Fixed Damage Chapter 79

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


4 - The Ruins of Remuscelia

I told Frangiulas about my conversation with the Demon King.

"I see. Then you may come back here when you have finished exploring the ruins."

Frangulas said.

"The reason why Chrome-san was able to summon the Demon King's residual thoughts by himself is because of the special miasma that fills this place. It would not have worked so well in other places."
"You mean that after leaving the ruins──we need to come back here again to summon the Demon King's residual thoughts?"

I growled softly at Frangulas' words.

If that's the case, it's still too early to get rid of this woman and her people.

Of course, I don't know how much of what she said was true.
But until I get the power and tactics I'm looking for, it's probably best not to mess with the Demon King or the demons.

In the extreme, I can always use my skills to wipe them out.

"All right. I'll see you later.......then."
"I wish you good luck, Chrome-sama. Please allow me to give you a kiss of blessing upon your safe return."

Shea and Yulin, with a fierce look on their faces, replied to Frangiulas, who was smiling mischievously.

"Wh, what's the matter, you two......?"

I think that was a joke by Frangulas.
No matter how much it was, you overreacted.

"My, I'm serious, though."

As if reading my innermost thoughts, this vampire true ancestor smiled glamorously.

"Mmmm, we must stay on our guard......!"
"We'll protect your lips, Chrome-sama.......!"

Shea and Yulin's expressions became grimmer and grimmer.

"I'd rather take Chrome-sama's lips myself before you rob his......."
"What!? No, no, that was the voice in my mind....... not it, I didn't mean it like that! I didn't!"
"Fufu, I like your straightforwardness. Shea-san."

Shea blushed and waved her hand in panic, while Yulin smirked at her.

I have no idea what they've been talking about since a while ago.......
But the serious air has been completely broken.

After that, we parted ways with Frangulas and went back to our room.
The three of us were once again sleeping together on the bed.

"......Aren't you two getting too close to me?"

For some reason, both Shea and Yulin were even closer to me than before.
The soft elasticity of their chests and the feel of their skin were sandwiching me from both sides.

"I have a mission to protect Chrome-sama as his [Subordinate]."
"Me too."
"W, well, that's all right, but...... we're leaving tomorrow. You need to take a good rest, both of you."

And then──the next morning.
We left our room and headed for the dungeon exit.

I had already told Frangulas that we were leaving, and she would probably tell Lagios and Margo.

And then, we saw a knight standing in front of us.
A fearless middle-aged knight──Margo.

"I hear you are heading for the ruins of Remuscelia."

He had already received some information.

"Be careful, Chrome."
".......I don't need to be told by you."

I said, unable to hide my annoyance.

I managed to suppress the urge to wipe him out right now.

I will get my revenge on you in the near future.

But first, we will explore the ruins.
When I return, I will face the Demon King, and after I gain the power, I will wipe out the demons and Margo as well.

"I have other things to do. We may meet again somewhere."
"Yeah, we will meet again soon."

I smiled, the corners of my mouth twisting into a smile.

"May the fortune with you, O Hero Knight."
"Stay health and sound (tl: until we meet again), my former comrade."

We exchanged sarcastic goodbyes.

The sun was shining as we emerged from the dungeon.


Shea gently wrapped her arms around me as if she cared for me.

"It's going to be okay. I'll take care of what needs to be done one by one."

That Margo, too, I had no idea what kind of power he's hiding.

The first step is, I have to ain more power.

If we fought now, I would probably win.
But──to make it as close to a hundred percent as possible.
I will definitely get my exact revenge, and I will definitely give them the taste of hell.

To achieve that.
For now──I must go to the ruins of Remuscelia first.

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[End of Chapter]

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