Fixed Damage Chapter 71

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 6 - Darkness and Demon King


7 - Avenger and Demon King 2

"Never let your mind be taken in......huh?"

I repeated what Rakshasa had said.
I'm not going to fully believe the words of the demon king, of course.

[It is much closer to [Abyss] than our normal terminals.]

Raksha's voice was stern.
The expression on her face was grimmer than I had ever seen before.

[It, "they" are──]
[Hold back.]

The demon king said quietly.

[You're not authorized to inform him that, [Terminal 037].]

The rakshasa's body twitched.
It was as if she was struck by lightning.

[Are you going to defy the will of the Great [Abyss]?]

Rakshasa bit her lip and fell silent.

[I'm much more powerful than that terminal. If you want, I can make her disappear and help you control the [Darkness] from now on.]
"Are you saying you're going to take the place of Rakshasa?"
[I was defeated by a Hero and have become an unstable residual thought. But with a regular supply of [Darkness] from you, it's easy to materialize to a certain level. What do you think? It's a quick way for you to strengthen your power, right? And then you can go to the deepest part of the castle for more power.──]
"Unfortunately, but I don't believe a word you're saying."

I glared at the demon king.

"I'll be the one taking the initiative. You present the information first."
[...... Hmm. What a pompous mouth you a mere human has towards this Demon King!]

The black skull growled.

A red glint flashed in the back of his hollow eye socket.
My gaze collided with his, and sparks flew violently.

If the Demon King were to show hostility, my [Fixed Damage] would be triggered immediately.
Demon King's HP might be able to withstand a single blow, but if he dealt 9999 damages every three seconds, it'd be settled within a dozen seconds at most.

Even if he attacked with magic, I could just shoot down the attack itself with [Fixed Damage].
Even if the opponent was the demon king Vilgarodomus, he should not be able to easily beat my skills.

In the first place, I don't even know what level of ability of a residual thought had, but──

[Kuhahahahahaha! That's the host of [Darkness]. I like you more and more, Crome Walker.]

Suddenly, the demon king laughed loudly.
I thought I had angered him, but he seemed rather amused.


Shea got off the bed.
Did that loud laughter wake her up?

As for Yulin, she rubbed her eyes languidly letting out "Munyamunya......."  sound.

"Yulin, wake up. It's an enemy!"
"We have to protect Chrome-sama!"
"R, roger."

The two of them lined up on either side of me, exchanging somewhat harmonious words.

[The [Darkness]'s [Sunordinate]s, huh.]

The Demon King looked at Shea.

[A knight with two skills and...... the one over there is a demon, huh? She looks like she's just a greenhorn, but depending on how her class evolves, she might turn into a high-ranking demon.]

This time, he turned his gaze to Yulin.

[I have no intention of antagonizing you, Crome Walker. Therefore, let's return to the question I asked you earlier.]

The Demon Lord turned his gaze back to me.

[Will you go with me to the deepest part of this castle? Maybe you'll change your mind once you get there.]

What should I do now?

This Demon King's invitation──this could be a trap.
But if it's something stupid, my [Fixed Damage] will be able to handle him.

There was also the dark knight Shea, who had two skills, and the demon Yulin.
As long as there were unknowns about Margo and Yuno's abilities, it would be best for me to strengthen my own power.

──Let's go for a ride.

"Very well. Lead the way, Demon King."
"I won't trust him completely. But I think he might be able to give us some useful information."

I said to an anxious Rakshasa.

"However──you should be on the lookout too, Rakshasa. If you notice anything unusual, tell me right away. Got it?"
"Umm, Chrome-sama......?"
"Just now, a Demon King......?"

I gave a small nod to the surprised Shea and Yulin.

After a minimal explanation, we began to proceed under the guidance of the Demon King, Vilgarodomus.

To the, deepest part of the castle──

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[End of Chapter]

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