My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 65

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

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65 - Chapter 12

Mikio Papa is unable to hide his shock at Rinka's statement about being a wife
But it lasts only a few seconds.
In no time at all, he returns to his cool-headed expression.

"Father, Kazuto-kun is my husband. Do you understand that?" (Rinka)
"......" (Mikio Papa)

Rinka tells him as if reminding him for some reason.
And Mikio Papa, he remains silent.
For me, I'm sitting upright on the seat, completely immobile.
I can't predict Mikio Papa's reaction at all.
Will he be angry? Will he be confused? Or, will he go crazy?
Mikio Papa's reaction is none of them.

"Kazuto-kun. I clearly understand the situation you are in." (Mikio Papa)

He's to accept it calmly.
Mikio Papa understands the situation from Rinka's declaration as a wife and takes it in stride.
It's indeed a calmness befitting a man who is the backbone of a family.
On the contrary, I'm like, "Eh, is that the right response?" I'm so bewildered.

"Father, I want you to approve of our relationship." (Rinka)
"If I don't...... what you're going to do then?" (Mikio Papa)

Rinka's tone is somewhat testing, but she makes it clear.

"I'm going to elope." (Rinka)

"Are you saying you're going throw...... your family and your idol career away?" (Mikio Papa)
"......It's regrettable, but it's probably inevitable." (Rinka)

H-hey hey. What the h*ll are you saying, Rinka?
You can't say that in front of your parents.
As expected, Mikio Papa will certainly become furious――――

"As I thought, it's going to come out that way." (Mikio Papa)

You're convinced!
If anything, he reacts as if he had expected it!

"W-wait a minute, Mikio Papa! Are you really sure about it? It's eloping, you know!" (Kazuto)
"Hmmm, you're calling me Papa right away. If possible, I'd prefer to be called father-in-law." (Mikio Papa)
"I'm sorry, Father-in-law! No, your own daughter says she's going to elope. Don't you have...... something more to say to me?" (Kazuto)
"Nope." (Mikio Papa)
"You state it definitively!" (Kazuto)
"Think about it, Kazuto-kun. Do you think my words will reach Rinka?" (Mikio Papa)
"......" (Kazuto)

I don't think so.
Now Rinka will go straight ahead according to her favor toward me.
She is going full throttle, straight as an arrow, smashing all obstacles in her path.

"If I deny your relationship, it will be a strong force that will backfire on me. Then it is better to acknowledge it first for the future." (Mikio Papa)
"......Yes, you're right." (Kazuto)

Mikio Papa folds his arms and turns his head to look ahead.
I can't help but nod heavily.

"Thank you, Father, for acknowledging our relationship." (Rinka)

Saying that, Rinka sits down beside me. Then she snuggles up to me like a wife.

"By the way, how far along are you two in your relationship?" (Mikio Papa)
"Don't ask such a strange question, father." (Rinka)
"Sorry, but I'm, curious." (Mikio Papa)
"I think it's up to the point where we're holding hands." (Rinka)
"......Kazuto-kun?" (Mikio Papa)

You're kidding me, right? He looks at me questioningly, and I nod my head and confirm it's true.

"Isn't it a little too platonic?" (Mikio Papa)
"We're going to deepen our relationship at our own pace." (Rinka)
"......I see, I can understand why Kasumi would be in such a hurry." (Mikio Papa)

Papa Mikio nods heavily and exhales deeply.
I guess our progress is slow at the turtle level compared to the average.

"Well, as long as you have a pristine relationship, I have no problem with it. Keep up the good work." (Mikio Papa)
Th-thank you very much." (Kazuto)

I bow deeply.
For the time being, it seems that our relationship has been approved.

"The rest of the day is yours the young people to spend alone. I'm going to be off now." (Mikio Papa)

Mikio Papa gets up heavily, looks at us briefly, and walks out of the living room.
I feel a lump in my throat lift, perhaps because I'm relieved of the pressure of her father.

"Kazuto-kun, are you all right?" (Rinka)
"Y-yeah." (Kazuto)
"My father, he's always frowning. You must be having trouble understanding his emotions." (Rinka)
"......not entirely." (Kazuto)

I don't say it out loud, but I thought he looks like Rinka.
No, probably it's Rinka who looks like her father.
It doesn't matter either way, though.

And ......, Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"What is it?" (Kazuto)
"I still have time...... I have to go." (Rinka)
"Right?" (Kazuto)

Rinka will go out around noon. Now it is morning.
Surely there's still time.

"Yesterday......, you fell asleep, didn't you?" (Rinka)

The cheeks of Rinka are slightly tinted in pink as she asks this.

"......Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"Do you wish to...... continue?" (Rinka)
"――――" (Kazuto)

Th-that means......?
Pinkish thoughts dominate my brain, and I gulp my spit down.

"Last night, when I saw Kazuto-kun's sleeping face, I couldn't resist......" (Rinka)
"C-couldn't resist to?" (Kazuto)
"So I licked it." (Rinka)
"What, Where? Where you did?" (Kazuto)
"G-geez. Don't ask me that question......." (Rinka)

Rinka turns her blushing face away.
That gesture is cute as h*ll, but wait a minute.
Depending on which place of the body she licked, it can change the way I feel about her.

"Rinka, please tell me where you licked." (Kazuto)
"......More importantly than that, Kazuto-kun......" (Rinka)
"Wa, Rinka?" (Kazuto)

She grabs me by both shoulders and pushes me straight down to the couch.
I look up at Rinka's face.
Her face is wet with desire, and her eyes are glazed with a lustful light.
She was no longer but a beast facing the feast.

"I can't stand it...... any longer." (Rinka)
"――――." (Kazuto)

This is serious. She's being serious here.
Rinka is breathing heavily as she pushes me down, and the hands that hold both of my shoulders are also filled with strength.

"Kazuto-kun......." (Rinka)

Rinka slowly moves her face closer to mine, trying to put her lips on mine.
I couldn't resist and could only stare at the lips in front of me.
Ah, there it is, my first kiss is being......!

"Sorry. I forgot of something so I came back to get it with――――me." (Mikio Papa)

That voice belongs to Mikio Papa. He came back here into the living room.
He is just standing there menacingly, staring at us as we are about to do the deed.

"Ermm, Father-in-law. This is not as what you thought." (Kazuto)
".........Now, I think it was likely in the other room." (Mikio Papa)

Without making eye contact with me, Mikio Papa leaves the living room.
His face shows no signs of shock, but his brain must have been in a state of confusion.
Oh my god. I never thought we would get caught by Mikio Papa......!

"Kazuto-kun....... Shall we do it another time?" (Rinka)
"Roger that." (Kazuto)

As expected, Rinka comes to her senses.
She looks a little awkward.
Well, yes. I think that's the right reaction.
After Mikio Papa left the house, we spend the rest of the day playing web games until around noon.
In the end, it's the web games that cheer us up.
We'll be a couple of gamers sooner or later.

"I wonder if I should take today's lesson off. I want to keep playing with Kazuto-kun." (Rinka)
"That's no good, okay......." (Kazuto)

No matter what happens, we'll end up playing web games.......
This is what the relationship between me and Rinka looks like.

"Fireworks display, huh?" (Kazuto)

I can't forget the lonely look on Rinka's face last night.
Before the summer break, Tachibana said that the fireworks display is a typical event for the normies.
I wonder if we can somehow go to a real fireworks display instead of one on the Black Plains.
Thinking about this, I look at Rin who is fishing next to Kazu.

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[End of Chapter]

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