My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 52

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


52 - The neat and tidy idol who fled!

[No good. I can't get a hold of Ayane-chan at all.] (Nana)
[I understand.] (Kazuto)

I receive the report from Kurumizaka-san and sigh unconsciously.
I'm lying on my bed in a lethargic state, and I throw my limbs out and look up at the ceiling.

"Haaa ...... seriously?" (Kazuto)

After Kiyokawa logged out, I told the situation to Kurumizaka-san and Rinka who logged in.
I told them that I and Kiyokawa were gaming friends.
Neither of them asked me about the details of our conversation.
They probably didn't know what to do either.
When the four of us spent our lunch break together, Kiyokawa was embarrassed as she confided in us she had a crush on her gaming friend. That must have stuck in her mind.
After logging out of the Black Plains, the three of us decided to contact Kiyokawa.
We had to talk to her anyway.

But Kiyokawa didn't respond at all.
If it was just me being ignored, I can understand it, but even Kurumizaka-san and Rinka were so.
She had been thoroughly cut off from all contact.

"If this keeps on like this....... nothing good will happen." (Kazuto)

To be honest, I neither know what to do nor say.
It was too abrupt.
No, I've had many chances to notice it before.
In fact, I feel rather dumb that I hadn't noticed it before.
But it's inevitable, I suppose.
How could I possibly didn't imagine that my friend in the game would be a neat and tidy idol?
Moreover, I've already had an experience where my wife in the game was a cool idol.
Never even crossed in my imagination that such a divine miracle would happen in a row.

[Kazu-kun. You okay?] (Kurumizaka)

I get a chat from Kurumizaka-san, she's concerned about me. 
I didn't reveal anything about my state of mind, but she seems to have surmised something.

[I can't say I am....... But I think Kiyokawa is the one who is most distressed right now.] (Kazuto)
[You're right. I'm sure Ayane-chan is distressed as well.] (Nana)

After some time, Kurumizaka-san sends me a chat again.

[Sorry, but there's something I wanna make clear right now. Ayane-chan's crush is...... Kazu-kun, is that correct?] (Nana)

......It makes me realize it again when I hear it from someone else.
I get impatient when I'm asked a straightforward question by Kurumozaka-san.
No, she's the leader of a popular idol group.
She is usually a cute and energetic girl, but in serious situations, she can be serious.

[I know it's hard to answer, but I wanna hear it from you.] (Nana)
[......I think it's me.] (Kazuto)
[Yes, I understand. Thank you for answering.] (Nana)

After that, I didn't receive any more chats from Kurumizaka-san.
I was expecting her to inquire more about my feelings, so I feel a bit disappointed.
Maybe she's just giving me time to think.

"......"My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend", huh?" (Kazuto)

I turn my attention to my desk. There're several hundred sheets of manuscript paper piled up on the desk.
It is a novel written by Kiyokawa, "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend". I have already finished reading it.
The content of the story was simple and very easy to read.

The story started with a high school girl whose idol career was not going well, and she started playing an online game as a way to escape from reality. When she joined a guild, she was treated kindly by the members, but problems arose in their relationships and she found herself surrounded by enemies. Then, a male player helped her out. As the two of them played nicely together, they learned each other's true identities, and while overcoming various incidents that occurred in real life, they became lovers....... is the story.

To be honest, I think it's a more royal romance than "To You at The Bend".
In particular, the main character, a high school girl, had her feelings carefully written, and how much she loved and appreciated the guy was deeply explored.
And from the guy's point of view, it expressed the manly side of him that tried to support the main character anyway.

There were other things that made me tingle, such as the first time they met offline before they started going out, I smiled at the two of them meeting in secret at school, I was on the edge of my seat when they got separated because of an incident that happened in real life, and I was happy when they ended up going out at the end of the story............. I found myself drawn into the story.

"......This is what Kiyokawa...... feels." (Kazuto)

It's as if she confessed to me through a novel.
The main character, a high school girl, said and did things just like Kiyokawa, and the guy said and did things just like me.
If I have to put it in dating-sim game style, it'll be the route where Kiyokawa and I end up together.
The life that Kiyokawa wished.......

"What am I...... supposed to do?" (Kazuto)

I can't organize the information well in my head.
Having read "My Web-Game's Friend My Boyfriend", I understand how much Kiyokawa likes "Kazu". I even sympathized with her despite being a man.
But as long as I have Rinka, there's no way I can accept Kiyokawa's feelings.
But wouldn't that be rejecting and hurting Kiyokawa?
I have never been on the popular side, so I have never thought about the conflicts of the rejecting side. I have never even imagined it.
But now I have.

――――Rejecting someone's feeling is terribly heartbreaking.

It hurts me even more because I understand how serious Kiyokawa is.
Won't it be mentally easier if I'm two-timing? I can't help but think that.
But I don't think such a convenience would be allowed.
Anyway, I want to know how Kiyokawa feels now.
Is she okay with me as a friend, or she is............

"Ah." (Kazuto)

The smartphone in my hand rings. It's from Rinka.
Feeling somewhat guilty, I hesitate for a moment and then tap the call button.

"......Hello?" (Kazuto)
"Your voice sounds gloomy. Are you okay?" (Rinka)
"Sorry. I've been thinking a lot." (Kazuto)
"Of course you have. How could you not?" (Rinka)

Is she concerned about me?
Considering her position, Rinka must have mixed feelings.

"I'm going to ask you straight out. How does Kazuto-kun feel about Ayane?" (Rinka)
"That is......." (Kazuto)
"Ayane definitely likes you, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"How can you be so sure? Until yesterday, I and Kiyokawa-san just regarded each other as friends." (Kazuto)
"That doesn't matter. What's important is that the person you like is now real." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)
"I know exactly that, because I've been experiencing that myself....... The person you love, who you could have only imagined before, appears in front of you in a tangible form. So you can't help but feel an uncontrollable surge of passion." (Rinka)
"......Are you saying that's what's happening to Kiyokawa-san right now?" (Kazuto)
"Eee. The fact that she suddenly logged out is proof of that. If Ayane had just recognized Kazuto-kun as a friend, she would not have taken the step of logging out and would have continued to chat." (Rinka)

Rinka, who has been calmly analyzing the situation, puts in her words without hesitation.
It's a cool idol way of speaking.

"I was expecting...... if a day like this would come sooner or later." (Rinka)
"A day like this?" (Kazuto)
"Yes. The day my friend falls in love with Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"Such a............" (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun is a wonderful boy, so it can't be helped. But that doesn't mean I have the right to restrict your actions. In other words, it was bound to happen eventually." (Rinka)
"You're wrong. It's because Kiyokawa and I happen to be friends――――" (Kazuto)
"Even if you two weren't friends, Ayane would have taken a liking to Kazuto-kun sooner or later. Because Kazuto-kun and Kazu have the same essence." (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I understand that this might be so.
Thinking about it, I had been able to have a conversation with Kiyokawa as if it was a matter of course from the first time we met.
I'm not used to women, but...
Even though we didn't have any real information about each other, I felt that we were close in our hearts.

"I've said this many times before, but I don't think I can monopolize Kazuto-kun. Especially when a precious junior of mine is involved." (Rinka)
"......You mean you'll condone two-timing?" (Kazuto)
"That is....... No, I don't really know how I feel about it. Kazuto-kun is my husband...... But, I want Ayane to be happy too." (Rinka)
"......Rinka." (Kazuto)
"If I endure a little, then Ayane can go out with Kazuto-kun――――" (Rinka)
"That's not going to happen." (Kazuto)

Without waiting for her to finish, I cut off her words.
There is absolutely no way that I would ever go out with a girl other than Rinka.

"So Kazuto-kun is...... going to reject Ayane? (Rinka)
"......" (Kazuto)
"Kazuto-kun is kind, so you must be worried about rejecting Ayane, right?"

I see, it seems that my heart has been seen through.
But that's not kindness in my opinion.
True kindness is being considerate of others, regardless of one's own gain or loss.
Right now, I think I'm merely afraid of hurting my own heart by dumping Kiyokawa.

"Tomorrow, talk it over with Ayane until you're both satisfied. I'll accept whatever conclusion you come to......." (Rinka)
"...... I'll do." (Kazuto)

After my reply, the call is cut off.
To briefly summarize what she just said, Rinka is going to allow me to date more than one girl.

"That's definitely a nice thing for men to hear, but......" (Kazuto)

Even if I'm allowed to have a harem, I don't think I will want to reach my hands out to other girls in the slightest.
In the first place, I recognize Kiyokawa as a friend.
So, the chance to go out with her is equivalent to zero, to begin with.
......No, now that I know how Kiyokawa feels about me, I may be aware of her as a member of the opposite sex.

"The rest is up to...... Kiyokawa's feelings, I guess." (Kazuto)

I'll have to talk to Kiyokawa tomorrow.
If we remain distant for fear of discussing it, distortions will eventually occur.

"......" (Kazuto)

Perhaps it's because I have been thinking so much that my consciousness is drifting around, as if I'm lost in a dream.
I found myself looking up at the ceiling in a daze.

"Rinka and Kiyokawa......yes?" (Kazuto)

I was given two choices.
Do I go out with both of them at the same time,
Or do I just love Rinka......

I don't need to worry about it.
The answer has already been obvious from the very start.

"Is it sincerity or kindness...... I don't care any slightest. The one I only love is Rinka!" (Kazuto)

Even if it means hurting Kiyokawa, I want to carry on with this thought.

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[End of Chapter]

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