Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 23

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


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Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


"W-we met here by chance, so I thought why not?" (Azusa)
"...... Uh." (Rintaro)

Perhaps sensing that I was stalling in my reply, Kakihara immediately stepped forward.
He put his hand on Nikaido's shoulder and looked at her and me in turn.

"Azusa, Shidou is probably on his way home right now, no?" (Yuusuke)
"Eh⁉ Ah, I'm sorry! I mistakenly thought......" (Azusa)

I smiled at Nikaido, whose face was red, and told her not to worry about it.
Phew, that's nice, Kakihara.
As can be expected of the leader of the Normies Army (according to me), you can read the situation.

"I'm sorry about the invitation. The timing was a little wrong. Besides, if I was to join the four of you, I think I'd get in the way."
"Tha――――that's not true! I'd gladly welcome you, Shidou-kun!" (Azusa)

......What's with this girl?

For some reason, she was surprised by her own statement and fiddled with her hair impatiently.
I don't understand this girl.

""...... Azusa, don't be too selfish. I'm sure Shidou is in trouble, right?" (Yuusuke)

Once again, Kakihara comes to the rescue.
But is it just my imagination, or does his expression look somewhat gloomy?

(No, it's not my imagination.......)

I know what Kakihara's eyes look like.
It's called jealousy.
I've had a few experiences with this when I was in elementary school, but this is the first time I've had it directed at me at my age.
I'm sure Kakihara likes Nikaido.
So he was jealous of the fact that she had asked me, a man, to go around.
I was relieved to see his human side, but the situation was not so good.
If I don't fundamentally make him believe that it's impossible for Nikaido to like me, it could be a problem for the rest of my school life.

――――it's unavoidable, then.

"I'm sorry. "She" will be back soon, so I have to go." (Rintaro)
"Eh......?" (Azusa)

Nikaido's expression hardened.
Hey hey, wasn't Kakihara's jealousy just a misunderstanding?
Why would she do something that smacks of favoritism like this?

"Eh⁉ Shidou, you have a girlfriend⁉ That's so cool!" (Honoka)
"Ahaha, I got one pretty recently......." (Rintaro)
"Do you have a photo of her!? Ah! But I can meet her if I wait here!" (Honoka)
"No, no! She's a very shy girl, so I think she'd rather not do it......? And, I'd like to have a little longer with her." (Rintaro)
"Eeh...... Well, if that's the case, I guess it can't be helped." (Honoka)

There's no way I can show her to you. The one who was in the position of my girlfriend in this situation is that Otosaki Rei.
For the time being, Nogi's pursuit had stopped, so I could assume that this was enough to cover.

"Oh, I see. If that's the case, then I guess we have no choice, Azusa. Let us go quickly." (Yuusuke)
"......Okay. Shidou-kun, see you later." (Azusa)

See you at the school.
I waved my hand while returning those words.

(...... Did I get through it?)

I let out a sigh of relief as I watched them go through the route.
The negativity in Kakihara's eyes had disappeared, and it looks like I made a pretty good choice.

Anyway, I wonder if Nikaido's attitude was really a sign of affection.
If so, where did she get her feelings for me?
The only contact I've had with her was during the cooking class――――

Anyway, now that I have a girlfriend, there's no need to worry about it.
I'm sure they wouldn't have made such a big deal about me if they could read the situation, so I can say that my school life has remained peaceful for the time being.

(Phew......, by the way, isn't she late?)

I think I was talking to them for a while, but Rei hadn't come back yet.
As soon as I thought so, a sign suddenly appeared right behind me.

"Rintaro, is the "girlfriend"...... referring to me by any chance?" (Rei)
"......You were listening, huh." (Rintaro)
"Just from the middle. I didn't want to risk getting too close, so I kept a reasonable distance." (Rei)
"That's a wise decision. Thank you." (Rintaro)

I stood up from the bench and Rei, who was standing behind me, made her way around to stand next to me.
She looked somewhat nervous and peered into my face.

"I'm sorry, I took the liberty of pretending you were my girlfriend. I took advantage of you to avoid trouble." (Rintaro)
"That's okay. I don't mind." (Rei)
"Haha, I'm glad you didn't laugh at me for being so paranoid....... I'll tell you more about it when we get out of here. I don't want any trouble if they come back at any moment." (Rintaro)
"Okay. Let's go get some food then." (Rei)
"Good idea. I'll go with whatever you want to eat." (Rintaro)
"Then, I want Ramen." (Rei)
"That's a choice that would make a boy mad......." (Rintaro)

I had no reason to refuse, so I accepted, but I had this complicated feeling that I couldn't really describe.
It's okay. I have decided to go along with Rei all the way today.
I'm going to ignore all the normal date sense and just go with whatever she wants to eat.

"――――Isn't that...... Otosaki, san?"


We went back in front of the station, then we entered a famous ramen chain.
It is a restaurant that mainly serves pork bone soup, and the noodles are not very plentiful and it seems to be made on the premise of having refills.
Of course, there is enough flavor to satisfy without having to refill.

"Please give me a refill." (Rei)

Right "next to me", the third refill for the day was taking place.
I looked at her bowl and saw that there was only the broth without any single trace of noodle.
The third refill meant that she already had three bowls of ramen in her stomach, but her body was still in perfect shape.
What the h*ll is wrong with her stomach?

"Rintaro, are you not going to eat?" (Rei)
".......I'm going." (Rintaro)

Feeling somewhat defeated, I too sipped my ramen.
In the end, Rei had four serves and I just had two, and we finished our lunch.

The time was 14:30.
It was still too early to go home.
However, as a total novice at dating, I can't make any sophisticated suggestions, but――――

"Rintaro, there is a place I want to go." (Rei)
"Do you?" (Rintaro)
"Yes. I want you to accompany me." (Rei)

If she has somewhere she wants to go, that's great.
I followed Rei's lead and got into the taxi.
The trip took over an hour, as we seemed to be going to a very distant place.
Eventually, we reached the destination she had set, and we got out of the taxi.

"I'm sorry for making you go along with my request, but I really needed to see this place together." (Rei)

In front of us was a huge structure.
I believe it was――――, yes, the Nippon Budoukan. (PTW/N: Budoukan [武道館]: martial arts stadium.)
As the name implies, it is a venue used for martial arts tournaments, but it is also a famous venue for live performances by artists.
"Aim for the Nippon Budoukan".
Some even work with such words, it indicates how great this facility is.

"......Why, did you want to see it?" (Rintaro)
"It is my next goal as an idol to hold a live concert here. And that dream is almost within my reach." (Rei)

Rei took a step or two closer to the Budoukan.

"People around me have been telling me a lot lately that my expression has become brighter. I'm sure it's all thanks to Rintaro." (Rei)
"That's not true. I haven't done much." (Rintaro)
"I knew you would say that. But it's true that it's because of Rintaro. I became unwavering." (Rei)

[She's actually smiling a lot more recently, you know?]

――――Mia's words pass through my mind.

And Rei herself was aware of this.

"......It's not that you need to feel indebted to me.  I've been having a good time, and if anything...... I've been having a lot of fun lately." (Rintaro)
"I'm glad. I was a little worried that I was causing too much trouble for Rintaro." (Rei)
"If I had felt so, I would have cut ties with you long ago. I'm not a very nice person, okay." (Rintaro)
"Rintaro is kind enough........ Thank you." (Rei)
"Come on. It's embarrassing." (Rintaro)

No matter what, I'm completely a selfish person.
Although I admire people who can go out of their way to help others, I don't think I can be that kind of person.
It is because Rei has paid me well that I am able to go.
That's why I feel embarrassed when she...... thanks me again.

I shook my head and refreshed my emotions.

"......Is something, bothering you?" (Rintaro)

I look up at the Budokan and ask her.

"――――Why do you think so?" (Rei)
"Somehow. It's just that your expression is a bit different than usual." (Rintaro)

After standing here, Rei's expression seemed to be somewhat pensive.
It wasn't just my imagination.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" (Rintaro)
"...... Mm. Maybe, there isn't." (Rei)
"I see. Well, then I won't enquire thoughtlessly." (Rintaro)

If it's something I can't handle, it's probably better if I don't know about it.
I can foresee a future where we will both get into trouble.
It's not a good idea to get involved in everything in this world.
I only have to do what I can do.

"Rintaro, will you continue to accompany me?" (Rei)
"As long as you don't abandon me, I'll always accompany Otosaki Rei. And now, having you eat my food is one of the things I look forward to." (Rintaro)
"......Mmm." (Rei)

Rei looked up with a slightly clearer expression on her face.
If my words had helped in any way, I was honestly pleased.

"Yep..... I'm satisfied. Rintaro, let's go home." (Rei)
"Is that so. Alright, then, let's go home." (Rintaro)

We got into the taxi again and headed back the way we came.

Continue to accompany――――huh.
I wonder how long I'll be able to stay by Rei's side.
Until she retires as an idol.
Until she gets a boyfriend, or.
Until her relationship with me is discovered.

There is no eternity in this world.

Having been abandoned by even my own blood family, I knew this fact to the point of disgust.

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[End of Chapter]

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