My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 51

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


51 - The Identity

Peaceful weekdays have passed and weekends have arrived. And now, the time is 20:47.
Today is the day that the four of us (me, Rinka, Kurumizaka-san, and Kiyokawa) are going to play online games together.
The day before yesterday, Rinka contacted me and we decided to online from 21:00 today.
But just now, Rinko called me again and said that both Kurumizaka-san and her had something to do and would be 5-10 minutes late.

Incidentally, Kiyokawa seemed to have no problems and was already logged in.
But I haven't been informed of Kiyokawa's username in the Black Plains.
Regretting that I should have asked Rinka about it, I turn on my computer and launch Black Plains. In the menu scene, I select Kazu, that wearing his stern armor, and log in.
Putting on my headphones, I enter the voice chatroom. Of course, I'm the only one in the room. I look at the list of participants on the server. Kazu, Rin, and Sturmangriff are all listed. It seems that Kiyokawa has not joined, or maybe she has not yet been given the URL of the server by Kurumozaka-san and Rinka.

"......Ah, Aaya-san's logged in." (Kazuto)

After logging into the Black Plains, I casually look at my friend lists and noticed.
It might be a little unusual for her to be logged in at this time.
She usually logged in around 22:00 and logs out at 23:00.
If she doesn't have any plans, I'd have invited her to do the dailies now, but this time I can't do that.

[Ah, it's Kazu!] (Masked☆Aaya)

Aaya-san sends me a chat. I apologize, but I have to decline today.

[I'm sorry, Aaya-san. I have an appointment to play with my real friends today.] (Kazu)

Real friends....... Real friends are friends in the real world.

[I see. I'm actually planning to online with my real friends as well.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Seriously? We're the same then.] (Kazu)
[We are. But it seems that my real friends are going to be a little late, so I thought I'd ask Kazu to keep me company until they get here, Would you?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Sure. I'm in the same situation. My real friends are going to be late too.] (Kazu)
[We're perfectly in the same boat. Is it a miracle?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[It's not a pleasant miracle, tho.] (Kazu)

Luckily(?), we both have found someone to pass the time with.
I'll spend some time chatting with Aaya-san until Rinka and the others get here.

[Among the friends who are coming over is the guy I mentioned before. What do you think?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I think we should report him to the administrators.] (Kazu)
[You hate handsome men too much, you know. He's a good guy, okay.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Is he really? I guess I'll go and confirm it.] (Kazu)
[Kazu, you're going to play with your friends, right? Then you can't.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I'll take a little break and go confirming it. I'll at least see what kind of avatar he's wearing and then I'll report him.] (Kazu)
[In the end, you're going to report him. You the worst.] (Masked☆Aaya)

I'm called the worst (crying).
It's not that I hate a handsome guy.
It was because he stole the girl I had promised to marry at my preschool time.
I still couldn't forget those happy smiles on their faces.
......No, if I'd been with that girl, I wouldn't have been dating Rinka, right.
In a way, I can regard that handsome guy as a cupid for my love story.

[Aaya-san. I was mistaken.] (Kazu)
[Huh?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Handsome guys are the best, aren't they!] (Kazu)
[Eh, Why so sudden? Are you of that kind of guy? One of my friends is a senior who likes BL.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I am not, and I also don't care anything of that senior of yours.] (Kazu)

That reminds me, I have a friend who likes BL too.
In addition, this girl is the leader of a popular idol group. I'm so surprised.

[What is the username of this handsome guy?] (Kazu)
[Ah, I didn't know. I did to the usernames of my seniors, but the guy wasn't there, so I didn't know.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Well, I guess it's no use, ....... I'm sure I'll find it out later.] (Kazu)

I'll ask Rinka and the others on the way a little break and go see this handsome guy.
It seems that there is still time, so this time I will be the one who brings the topic.

[Listen, Aaya-san. One of my friends who are coming over is, that junior girl.] (Kazu)
[Seriously? That terrible girl? Should I report her?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Please not do. And, please don't say the same thing as I did to her. After all, she's a cute junior of mine.] (Kazu)
[Whoa~ what should I do? I want to go see what that b*tch looks like. What's her name?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I don't know her name yet. I forgot to ask. But I'll find out soon enough.] (Kazu)

I wonder what kind of name Kiyokawa is giving to her character in the Black Plains.
Is it possible to be a play on her real name......?
It is also possible that the name is unexpectedly full of delusional sickness.
After letting my imagination run wild in my brain, I proceed with the chat with Aaya-san.
We mainly have chats about the handsome guy and the junior girl.
We talk to each other, hiding our real-life information until the last minute.
And in this exchange...... there comes a turning point in our relationship.

[Who does this terrible girl look like?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I think she looks like Kiyokawa Ayane from Star☆Mines.] (Kazu)

She doesn't just look like, she's literally the person.

[I see. I'm going to change the topic a little bit, but Kazu likes Mizuki Rinka, don't you?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I do. But lately, I've been rooting for Kiyokawa as well.] (Kazu)
[Eh.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Well, as a fan. I'm a fan of Kiyokawa Ayane.] (Kazu)

The more I learned about Ayane, the more I found myself rooting for her.
Besides, she and I are friends. It's only natural that I'll be in a position to support her.

[......would you like to meet her in person?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I'd like to if I could.] (Kazu)

We've actually met many times. And now we are going online together.
Though, I can't say that.

[What if Kiyokawa is just pretending to be a neat and tidy young lady? What if she's actually just a mere normal girl?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I don't care. Either way, it doesn't change the fact that Kiyokawa-san's trying really hard, right? Isn't that what makes her so cute and charming?] (Kazu)

I already know the true identity of Kiyokawa, though.

[Aaya-san?] (Kazu)

What's going on? The chat suddenly stopped.
I wonder if she has left the room.
As I wait quietly, I receive a shocking message from Aaya-san.

[I am, Kiyokawa Ayane.] (Masked☆Aaya)

Aah, are you kidding me.
I'm seriously surprised.
Aaya-san didn't usually make funny jokes, so I'm surprised.
For now, I'll just pretend to be surprised and go with the flow.

[Wh-what you say! Aaya-san is Kiyokawa Ayane?] (Kazu)
[Yes. I'm Kiyokawa Ayane.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Wow! By the way, how long are you going to keep this up?] (Kazu)
[Listen here. I'm dead serious.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[No, you're lying. I can say with certainty that it's a lie.] (Kazu)

I can say it because I'm friends with Kiyokawa.
......Is it not enough evidence to say it's a lie.

[Kazu, I want you to believe me. The real friends I was talking about are Senior Nana and Senior Rinka.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[They just look alike, don't they?] (Kazu)
[No. They are real. Kazu is trustworthy, so I told you the truth.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[I won't be fooled, okay.] (Kazu)
[Why don't you believe me? I confided in you because you're Kazu.......] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Because I'm with the three of them right now.] (Kazu)

[Huh?] (Masked☆Aaya)
[Huh?] (Kazu)

A long silence prevails in the chatbox.
I'm sure that Aaya-san on the other side of the screen is also troubled.
But I'm troubled too here.
Aaya-san is not the type to make this kind of joke. Then she must be Kiyokawa Ayane.
N-no, no, no. That's not possible.
If Aaya-san's true identity is Kiyokawa, then...... the person she likes is――――

[Does your given name start with "Aya", by any chance?] (Kazu)

*Ba-dump*, I feel as if my heart has been grabbed.
I think it's not possible, but I begin to type in the chat with my fingers, which already trembling.

[Yes.] (Masked☆Aaya)
[And could it be possible that the name of yours contains the word "Kazu"?] (Masked☆Aaya)

......Aah, there's no doubt about it.
The fact that she can narrow down my real name so precisely means that she's genuine.
And the way her words have suddenly become more polite.
But, how.......
How is this even possible?
I'm getting dizzy now.
But I have to send the reply.
I have to reveal Kazu's true identity now.

[I am, Ayanokouji Kazuto.] (Kazu)

Long silence prevails again.
I wonder what kind of face Kiyokawa is making behind the screen now. What is she thinking about now?
She probably doesn't even know what to do now.
I stare at the chatbox and wait for a reply while enduring my heart beating fast and hard.
Then, as the conclusion of this long silence, Aaya-san's.......
No, Kiyokawa's action is――――

[Masked☆Aaya-san has logged out.]
"You're leaving!" (Kazuto)

The action that Kiyokawa has chosen is to flee.

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[End of Chapter]

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