My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 61

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


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61 - Chapter 8

What should I do? I can't stop the tension.
I'm walking up and down in the Mizuki family's living room, then I sit down on the couch and take a moment to catch my breath.
I stare down the hallway leading to Rinka's private room, restlessly.

"I knew it, I shouldn't have told that......!" (Kazuto)

A cat-eared maid is just not right, no matter what.
I think Rinka was slightly taken back as well.
And I think she's in her room right now, saying, "Kazuto-kun is such a pervert. I can't believe he's having me dress up as a cat-eared maid. I'm so disappointed."......!

"AAAH......! I want to redo....... I want to turn back time." (Kazuto)

Let's go back in time, I wonder if that's possible.
I guess it's impossible. I hold my head in my hands in regret.
I was indeed getting too carried away.
And now my anxiety is stronger than my expectation.

"But you know...... cat-eared maids are men's dream. Men's romance." (Kazuto)

There is not a man in the world who won't like cat-eared maids.
If there were, he should have stopped being a man.
He is just an unidentified gender organism.
As I am writhing in agony, the door blocking the corridor is opened.

"I-I'm sorry for the delay...... what do you think?" (Rinka)

Standing there, of course, is Rinka.
Just a few moments ago, she was only in a frilly black and white maid outfit, but now she has been upgraded.
Growing out of her head are black cat ears, and around her neck is a collar with a small bell on it.......!
As expected of the cool idol Mizuki Rinka, her face is all red.
I mean, her face has been red this whole time.
She's been flushed this whole time.

"Y-you're so cute, Rinka-san." (Kazuto)
"......Why you put an honorific "-san"?" (Rinka)

Somehow, I have to say that.
You know, sometimes you just want to respect people without any reason?
And now is exactly that time.

"Umm, that...... what can I do for you?" (Rinka)

Rinka walks up to me and tilts her head.
While sitting on the couch, fold my hands and tilt my head as well.

"What you can do...... yes?" (Kazuto)

For me, it's enough that the girl I like became a cat-eared maid.
To ask for more than that would be a death sentence.
I gaze at the cool cat-eared maid and let out a breath of admiration, "Wow!".

"Th-this is embarrassing......." (Rinka)

Rinka shrinks her body and trembles slightly.
This gesture of embarrassment further increased her attractiveness.

"Thank you very much, Rinka-san.......!" (Kazuto)
"But I didn't do anything." (Rinka)
"No, your very presence just being there is enough...... to make me happy......!" (Kazuto)

From the bottom of my heart, I am glad to be alive.
As I'm shaking with emotion, Rinka sits down next to me.

"...... Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"Master...... that, you may also pet my head...... you know?" (Rinka)
"Does that mean...... I can pet you?" (Kazuto)
"......" (Rinka)

Rinka, with her cheeks flushed, turns her head and nods.
What a creature is she, she's d*mn too cute.
As requested, I put my right hand on Rinka's head.
I gently pet her, being careful not to blow off her cat-ear katyusha.

"Mm, nnn......nh." (Rinka)

She squints his eyes pleasantly.
She really looks like a cat, somehow.
In a sudden thought, this time I put my free left hand under Rinka's chin and caress her.
A double petting on the head and under the chin.
She's treated like an animal.
Rinka, however, still rubs her body against me, purring her throat as if she's feeling good.
......She's really just like a cat.

"Purrrrrrr............... Master......" (Rinka)

Whether it is an act or not, it doesn't matter
Rinka's meltingly sweet face is so adorable that it melts even my reason.
Now I even have a vision of Rinka's cat ears twitching.
I can even see her black tail.
Great, so this is the seriousness of a popular idol......!
There's no longer any maid element left!

"Master...... please pet me more, meow~." (Rinka)
"――――!" (Kazuto)

I'm. Dead. Thank you. (PTW/N: Dude, I'm more than dead.)
Died in agony due to her being so adorable.
Rinka seems to have already crossed the psychological line, as she rubs her head against my chest like a cat.
And moreover, she's saying "Meow~, meow~" as she does so.
......This is dangerous.
The room is hot. Extremely hot.
I feel like the inside of my head is boiling.
I can't think straight anymore.

"Master...... Luv, luv yu much......" (Rinka)

She rubs her body against me as if marking me.
Is this Rinka's smell?
The sweet, flowery smell wafts softly through the air.
And I can even feel the girl's soft and warm body through her maid uniform.
I continue to pet Rinka's head and under her chin.
The more I pet, the more I heard her sweet voice of, "Meow~, meow~".
Finally, my right hand reach Rinka's stomach and begin to caress her.
Then, as if to get back at me, Rinka also licks my left hand.


Obviously, we are loosening each other's reasoning.
The heat emanating from this atmosphere is robbing us of our ability to think.
If we keep going like this, we are in trouble.
The little reason that remains in my brain warns me.
But I can't afford to stop myself, and a moment later, I try to push Rinka down on the couch――――.

*Ringggg~!* *Ringgggg~!*

"............" (Kazuto)

My phone, which I have left on the table, rings with a ringtone.

"Umm......." (Kazuto)
"I think you should answer it. It might be urgent......." (Rinka)

After exchanging looks with each other and hesitating, I decided to pick up my phone.
I pick up the phone and check who is calling me.
It comes from Kurumizaka-san.
What is it at a time like this, I wonder.
I answer the call, feeling my head rapidly cooling down.

"Hello, Kazu-kun? How do you feel now?" (Nana)
"...... what?" (Kazuto)
"Just a few minutes ago, Kasumi-san told me that you're staying over at Rin-chan's house, right?" (Nana)
"Y-yea." (Kazuto)

I wonder if Kasumi-san and Kurumizaka-san are in good terms.
Well, they say that rumors spread fast in the women's world, and this kind of information may be passed on quickly.

"How are things going? Are you guys having a fun time?" (Nana)
"......I guess." (Kazu)
"Kazu-kun?" (Nana)

I'm not sure if "having a fun time" is the right word.
If it's not for Kurumizaka-san's phone call, we might have been riding on a mew-mew course.

"I'm sorry I called so abruptly. But I was worried about whether you two were getting along......." (Nana)

In a sense, we were getting very close.

"But you know, Rin-chan has a surprisingly sweet side, so don't be too surprised, kay." (Nana)

Yes, I know. Because she was meow-meowing to me.

"H-have I probably interrupted you? Are you guys in a pretty good mood right now? If so, I'm really sorry." (Nana)

It's hard to say.......
You can say it was the best of timing, yet the worst of timing.

"I'll see you later, Kazu-kun. I hope you get along with Rin-chan a lot." (Nana)

And so ended the brief phone call.
Perhaps she realized that her call had interfered in some way.
Kurumizaka-san seemed to have read the air.

"U~mm......." (Kazuto)

I put my phone on the table and look at Rinka.
Unfortunately(?), Rinka seems to have regained her composure during this call.
Her face has regained its crisp coolness.

"I'm very sorry, Kazuto-kun........ I was getting carried away by the atmosphere and acting weird." (Rinka)
"A-ah...... Mm. I'm...... sorry too." (Kazuto)

The pinkish passion from earlier had disappeared.
And then a subtle, indescribable awkwardness envelopes us.

"Th-that...... We're all sweaty, aren't we?" (Rinka)
"Y-you're indeed right." (Kazuto)
"Bath...... I'm going to go get it ready." (Rinka)
"Roger that." (Kazuto)

Rinka gets up from the couch and leaves the living room, as if to escape somewhere.
What is left in this space is a strange lingering passion and a cold atmosphere.
It's a feeling I can't stand.......!

"A bath, huh......" (Kazuto)

I have a few thoughts and blurted them out.
I never imagine the day when I'll be taking a bath at a popular idol's house will come.
The standard development at times like this will be...... a girl barging into the bath.

"If it's Rinka, she'll do it for real." (Kazuto)

Just imagining it makes my body temperature, which should have dropped, rise again.
This sleepover date...... is going to be full of upheaval. (PTW/N: Best chapter so far, I guess.)

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[End of Chapter]

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