Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 31

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


The venue, which had been buzzing with noise until now, fell quiet instantly as the lights went down.
Rei, standing in the center of the stage, signaled the beginning of the show.

"――One, two..." (Rei)

It was the same signal she had used during the rehearsal in front of me.
At her signal, the song began to play at a volume so loud that it shook the venue. The intro was matched by loud cheers from the audience, and the place was instantly enveloped in heat.

Kanon sang the first verse of the song.
Her high-pitched voice, which normally sounds harsh to my ears, took the lead to attract the audience's attention.
Kanon's facial expression changed richly as she danced, and if I blinked even for just a moment, I'd feel as if I had missed something.

I want to keep looking at them――――

Just as the audience began to feel this way, Kanon was pushed aside. Then, Mia jumped out from behind her. Of course, the whole sequence of actions was a setup, and Kanon glared exaggeratedly at Mia for a moment before returning to his original position.
This kind of playfulness which was unique to live performances, made the audience chuckle and feel privileged to be there in person.

Mia's voice is a little lower than the other two.
It could be described as sexy, her voice melted the brains of those who were listening to. This is exactly what it means to be mesmerized.

Mia sang out one phrase.

Then the spotlight returned to the center of the stage, illuminating the last person there.

"Rei......." (Rintaro)

I couldn't help but mumble her name.
Dressed more gorgeously than I'd ever seen her, she held out her arms and sang.

Everyone gasped.
Everyone fell speechless.

Her voice, lower than Kanon's and higher than Mia's, was crystal clear and filled with a mysterious charm.

Yeah, I won't be able to resist this.

Once you fall for "REI"'s voice, you'll definitely get addicted and want to hear it again and again. This is the power of real idols――――

The tempo of the song became more intense.
The three of them danced in harmony with each other. Even in the midst of this all, the three of them kept their breath steady.
Their toes and fingertips were in perfect unison. Their movements had been sublimated to an artwork.

"Hey, dear? She's really shining." (Lilia)
"......Yeah, you're right."

I could hear their voices coming from right next to me.
I clenched my fists in secret. Even though it wasn't about me, I was filled with a sense of "Got that!".

If the girls keep going like this, everything will end without any problems――――
I was beginning to feel optimistic.

It was an hour later that the problem arose.
The concert had just passed the halfway point, and the second half was about to begin.
The audience's enthusiasm was at its peak, and after each song, the entire venue was filled with cheers.

But then I noticed something was off.

Rei who was always standing in the center of the stage had her shoulders bobbing up and down every time she took a breath.
Both Mia and Kanon must have noticed this, because they were looking at her sideways.
She was breathing with her shoulders, so to speak. Her breathing was very uneven due to fatigue.
Singing and dancing constantly for an hour must have consumed a tremendous amount of stamina. However, the girls had been training to be able to sing and dance for two hours. As proof of this, Mia and Kanon were breathing hard, but their faces showed no signs of fatigue.
Even during the rehearsal, Rei's breathing hadn't been this erratic.
In other words, it was definitely an abnormal situation.

( it due to the pressure?)

I clenched my teeth as I watched Rei's back as she left the stage for a short break before moving on to the next song.
There were several of these intervals during the concert. I wondered if she could recover some of her stamina in this short time.......


"REI! Are you okay⁉"

As soon as I got backstage, Kanon's voice hit my ears.
I looked up and saw the worried faces of KANON and MIA. I looked at them and could only nod my head in agreement.

"You don't seem to be all right. Are you feeling sick, by any chance?" (Mia)
"......I'm, not." (Rei)

Yes, I'm not in bad shape.
I was in top condition when I woke up this morning, and that didn't change right before the concert.

However, with just one trigger, that state of my fitness had already been shattered.

I could see my mother and father's faces sitting in the special seats I had prepared for them.
I tried not to look at them. But every time I saw them, even for a moment, my mind, which had been overwhelmed by the excitement of the concert, was instantly pulled back to reality.
It was hard to breathe. I felt as if there was something stuck halfway through my trachea.
If I couldn't breathe properly, I wouldn't regain my strength. The fatigue was so strong that my knees almost gave way.

"Anyway, take your time and drink some water. We don't have much time before the costume change, but you need to catch your breath until the last minute." (Kanon)
"I under, stand." (Rei)

As Kanon rubbed my back, I drank a little more water.
Then I exhaled and inhaled repeatedly. I could still feel something stuck in my chest, but I felt like I had recovered somewhat.

"Now that we're in the show, we can't afford to withdraw halfway through if we can help it. REI, you know that, don't you?" (Mia)
"I'm, fine now. I'm sorry I worried you." (Rei)
"...... I see. Then, let's go." (Mia)

We put our arms into the next costume.
The costume, which I usually wore as heavy as feathers, is unusually heavy today.
I made my way to the stage again, trying not to let anyone notice that I'm staggering.

Cheers rang out into my ears. 
The heat and the dazzling spotlight made me dizzy. But I couldn't fall down here.
I stepped firmly on the stage and held on, trying not to stagger.


My mother and father are watching me. I absolutely can't afford to fail today.
I've always known that they were worried about my activities.
I've always seen them struggling between wanting to let their daughter do what she wanted and worrying about her.

So I told them, "I'll be fine".

"Guys~! Are you still ready to go~!" (Kanon)

KANON's shout flew to the audience.
This is the start of the next song, the most intense one.
The audience responded to KANON's shout with the loudest shout so far.
The word "critical moment" passed through my mind.

Move, smile――――.

I will stand on the stage as an idol until the very end.
In order for them to recognize the "Otosaki Rei" standing here.

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[End of Chapter]

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