My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 64

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

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64 - Chapter 11

Mikio Papa, who was supposed to be on a trip with his wife, suddenly returns home.
I was beyond confused and almost went insane.
Mikio Papa took me to the living room and we talk alone.
As for Rinka, she was made to wait in her room.
Mikio Papa strongly insisted that he wanted to have a one-on-one talk with me.
By the way, the reason why Mikio Papa came home is that he forgot something.

"That's all that had happened......" (Kazuto)
"............" (Mikio Papa)

I told Mikio Papa, who sat down across the table, about what had happened yesterday.

About Kasumi-san suggested to me to have a sleepover.
About Rinka became a maid (I didn't tell him about the cat-eared maid).
About taking a bath together.
And about we were playing web game together after that......

I didn't disclose some sensitive information, but I explained the general flow of the event.
I can't resist the pressure from Mikio Papa, who wears a cold expression on his face like an iron mask.
Besides, it might be...... rude not to say anything.

"......" (Kazuto)
"......" (Mikio Papa)

Silence follows.
The only sound in the room is the ticking of the hands of the clock hanging on the wall.

"I can't believe it." (Mikio Papa)

Mikio Papa presses his eyebrows together in annoyance.
......I guess he's angry after all.
That's no surprise.
If you think about it from the standpoint of a parent, you have every right to be angry.
Sitting upright, I put my face down and clench my fists in my lap.

"I don't get it, I don't get it." (Mikio Papa)
"Pardon......." (Kazuto)
"After you two went that far, why did it end up playing web games together?" (Mikio Papa)
"...... Eh?" (Kazuto)
"Isn't that unhealthy in a way?" (Mikio Papa)

Ah, that way?
He's confused about that one, not the one about I had a sleepover without telling her parents?

"I know that Rinka is immersed in web games. But I didn't expect her to be that extent." (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)
"Did you not think anything while you were playing online games?" (Mikio Papa)
"Ermm, it was fun." (Kazuto)
"......" (Mikio Papa)

I speak my frank feelings.
Then, Mikio Papa shuts his mouth.
Seemingly, I had said the wrong thing.
What was I supposed to say? I don't know.
The situation of having a one-on-one talk with her father is taking away my composure.
My hands are sweating profusely.

"I don't understand young people these days. Is it really that good to play web games?" (Mikio Papa)
"Y-yes, it is. Anyone who has access to the internet and a computer can play, and since real-life information can be withheld, you can play with anyone without hesitation." (Kazuto)
"......I see. That's how you and Rinka got to know each other, wasn't it?" (Mikio Papa)
"Yes......." (Kazuto)

"......" (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)

Once again, the time of silence continues.
Should I open my mouth and bring up a new topic?
But it's impossible for me to bring up a topic that would be interesting, plus I don't even know if I should open my mouth to begin with.
The most painful thing is this continuous period of silence.
The anxiety of what will be asked next...... rushes into my chest.
No, is this the purpose of Mikio Papa?

"I was prepared for that to happen sooner or later." (Miko Papa)
"Pardon.......?" (Kazuto)
"I knew that sooner or later my daughters would bring a man home. Yet Kasumi is playing around and having fun. I was prepared for it, but she never brought a man, nor did I hear anything about it....... And when it comes to Rinka, she would just sigh at the mere sight of a man." (Mikio Papa)
"......?" (Kazuto)

What is he trying to say?
I will lend an ear attentively.

"I was worried that my daughters might end up single for the rest of their lives....... Then you showed up." (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)
"As a father, I have mixed feelings about it, if dating a man would make Rinka happy...... so I thought." (Mikio Papa)
"Yes." (Kazuto)

Huuuuff, he then takes a breath quietly, pauses for a beat, and speaks up.

"Do you understand? The shock of finding dolls and posters in my daughter's room that imitate her boyfriend......!" (Mikio Papa)
"Th-that's......." (Kazuto)
"It's chillingly identical to my wife's.......!" (Mikio Papa)
"Eh――――!?" (Kazuto)

"Rinka has inherited her blood strongly. They are acting exactly the same. Eventually...... no, let's not say any more." (Mikio Papa)
"Please tell me! You're making me anxious!" (Kazuto)
"No, I don't want to unnecessarily inflame anxiety." (Mikio Papa)
"Said that but you're inflaming things up, aren't you? You're inflaming with a straight face, aren't you? I'm going to have insomnia if this keeps up!" (Kazuto)

"Ayanokouji-kun...... No, Kazuto-kun. You have been decided to live with Rinka regardless of your own will. Worst case scenario, even with Nonoa and Kasumi...... no, let's stop here." (Mikio Papa)
"So please finish your sentence! Eh, you want me to take on the three sisters! Is that the right idea as a father!" (Kazuto)

"No one is saying that is. I am just aware of the reality, and assuming a future that seems likely." (Mikio Papa)
"Ahaha, you must be joking." (Kazuto)
"I'm afraid I don't make jokes." (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)

This feeling, he's exactly Rinka's father.
I can also sense Rinka's vibe from his cool or decisive expression. They are indeed father and daughter.......

"I'll just keep an eye out for now. I don't want to see my daughters fighting over one man. Worst case scenario, you'll be...... no, let's stop here." (Mikio Papa)
"As I said, please finish your――――nevermind. I'm very sorry." (Kazuto)

I see the cold eyes of a figure father and guess it.
That's hopeless. I'll be obliterated.

"I think Kasumi has been coming home lately, and she's always talking about you with Rinka....... Don't tell me you're dating Kasumi too?" (Mikio Papa)
"I'm not! I'm not going out with her! Kasumi-san is...... that, she's just supporting my relationship with Rinka." (Kazuto)
"I see...... I am relieved to hear that." (Mikio Papa)

Mikio Papa says with an expression that does not look relieved at all.
Rather, his emotions are completely void.
It's as if I'm dealing with a cold-blooded robot.

"Umm...... I truly apologize I slept over without informing anything." (Kazuto)

I bow deeply.
I have no choice but to apologize when I thought about Mikio Papa's feelings.

"What has already happened can't be helped. It's a waste of time to keep harping on about it." (Mikio Papa)
"Yes......." (Kazuto)
"But it's not something to be praised. Besides, it's hard to understand how can a pair of adolescence can end their night with playing web games." (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)

You're blaming me.

"Father. Stop bullying Kazuto-kun any further." (Rinka)

Rinka appears before us.
She was ordered to stay in her room, but she seemingly had reached the end of her patience.

"Rinka, This is a matter for me and Kazuto-kun to discuss alone." (Mikio Papa)
"No. I am Kazuto-kun's wife. Then I should be allowed to be present at the discussion." (Rinka)
"You're right. Rinka is Kazuto-kun's wife after all...... Wife?" (Mikio Papa)

Mikio Papa who seems to have felt uncomfortable tilts his head.
It can't be.......
Did he not realize that his own daughter was acting as if she is a wife?

Mikio Papa put his hand on his chin and pretends to think for a moment.
Then he slowly looks up and turns his gaze toward us.

"Kazuto-kun." (Mikio Papa)
"......Yes." (Kazuto)
"Do young people these days call their girlfriends their wives?" (Mikio Papa)
"I don't. Yes, definitely." (Kazuto)
"......" (Mikio Papa)

"Listen, Father. Actually, Kazuto and I have been married since middle school. I'm really sorry for not telling you." (Rinka)
"Rinka, I want you to listen to me for a minute. You two are dating, not married, right?" (Mikio Papa)
"No, we are married." (Rinka)
"――――" (Mikio Papa)

Today, for the first time, Mikio Papa's immensely surprised.
He takes off his iron mask and shows a human-like reaction.

"Father? Are you okay?" (Rinka)

Without answering Rinka's question, Mikio Papa looks up at the ceiling.

"AAAAAAH...... It seems that Rinka was beyond my wife." (Mikio Papa)

PTW/N: cool like her father, heat like her mother, Rinka-chan is such a dispenser.

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[End of Chapter]

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