Fixed Damage Chapter 74

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 6 - Darkness and Demon King


10 - Quality of a Hero

"Hmm, shall I try to fight you first before I fight Yuno."

Margo snorted and put on his full-face helmet.
From behind the mask, a pair of piercing and glinting eyes looked at Harold.

His eyes were muddy.

"A strategy for the hero, huh."
A Hero is one who protects others and vanquishes evil! One who fights for the hope of the people! I will not be defeated by an "evil" like you! In the name of Hero I'll──"

Harold shouted with dignity.

He held up the holy sword Garlev to his right eye.
A green magic wind swirled around the blade.

Coincidentally, his opponent also had a sword that manipulated wind magic.

"Wind versus wind, huh?"

Margo, who was holding his sword in a fighting stance, murmured.

"Skill activation──[Whirlwind Blade]!"

Harold released hundreds of wind blades from his holy sword.

"Skill activation──[Heavenly Riotous Angel Feathers]."

Margo cloaked himself in the wind and leaps sideways with the force of the wind.
He landed on the ground just out of the way of the wind blades and raised his sword.

"Skill activation──[Blessing Arrows]!"

A feather-shaped light bullet is released from the raised blade.

"Wha!? Isn't that a holy sword skill──!?"

Harold backed in surprise.

His sword can also shoot the same skill.
That's why he knew.
What Margo shot just now was undoubtedly the same skill.

It was a skill of the holy sword that only a Hero could perform──.

"No, it's not."

Margo shook his head.

"That was not of the holy sword's skill. That was a [Light] skill. That was the power I got from the Black Altar."

The Hero Knight kicked the ground after he told so.

He was fast.
It was hard to believe that he was wearing heavy armor.

Margo, who had been known as a fierce fighter even before joining the Hero Party, was no match for him.
Harold barely caught the slash that was delivered.


A tremendous numbness was felt in both his arms.

Harold took a big leap back.

If he was a pure swordsman, his opponent was better than him.
With just one strike, Harold realized this.

If there was a chance to win, it would be with his ability as a hero──in other words, the power of the holy sword.

"Skill activation──[Blessing Arrows]!"

Once again, Margo fired a volley of light bullets.
The number of bullets exceeded a hundred.

"Furthermore, Skill activation──[Wind of Severance]!"

Huge vacuum blades──the Kamaitachi──also flied from his magic weapon, "The 77-forms Gale Thunder King Sword".


Harold parried them with his [Whirlwind Blade].
The power was even.


The explosion filled the field of vision.
Margo rushed forward from beyond it.

Harold dodged the second slash without getting hit.

He took his distance.
But then, Margo would fire a series of [Blessing Arrow] and [Wind of Severance].

Once he parried the attacks, Margo rushed forward in the gap.


Harold clicked his tongue.

His opponent had the edge in close combat, and even when he opened up the distance, Margo was quickly closed in──.
He was forced to be on the defensive.

"No matter how good the sword was, it was still in its initial state. If you haven't released your [Arc], my magic sword and skills are stronger!"

Margo shouted and unleashes a slash.
The wind-covered blow knocked the holy sword out of Harold's hand.

"It's my victory."

Margo exclaimed triumphantly.

"Kehkehkeh, this feels so good. Even a man who has been called Hero is no match for me, a Hero Knight."

Margo laughed and swung his sword.


The wind howled and Isabelle and Rosa were restrained.
They are pulled straight to Margo.

"I'll take these girls."

Margo held them both with his arms on either side, as if to flaunt to Harold.

"N, no......"

They both expressed humiliation and disgust.
The sight of them made the core of his head burn.


Harold exclaimed.

I'll protect you both.
To do that, I'm going to defeat him──.

Harold's will was growing.

He was becoming more and more furious.


The Holy Sword, which had been flung away, slid through the air as if it had a will of its own and returned to Harold's hand.

With a thud, the entire sword pulsated.
A pure white radiance flooded the area.


Margo shouted in surprise.

"This unusual light from the holy sword──can it be!"
"No way, this is──"

Frangulas, who was watching the battle, also looked astonished.

"The Holy Sword is about to evolve into [Arc]......!"
" said?"

Harold mumbled.

He'd heard of this.
The true form of the Holy Sword, held only by Hero Yuno.

And his holy sword Garlev is about to reach it──?

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[End of Chapter]

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