Fixed Damage Chapter 75

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 6 - Darkness and Demon King


11 - True Radiance

The radiance of the Holy Sword increased.

Crack...... crack.......

Countless cracks ran down the blade of the sword.
And then it snapped.

The shape of the sword changed.

Harold was surprised.

The blade with a jade-colored shine was curved greatly and looked like a scythe.
Harold held up the new holy sword, Garlev, and faced Margo.

"You really reach the power of [Arc]? No way──"

Margo mumbled in dismay.


Margo pushed Isabelle and Rosa out of his arms and readied his sword once again.
Margo fired a wind slash with almost no motion.

It came at super-speed, and


The wind barrier around Harold easily dispersed his attacks.

It was not something he consciously created.
It seemed that the basic function of the holy sword was now equipped with an autoguard.

"So this new holy sword did some protection for me. Then there is only one thing for me to do──"

Told Harold, then he kicked the ground.

"Offense, only go offense!"

At the same time, a gust of wind was released from the holy sword.

Using it as propulsion, he super-accelerated.
It was so fast that it surpassed even the speed of sound, and immediately Margo was within his striking distance.

"Ridiculous, it's too fast──"
"It's over!"

With a roar, he swung down his whirlwind-covered blade.

"D*mn ......!"

The Hero Knight raised his sword and blocked the attack.

"Wh, what the...... so much pressure......!"

With each block, Margo was blown wide open.

"Haa, haa, haa......"

His full-body armor was more than half shattered, as if ripped by the shockwave.

"You seemed to be having a tough time on your own. I will assist you."

Frangulas extended her graceful hand.

An intangible magical shockwave was released.
If it were to hit a human being, it would annihilate that person without leaving any flesh and bone.

"It's futile!"

Harold brushed it off with a swing of his holy sword.

"This is the same power as Yuno's holy sword, or even more──has he awakened into the true radiance [Arc] after all......?"

Frangulas and Margo simultaneously exclaimed in surprise.

"Without going through a ceremony, and with only his own spirit──"
"I will go to any lengths to become stronger for my friends."

Harold readied his holy sword and declared.

"I'm not the person I was when I was alone anymore. I have comrades. And I had friends who were important to me. You guys make me strong. And the utmost──make me better."

To avenge the regret of those friends he couldn't protect.
And to protect those who were here with him.

"I will defeat you. Heed my call! My sword, Garlev!"

With a high shout, the holy sword roared.


A whirring sound, similar to the roar of a beast, echoed through the air.
The blade of the holy sword cracked from the center, and the built-in crystals emitted a jade-green glow.

Half by instinct, Harold realized.

That was the final attack form of the holy sword.

And that was the form to release its true power──the true radiance of the Holy Sword.

"Now, begone...... Corrupted Hero Knight!"

Harold raised his holy sword and shouted in a dignified voice.

"For your friends, huh?"

A bad premonition ran down his spine.

"If that's the case, it can be your weakness as well."

Margo had a cruel smile on his face.

In his hands, Isabelle and Rosa were being held as before.

It was a, momentary lapse.

"Go ahead, shoot at me. If you're ready to tear your friends to pieces."

They were hostages and shields to protect Margo.

It was a sneaky way to fight.
But he was at his wits' end──.

"Right, that holy sword has automatic protection, doesn't it? Get it deactivated as well."
"Hurry up, keh keh keh."

In provocation to him, Margo pressed the blade of his sword against Isabelle's cheek.
A red streak ran down her beautiful face.

"You...... B*STAAAAARRRRRDD......!"

Harold exclaimed with a feeling of vomiting blood.

"Autoguard...... deactivate......!"

He called to the Holy Sword, and then Garlev made a growling sound.

"That was close. If it was a one-on-one fight, I would not have won. I admit it. You are the true hero."

Margo laughed.

"And your indomitable spirit. The kindness you show toward your friends. But know that it also leads to weakness."
"What a coward──."
"The thing most necessary for victory and glory is not justice. Nor love. Nor ideals."

Margo laughed and pushed Isabelle and Rosa away.
Harold brandished his holy sword and stopped moving there.

No shot.
There was no way he could shoot Margo as long as the girls were in the path of the attack.

But while he was avoiding them, Margo's attack came flying at him──.

A moment later, Harold realized this.

He would lose.

If he had been ruthless──if he had abandoned them, he would have won for sure.
But he just couldn't do it.

No matter what──it was impossible for him.

"There is only one thing that is necessary. To get what you want by any means necessary, and──"

Margo holds up his sword.
A gale was in the blade.

"It is greed."

A slash of wind was released and decapitated Harold's head.

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[End of Chapter]

[End of Arc 6]
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