Fixed Damage Chapter 70

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 6 - Darkness and Demon King


6 - Avenger and Demon King 1

"Gu..... haaa....."

Harold, who was pierced in the chest, could not be able to stay on his feet and fell on the spot.

"Is it an act of saying that the [Charm] has been undone...... to catch me off guard......."

No, wrong.

Harold quickly corrected that thought.

In Margo's eyes, there was clearly a light of strong will.
It's not possible for a person who had been fascinated and lost their will to have such a light in their eyes.

This means that──

(Margo is cooperating with the remnants of the Demon King's army of his own volition.......? Even though he's a member of Hero Party──)

"Why...... you're a member of Hero Party!"

Harold raised a sorrowful voice.

He couldn't believe it.
He was a member of the party of heroes who defeated the Demon King──one of the warriors who saved the world.
He was truly a hero among heroes.
He could be said to be the norm for all knights.

And yet, he willingly joined hands with the demons.

"I don't like the phrasing of yours......."

Margo said hatefully.

"A member of Hero Party? You think I'm an add-on to the hero? Absolutely not! I'm The Hero Knight, Margo! I've been honored as a hero──for much longer than a youngster like Yuno! You can find a lot more information at ......!

With a long sword in hand, Margo approached.


A light green wind of magic power clings to the blade.

"The 77-forms Gale Thunder King Sword".
It was the strongest class of magic armor that could be said to be synonymous with heroic knights.

"Please wait, Margo-san."

Suddenly, Frangulas stopped him.

"Leave aside from the rest of his companions, you should still keep the hero alive."
"But he witnessed me with a demon. I can't just let him go now that the [Charm] has been undone."

Margo refuted Frangulas' words.
From the content of the conversation, there was no doubt that Margo was on the side of the demons.

"How can you who is a member of Hero Party team up with the demons?"
"This is unforgivable, Margo......!"

Rosa and Isabelle staggered to their feet.
Margo slashed at them, but they seemed to have avoided a fatal wound.

──But it's not a light wound either.

"You fu**kin' deadbeats."

Margo looked back at them.

He had cold eyes.
Those were not such eyes of Hero Knight who was respected by nations.


(Is this the true nature of this man......?)

Harold was horrified.

I was face to face with the demon king, Vilgarodomus.

"......Are you saying I can't win?"
[It's a possibility. It seems that Hero Yuno, as well as that guy, have been in contact with [Nirvana]. I don't know how he managed to do that feat, but......]

And, the demon king.

[Do not underestimate the growth of those with the power of [Light]. You may be far superior to them in terms of fighting ability at the moment, but they will grow in no time. And more.]

The demon king's explanation continued.

[It's not just the heroes chosen by [Light] that should be cautious of. But also those close to them──their fellow party members are also affected by [Light].]
"Hero party as well......?
[Some of them may even reach [Nirvana].]

It's the opposite of [Abyss], which is the existence that controls [Darkness]──in other words, it is the source of [Light].

I remember that word [Nirvana] was coming out of Margo's mouth.

Could it be that he had reached it on his own?
Or did he get there with some kind of help?

If that's the case, I need to be very careful about the upcoming battle with Margo as well as Yuno.
Or even Fara──

"What should I do to counter it?"
[The first thing to do was to acquire both [Light] and [Dark]. If you undergo trials in the ruins of the ancient civilization of Remuscelia that are scattered throughout this country, you will be able to achieve them.]

And, the demon king.

I've already heard that from Rakshasa.

The technique that Mikha used when he fought me──[Chaos].
If I could acquire it too, even if Yuno used the stronger [Light], I'd be able to fully counter him.

[And there is one──right here in the deepest part of the castle.]

"This castle's......?"
[Come with me and I'll show you the way.]
[Don't trust the Demon King, Master.]

A voice echoed.
A beautiful woman in black, Rakshasa, materialized right beside me.

[No, [Terminal 605] of [Darkness]── [Codename: Vilgarodomus].]
[The [Terminal 037], [Codename: Rakshasa], huh? Looks like you have a pretty powerful terminal with you.]

The skull figure of the demon king laughed.
Rakhshasa, on the other hand, had a stern expression.

[The 600th terminal plays a very different role than we do. Never let your mind be taken in, Master.]

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[End of Chapter]

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