Househusband-wannabe Boy and Idol Girl - 32

A Very Popular Idol Classmate Has Taken a Liking to Me, A Person Who Doesn't Want to Work for Whole Life.

Daininki Idol na Classmate ni Natsukareta, Isshou Hatarakitakunai Ore


Act 1 - The Hungry Idol Part


The concert resumed.
The audience responded to KANON's instigation, and even though there had been a brief cool down, the heat was once again at its peak.
I knew this from the previous performance.
KANON's instigation after the costume change signaled the start of the most intense song of MilleSta.

I felt a cold sweat trickle down my back.

I wondered if Rei, who was experiencing extreme mental fatigue, would be able to endure such an intense song.

"Here we go!" (KANON)

With Kanon's shout, the song began.
The song was titled "Sweets Rock", and as it was the most intense song, the center position was shifted from Rei to KANON.
There was almost no difference between the three of them in terms of physical ability, but some of their moves were not particularly matched to each other.
KANON was the best at jumping and bouncing, while MIA was the best at sexy and sensual dances.
REI is a fairly orthodox type, giving the impression that she can handle anything. That's probably why she's the center of most of the songs.

As soon as the song entered its chorus, the audience started to get even more excited.
Rei was still able to keep up.
At this rate, I'm certain she'll make it through this song.
She's a professional. If she reassessed her pace, she might be able to figure out a way to finish the song.
In the first place, it would be foolish for an amateur like me to worry about her.

It's just that――――I can't get rid of this bad feeling.

Even so, I tried to keep my face from becoming dark.
After "Sweets Rock" ended, the show moved on to the next song.

"Now it's my turn." (MIA)

The next song was "Ice Cream Day".
The lineup changed and this time MIA took the center.
MIA's unique lo-fi voice was a perfect match for the refreshing summer tune.
By bringing this song after KANON's song, she cooled down the overly excited audience a bit and set the mood of the venue.
The dancing was also less intense, which was a relief for Rei.

But I know.
After this song, comes the song where Rei is the center.
She has made it this far, and her next wall is definitely that.

And――――MIA's song was over, it was time for Rei to take the center again.

"...... 'Golden Morning'." (REI)

As she mentioned the title of the next song, the audience cheered again.
The song "Golden Morning," featuring Rei, was different from KANON's and MIA's songs in that it was more about singing than dancing. 
There was little in the way of choreography, and the singer sang into a stand microphone on the stage. Since there was very little movement, this should help Rei recover some of her stamina.

Her clear, beautiful voice echoed through the venue, and the audience just listened, unable to make a single noise.
This song, inspired by her jewel-like blonde hair, is truly a song that only she can sing. All of "REI"'s fans said that this song was their absolute favorite. No matter if an old fan or a new fan, it'd be the same.
After the first verse, she started to sing the second verse after an interlude.
Her voice was tracing the lyrics smoothly, and she finally entered the chorus.

It was then that something wrong happened.

"――――" (REI)

Rei's voice came to a halt.
With a look of disbelief on her face, she stared dumbly at the microphone in front of her.
MIA and KANON, who were in charge of supporting the song, looked at Rei sideways. They seemed to be somewhat flustered by the situation.

(!! Did you skip the lyrics!?)

At the part with the lyrics, her mouth didn't move.
I didn't expect her weariness, which I thought was coming from her exhausted mind, to come out in such a way――――

Just before the chorus, Rei's mouth still did not move.
As expected, the audience began to notice the unusual situation and began to look at each other and make noises.
Rei's impatience was palpable even to me.
The cold sweat I had just broken out in was incomparable to the sweat pouring out of my body, rendering me breathe hard.
But, Rei must be suffering even more than I am.
The brief time that passed seemed infinite, and even the scenery seemed to be moving slowly.

Then, Rei's gaze wavered.

Her gaze slowly turned towards the special seat we were in.
She looked at Otosaki-san, then at Lilia-san.

Then――――at me.


I don't know myself, how I could have done this.
I couldn't help but lean forward and shout at her.
Most of the people in the special seats, including her parents, widened their eyes in surprise at my action.

There was no way my voice could reach them at such a distance, with the song and the crowd buzzing.

But I couldn't help shouting.
She was an idol, and the person she should be looking at was not me, or even her parents.

Please remember that. Remember who you have to entertain.
You're standing in front of thousands of fans right now.

Please, please, please.
Remember why you became an idol.

You didn't become an idol just to make your parents smile.

"......Th" (Rei)

Our eyes met, and a voice escaped from Rei's mouth.
Her eyes, which had been wavering, returned to their original straightness, and her hand grasping the stand microphone grew stronger.
For some reason, I felt as if Rei had comprehended my voice, even though it was impossible for her to hear me.
Her eyes were already looking forward, and she took a deep breath.

"――――Thank you." (Rei)

The words probably came across as unintelligible to the audience.
But I understand.
Just as my voice, which should have been impossible to reach, reached her, her words reached me without reason.

The time that seemed like an eternity was coming to an end, and the chorus that I had thought would never come was here.
Rei's mouth, which had stopped, began to weave its way through without delay.
Her voice, now liberated from suffering, echoed throughout the venue at once. Her voice was the clearest it had ever been, as if she could fly away to wherever she wanted. Her majestic voice made us forget all the troubles that had happened a moment before, and it shook our eardrums comfortably.

"Golden Morning" was, as I said before, a song inspired by her hair color.
The lyrics are about the ephemeral love story between a blonde-haired woman and a man. The first part is from a man's perspective, and the second part, which she's singing now, is from a woman's perspective.

"I want to be the first person to greet you when you wake up."

"I want to be the one you see every day, eat dinner with, laugh with, and cry with."

"I want to be the one who can be by your side when you're really in pain." (PTW/N: .......)

These lyrics hit my ears.
Instantly, the time I spent with Rei flooded back into my mind.
I believe Rei herself wrote the lyrics to this song.

I wonder who――――she was thinking of when she wrote the lyrics.

(......I feel jealous.)

I sat deep in my seat and let out a sigh.

I shall not convey this feeling to anyone.
I'm jealous of someone unknown, and this is unsightly――――

The rest of the concert went smoothly, as if everything that had happened up until now had been a lie, and then came the final song that signaled the end.
Rei's face, after singing and dancing through the songs, had the most beautiful smile I've ever seen.
Even the fans who had been supporting them since their debut had never seen such a smile on her face, and for a while, it seemed to have dragged them further into MilleSta.

I could understand that feeling.

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[End of Chapter]

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