Fixed Damage Chapter 67

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 6 - Darkness and Demon King


3 - Demon King Vilgarodomus

"Demon say......?"

I stared at the skull in front of me in surprise.

The distance between me and the skull is about seven meters.
It's within the range of my skills, of course.

But the skull was standing there, perfectly still.
If it was not affected by [Fixed Damage]...... it meant that this guy didn't have any hostile or harmful intentions towards me.


I extended my right hand and released the black chain.
But as soon as the chain touched the skull, it faded away like a haze.

After a while, gathered and reformed a skull.
So this guy──isn't real?

[My body had already been destroyed. By that abominable hero Yuno.]

Said The Demon King.

[What you see here is the vestige. The craving for life that the Demon King Vilgalodomus left behind. Regret. Obsession. And──hope.]
"So, much like his vestige's consciousness......?"
[Pretty much it.]

The skull nodded in response to my question.

"So, what do you want from me? Demon King."

I did not let my guard down and moved my gaze to the bed.
Shea and Yulin hadn't seemed to wake up yet.

[Don't be so alert. I just want to talk to you.]

And, The Demon King.

[You are the one who encountered the abyss of [Darkness].──The one with the pitchest [darkness] in this world. Therefore, I would like to ask you for a favor.]
[Help me to reappear in this world.]

I glared at the skull in front of me.
In other words, what this guy's asking was──

"You want me to help you revive the Demon Lord?"
[The demon race is the existence of [Darkness] that spilled over from the [Abyss] and became deeply manifested in this world. The Demon King is the ultimate example of this. If you are endowed with a powerful [Darkness], then you can help me revive.]

The Demon King told it plainly.

The demon race was born from [Abyss]......!
I was surprised inwardly.

[I was struck by Hero's [Light] and lost a large amount of [Darkness] within my body. If I can make up for it, it's not impossible to materialize in this world again.]

The demon king proceeded with his words without hesitation.

"......I have no obligation to cooperate with."

I sniffled.
Who the h*ll would want to help revive the demon king?

[Indeed, you have no reason to. But there is an advantage.]
[I'll grant you your wish.]

The skull's mouth rattled noisily.
It seemed to be laughing.

[I can give you this entire world.]
"That's a very typical offer from the Demon King."

I smiled back, the corners of my mouth distorted.

"I refuse."

The demon king growled.

[Then how about I help you get your revenge?]
"Help me get my revenge......."
[Your target──Yuno the Brave, will eventually gain a mighty power. I'll give you the means to fight it.]
"A mighty power.......?
[[Light] gains more and more power as the host's "Willpower" strengthens. The source of this "Willpower" is desire.]

And Vilgalodomus.

[It can be paraphrased as craving or greed. The host and the people around the host are also affected by the [light] and their cravings are amplified. The light strengthens the host's will, and the strengthened host's will strengthens the light──and so the power increases. It's the warriors that are chosen by the light.]
"You mean that Yuno will become even stronger in the future?"
[You're still superior to him now. But in time, when the heroes grow in strength, you may be caught unawares. Yes, just as when he once defeated me. To the Hero who has awakened to the true [Light]──]
"Do I, have the power to counter that?"

In other words──it's a deal with the Demon King.


Harold's head felt like it was covered with a thick haze.
His consciousness was not clear.

In his mind, he saw a bewitching woman in black.

The demon, Frangulas.
The bewitching vampire's true ancestor had stolen Harold's heart.
He pledged his absolute loyalty to her and became her servant.

From then, he fought for the demon race.
The holy sword in his hand, [Garlev] also be wielded to protect the demon race──to carry out Frangulas' orders.

*Gleam* ......!

Light suddenly flooded from the holy sword.
At the same time, an intense numbness ran through his body.


The numbness was accompanied by pain, gradually awakening the stupefied consciousness.

"I ...... am ......?"

Harold shook his head lightly and looked around.
A room in a dark castle.

"Right, I'm pretty sure I fought an executive of the Demon King's army, and Frangulas put a...... charm on me......."

The memory came back to him clearly.
The blurry feeling in my head began to clear.

"D*mn, I was succumbing to a vampire to a vampire......."

Harold gritted his teeth.
It's the greatest humiliation for a hero to bend the knee in front of the demon, his enemy.

He'd never forgive her.

"I'll pay you back double for this debt."

Harold slowly stood up.

Where are the others?
Should I search the castle first──

Harold left the room with the holy sword in his hand.

Thum, Thump......!

The holy sword held in his right hand was pulsating hotly──.

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[End of Chapter]

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