My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 49

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


49 - Companion in Question

"Waa~, I knew it, you have one! What's that person like?" (Nana)

The tone of her voice is rising. Kurumizaka-san leans in close to Kiyokawa, curious.
Rinka, who sits next to me, is also listening with interest
After all, girls love to talk about love. 
I'm also curious as to what kind of person Kiyokawa likes.

"Umm, about that...... he was actually a friend of mine from an online game, but......" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa confided in us with difficulty.
She is worried that she might ruin the expectations of the seniors.

"Ayane-chan! Don't be shy! I think online romance is wonderful, okay." (Nana)
"She's right. In fact, Kazuto-kun and I also met through an online game." (Rinka)
"Yes....... But, that...... is an unattainable love." (Ayane)
"Why so?" (Rinka)
"That friend of mine was married in the game and had a girlfriend in real life as well." (Ayane)
""Ahh..."" (Rinka, Nana)

Kurumizaka-san and Rinka utter a regretful voice as they pull back.
I have the same reaction.

"They were also very close, and...... They've played together all the time. Eee, so much so that there is no space for me to enter at all." (Ayane)

By just listening to her words, it sounds regretful, but the way Kiyokawa speaks is dismally yet smiling.
It's not that she's jealous.
She is just watching from a standpoint of withdrawal.

"How did you meet that person?" (Nana)
"The first time we met was when we belonged to the same guild. However, he always went mining and rarely showed up at guild gatherings......." (Ayane)

It's just like Kazuto-kun'd do, Rinka mutters. I think so too. (PTW/N: Maaan, it's you.)
Kiyokawa puts her hand on her chest as she continues.

"I was a female player, so I was well-liked in the guild. But at the time, I mistakenly thought that they were treating me with pure feelings......." (Ayane)
"Did something troublesome happen?" (Nana)
"Yes. We were talking about holding an offline meeting. But when I refused to do so to hide the fact that I was an idol, I was...... inundated with criticism. I was called a stupid girl who couldn't read the atmosphere and other horrific abuses." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa's shoulders shake slightly as she seems to recall the incident vividly.

"I also have a similar experience. That's why I try not to make friends with anyone other than Kazuto-kun and Nana." (Rinka)
"Yes. That was what I did too. And when I was being reproached by other members of my guild, that person covered for me. He was very desperate and very angry for me....... As a result, we ended up leaving the guild." (Ayane)

Kiyokawa exhales a breath of relief when she finished telling.
And I, on the other hand, feel a tingling sensation somewhere in my head.

"Say, Kiyokawa-san. Is the name of that friend of yours――――." (Kazuto)
"What a wonderful story, Ayane-chan! That friend is, a really nice person!" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san, apparently moved, reaches and clasps Kiyokawa's hands vigorously.

"Y-yes....... In fact, I sometimes ask that gentleman for advice about real-life....... And, he listened to all my stories cordially." (Ayane)
"What a nice friend, he is." (Nana)
"Yes. I also found myself falling in love with him....... I'd like to maintain our relationship and continued to get along and play together, that was why I hide my love......." (Ayane)
"I see......." (Nana)

Isn't this a very touching story?
The person she fell in love with is married in the game and has a girlfriend in real-life.......
But she still wants to be with him, so she hides the fact that she likes him and continues to play with him as a friend.
Kiyokawa probably thinks that if the person in question knows that she likes him, it will ruin their relationship.

"Aight! Next time, let's all four of us online together!" (Nana)

Maybe she doesn't like the gloomy atmosphere, or maybe she is trying to liven things up.
Kurumizaka-san raises her hand, says so cheerfully.

"That's good. After thinking about it, we haven't talked about the game at all." (Rinka)
"True. After school, we only talk about idol-related things." (Nana)

Rinka and Kurumizaka-san nod to each other saying, "Yup, yup".
Being busy as popular idols, the girls didn't seem to have a chance to talk about online game stuff.

"Let's aside about arranging the plan later! Now it's time for lunch, lunch~" (Nana)

A hungry Kurumizaka-san holds a lunch box in her hand and shovels white rice into her mouth with enthusiasm.
Just watching her having her meal is enough to bring a smile to one's face.

"......" (Kazuto)
"What's wrong, Kazuto-kun?" (Rinka)
"No...... it's nothing." (Kazuto)

I'd like to ask Kiyokawa for the username she used, but it appears that she's not in that mood already.
She has completely switched the atmosphere and is in having meal mode.

"Senior Nana. I've prepared some tea over here." (Ayane)
"Thank you, Ayane-chan!" (Nana)

As I thought, it's not mood to tell anymore.
......Well, whatever.
There is no way that Kiyokawa can be that person.
No matter what, there's no way that such a coincidence could happen.
It's just that we happen to have been through similar situations. If you are playing online games, relationship problems are commonplace.
My wife in the game is a cool idol, and my good friend is a neat and tidy idol.......
There is no way that such a miracle could have happened to me.
However, if...... Masked☆Aaya-san is Kiyokawa.......


Masked......☆...... Aaya.............
With a snap, and the pieces fit together in my head――――.

"Senior Ayanokouji!" (Ayane)
"Eh, ah, yes!" (Kazuto)

Kiyokawa called me with a loud voice that sounded like anger. Or rather, her face looks angry.

"Why were you ignoring Senior Rinka?" (Ayane)
"What do you...... Ah." (Kazuto)

I glance at my side.
There's Rinka, her cheeks puffed out as if she was sulking.

"Kazuto-kun is......ignoring my 'Ahmmm'......." (Rinka)
"Ah, it's not like that, I was just thinking about something......." (Kazuto)

It seems that I was lost in thought, oblivious to Rinka's 'Ahmmm'.

"What were you thinking about. Is it more important than me?" (Rinka)
"No, not at all. Rinka is the most important to me!" (Kazuto)
"Geez...... Kazuto-kun......" (Rinka) (PTW/N: Save Nana-chan...... and Ayane.)

Rinka's cheeks turned red as she turns shy. And it's d*mn so cute.
When I look at Rinka, I don't care about anything else. (PTW/N: SIMP,,,,,,, and I envy.)

"......As I thought, they'd already been an idiot couple, had they." (Ayane)

In a sense, isn't it sound better than proclaiming yourselves husband-wife?
Kiyokawa murmurs, to which I reply in my mind.

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[End of Chapter]

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