My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 54

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~

Pemuda Tuna Wisata


[Act 3 Begins]

54 - Chapter 1 (PTW/N: Chapter title is no more)

"Aah~ it's summer break in three days, aah~." (Tachibana)

Sweat beading on my forehead at lunchbreak. The classroom is filled with heat.
With some noisy cicadas are shaking my eardrums, Tachibana, who comes to my seat as usual, mutters lazily.
Saito, who's sitting on a borrowed chair in front of me, says in a happy-go-lucky tone, "You're right~".

"Hey Saito. Do you have any plans for summer break?" (Tachibana)
"What are you talking about, Tachibana-kun? Of course I have." (Saito)
"Hooo. What is it?" (Tachibana)
"First, I'm going to reread the latest issue LNs, then I'm going to watch anime, go to the movies, etcetera...... There are so many things to do!" (Saito)
"Isn't it the same as last year." (Tachibana)
"Ckck, boy, that's not quite right wording. The correct is the same as the first year of middle school!" (Tachibana)

Saito, with his glasses snapped up, says with a determined look on his face.
Normally, Tachibana will retort him, but it seems that this roaring heat has drained his energy.
He only lets out a dry laugh.

"Do you have any plans, Ayanokouji-kun?" (Saito)
"I――――" (Kazuto)
"You don't have to answer. You're going to go lovey-dovey with Mizuki anyway, right? Make out with each other to sweat." (Tachibana)
"I don't know what you mean. Rinka is busy, so I can't see her too often in private." (Kazuto)

I can feel my face heating up at the word "lovey-dovey".
I wish I could really be lovey-dovey with her like Tachibana said.
I've been going out with Rinka for three months now, but we've only been on one date, and we haven't even kissed yet....... Isn't it bad?
If I include the time we were married in the web game, we have been dating for several years, but we have only held hands.
How platonic it is.
......Well, I'm satisfied just to feel Rinka's presence, so I don't mind.

"Ayanokouji is a kind of herbivorous after all. If I were in his position, I'll push Mizuki down without hesitation." (Tachibana)
"......" (Kazuto)

I wonder if that's what a normal man does.
But you know what?
I've never had the chance to do so.
Even if I did, I'd probably be the one to get pushed down first.

"AARG~D*mn it! I'm so jealous of you normies! Did you know, guys? That Sasaki got a girlfriend!" (Tachibana)
"Eh, Sasaki-kun, isn't he in the same class as us, and he's just as inconspicuous as us! Why in the world did he......?" (Saito)
"The h*ll I know. A lot of other guys have gotten girlfriends as well. They're all rushing in before summer break." (Tachibana)
"Don't worry about it, Tachibana-kun! According to my calculations, couples who start dating right before the summer break have a 99% chance of breaking up before the summer break is over!" (Saito)

Saito with a grimace on his face strengthens as he trembles his body a little.
......On what basis did you derive your probabilities?

"Dammiiiit! All the events of the summer break should be gone to voidness! Especially the biggest event of the summer, the fireworks display! I wish that all fireworks displays across the country would be canceled due to sudden rainstorms!" (Tachibana)

Tachibana presses his palms together looking out the window at the blue sky, as if he's about to shed even tears of blood. Is that a prayer for rain?

"Hey, Tachibana. Why do you say so much about fireworks display?" (Ayanokouji)
"That's because the fireworks display is a representative of the normies event, you know. Normies go explode yourselves!"

Due to the anger in his raised voice, Tachibana attracts the attention of the class.
Some of the boys gave him a triumphant look.
Aah, those faces make me sick.
I want to slap them.
Well, from Tachibana's point of view, I must be a normie too.
In fact, I can't deny it, and I think it's the best life I've ever had.
My life would be ultimately fulfilled if I have two elements in my life: Rinka and Web Game.

"Sorry guys, I gotta go to the lavatory." (Kazuto)

I suddenly feel the urge to urinate, so I stand up.
I walk out of the classroom with Tachibana and Saito watching me go, and arrive at the men's lavatory without incident.
It's when I'm walking down the hallway, which happens to be no one around, to return to the classroom.

"............" (Kazuto)

I can feel a gaze on my back as if it's piercing in me.
I don't have the special skills of an assassin to be able to feel people's gazes, yet I can feel an intense haze on my back.

"............" (Kazuto)

I turn my head to see who it is.
It turns out to be Rinka.
She's at a corner a little walk away.
She pops her head out of the corner and gazes at me.
Such her action reminds me of some kind of small animal cuteness.

......Now, what should I do?
It's our agreement not to have any contact in the school, but luckily there are no students around right now.
But, isn't okay if it's just for a little while.
I look around the corridor to make sure no one is around, and then walk up to Rinka, who just pops her head out from behind the corner.

"Umm, Rinka-san? What are you doing here?" (Kazuto)
"I'm not supposed to talk to Kazuto-kun, am I? So I'm watching him from afar." (Rinka) (PTW/N: How cute)
"......" (Kazuto)
"It's safe to just watch. Besides, there's no one around right now." (Rinka)

Well, that's true.
We try to keep our distance for the sake of the future, but it's still too much.
There's a limit to what you can put up with.
It's best to keep a moderate level of interaction.
But I have to make sure that the other students don't find out.

"Kazuto-kun?" (Rinka)

When I somehow stare at Rinka's face, she tilts her head curiously.
I don't hear any voices or footsteps around, so it's okay if it's a little more, isn't it?
I reached out my hand to Rinka's cheek and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Ka-Kahuto-kuhn......?" (Rinka)

Her cool eyes narrow in comfort as she questions the way her cheek is being squeezed.
She doesn't resist my act, she just lets it happen.
Hers is so soft and squishy.
No matter what I do to her, she's willing to accept it.

I'm sure that Rinka won't let any guy touch her cheeks except me.
I've heard from Tachibana that she was suddenly hugged by a certain handsome guy and flung him away.......

"M, mm......" (Rinka)

As I keep squeezing on her, Rinka's expression gradually melts away.
I can feel the warmth of her soft cheek from the touch of my hand.
It's almost addictive.
In addition, the fact that no one must find out about our relationship adds the perfect spice of tension.
No, I understand that it's dangerous, yet.

"Ka-Kazuto-kun...... it's about time ......." (Rinka)
"A-aah, sorry." (Kazuto)

She calls my name apologetically, so I let go of my hand.
However, Rinka is staring at my hand as if she is reluctant to part.

"I'm sorry. I really want Kazuto-kun to touch me more, but...... I heard footsteps, so......." (Rinka)
"Y-you're right. Sorry." (Kazuto)

The sound of footsteps approaching from behind a corner.
Rinka has a sweet look on her face, but she quickly puts on a crisp, cool face and leaves.
......I see, so that's the power of a popular idol.
The switching is terribly fast.
As for me, I still can't get over the lingering feeling of her cheek on my hands.

"......After all this time, I seriously don't think we've done anything lover-like." (Kazuto)

I look at Rinka's back as she walks away, and think again.
We've been flirting like that for a while now, but it's only been for a short time.
We've only been on one date......, or rather, we haven't been on any dates since we started dating......!
The other day I went to Rinka's house for a day off, but it was just the three of us with Nonoa-chan.

When it comes to a place where I and Rinka can spend time together without any worries, the web game is the only way to go.
Long Live Web Game!
But even so, we still want to spend time together in real life.......

"Since it's summer break, I really wanna spend time together with her~" (Kazuto)

It's not a bad idea to online together in the web game as we have been doing.
However, we found out each other's true identity and became lovers.
So, I want to play with her in real life too.......!

"All right! I shall make a plan!" (Kazuto)

In the past, my summer break has been limited to playing web games or playing meaningless games with Tachibana and Saito.
But this year's summer break is completely different!
I'm going to spend as many fulfilling days with Rinka as I can!

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[End of Chapter]

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