of us, one room is spared." (Rei)
"It can't be right――――" (Rintaro)
"Yes. Rintaro will be renting the last one of the rooms. The rent will probably be higher than here, but I'll pay it, so no problem." (Rei)
"No, nonono! There's no way I'll pass the tenant screening, right!? And unlike you guys, I'm just a high school student!" (Rintaro)
"I'll get Kanon's father to help you with that." (Rei)
"But Kanon and Mia won't like that, will they? The idea of a guy they don't know living on the same floor." (Rintaro)
"That's okay. I've already got their permission." (Rei)
"What......?" (Rintaro)
"The reason I asked Rintaro to come to the studio today was that Kanon and Mia wanted to be sure. The two of them concluded that it would not be a problem for having you live in the same place." (Rei)
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I didn't think that was the point of today's face-to-face meeting.
Why didn't she just tell me in advance――――Well, I guess because if she had, they wouldn't have been able to judge me.

"The corridors of the apartment building are invisible from the outside, so people can't find us even if we go back and forth between our rooms. And since we live in the same place, there is no need to worry about us being together. The rooms are also soundproofed, so so our privacy is protected." (Rei)
"......Isn't too good to be true?" (Rintaro)
I don't think so. Moving is a hassle, and just because Rintaro's living quarters are changing doesn't mean his standard of living is going to rise." (Rei)

Doesn't she realize that being able to live in the same apartment building, on the same floor, and next door to an idol――――is a tremendous value in itself?
――――Oh, no. This is because she understands that it's not an advantage to me. She knows exactly who I am.

"...... This is not good. There are no disadvantages. Rather, the advantage of lower risk is too attractive." (Rintaro)
"I know, right?" (Rei)
"By the way, being close to the office means being close to the nearest station as well, right?" (Rintaro)
"Yup. It is just around the corner from the office and the station. The school is three stations away." (Rei)
"Ah, I see......" (Rintaro)
"Any problem?" (Rei)
"No, the opposite. There's not too much of a problem." (Rintaro)

I hadn't told Rei about any of this, but the station closest to their agency office was also the station closest to my part-time job, at Yuzuki-sensei's workplace.
Next week, Yuzuki-sensei will start finishing up her manuscript, so I'll have to commute to her place again for a while. If it's in the same vicinity, I can get there by bicycle.
This is a definite advantage.

"――――I get it. You have agreed to my terms, so I'll accept Rei's as well." (Rintaro)
"Thank you." (Rei)
"So, when should I prepare for the move? I don't have much to pack, though......" (Rintaro)
"By next week, if possible." (Rei)
"That's too soon." (Rintaro)

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[End of Chapter]

Chapter [3] is complete

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