Fixed Damage Chapter 80

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


5 - Hero Knight's Resolve


"I didn't know Crome was still alive...... and that he had gained so much [Darkness]."

Margo growled quietly.

It might be an obstacle to his future plans.
However, for the time being, it would be good to leave him alone.

The person in question seemed also to be in no mood for immediate hostility.

(Well, he did bare his hatred toward me──after all, he had every right to resent me, kukuku.)

Margo proceeded through the corridor and came to the far end of the hideout.
It was a huge hall several dozen meters high.

"Are you glad to see your former comrades alive, Margo?"

A voice echoed through the hall.

"Hmmm, is that sarcasm."

Margo looked up above him.
A huge blue dragon, Lagios, was looking down at him.

"Humans value emotions and bonds, don't they?"
"It depends on the person. You demons are no different."
"No doubt."

Lagios nodded.

"It's time to move on, don't you think?"

Margo changed the subject.
And now was the main topic.

"The energy of the [Altar] has been filled with enough to strengthen the Demon Corps, right?"
"The mark of the heroes has been loosened thanks to the pretense of being defeated by Yuno. We were able to proceed with the filling process in secret."

Lagios barked arrogantly.

"Then, now it's time."

Lagios nodded gravely.

"The great invasion of the demon army is about to begin. The first large-scale invasion since the Demon King was defeated──yes, with a force surpassing that of the former Demon King's army."
"I wish you all the best of luck."

Margo turned away.

"But──leave enough territory for me to rule."
"I know it. Thanks to your cooperation, we have been able to proceed quickly with our plan. Human and Demon──we may be two different species, but we will never forget our debt to you."
"It's good, then."

Margo walked away without looking back.

He had confirmed that they are going to make their move.
All that remained was for Margo to make his own move.

A new war between demons and humans──.

To be the ultimate winner.

To be honored as the world's greatest hero.

Margo returned to his room.

The luxurious interior and furnishings within the hideout──were by no means magnificent, but this room was like that of royalty and nobility.
As the most important guest, Margo was treated on par with Lagios and Frangulas, the current leaders of the demon army.

"What's the matter? Won't you welcome your lord?"

Margo called out to the back of the room.

"......Welcome back."

The two women who appeared were shaking with frustration.
They were Isabelle and Rosa, two of Hero Harold's companions.

He would have killed them, but they were both exceptionally beautiful and it would have been nothing but a shame to just kill them.
For the time being, he decided to let them take care of Margo's personal needs.

Margo had been given several spells by Frangiulas to prevent them from running away or disobeying him.
Isabelle brought drinks to Margo, who sat down on a chair, and Rosa removed his cloak and other garments.

Margo ran his hands over their chests, hips, and thighs.


Isabelle and Rosa's bodies tremble in disgust.

(I'm sure Harold must be very repentant in the afterlife.)

He had awakened to the true Holy Sword, and demonstrated a power that overwhelmed even Margo.
Inwardly, he even felt a sense of defeat.

In fact, Margo would have certainly been killed in a proper fight.
And that was, really a shame.

Perhaps the biggest reason for keeping Isabelle and Rosa at hand was to spite Harold.

Eventually, he will possess both of them, body and soul, and make Harold in the underworld regret it──
A dark sense of amusement welled up inside of him.

(Well, that's a gradual process. I have other things to do now. A heroic feat that only I can accomplish.)

Margo grinned at Isabelle and Rosa.

"It's finally is about to begin──a war that far exceeds the war of subjugating the Demon King."

Margo cleared his throat.

"Then, I'll be the one who brings the war to an end. I will be the greatest hero of all time──an everlasting and imperishable legend."

Margo looks at the two women.

"At that time, I will give you all the pleasure you deserve. If you devote yourselves to me, body and soul."

While he was delighted, the two women looked at him coldly──

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[End of Chapter]

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