My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 69

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

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69 - Chapter 16

Walking around in a store dressed up in cross-dressing is, to me, a living hell.
However, if my cross-dressing is enough to not be noticed by my friends, I may be able to go out with Rinka in the city brazenly from now on.
......I don't know if I can call cross-dressing "brazen", though.

After being escorted off by Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa, I sneak behind their backs and step into the bookstore where Saito and Tachibana have just entered.
It's a blessing in disguise that there are so few customers.

......Is this also for Rinka's sake?
I'm embarrassed to the point of tears, but I muster up the courage to parade around the store.
Casually walking into view of Saito and Tachibana...... then I walk out of the bookstore after about five minutes.

"AAAAH, that's seriously hard......." (Kazuto)

My heart is still beating fast.
It's a situation that I really want to avoid, like being exposed to cross-dressing by my friends,.......
I am about to walk down the street to meet up with Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa.

"Hey, Ayanokouji, right?"
"Eh――――?" (Kazuto)

I hear my name called, and immediately turn around.
Saito and Tachibana are there, their faces expressionless.

"I knew it was you, Ayanokouji! What's wrong with you, dressed like that!" (Tachibana)
"See, it's just as I predicted. I knew the probability of it being Ayanokouji was 20%." (Saito)
"That's so low! ......Ah, no, this is...... that." (Kazuto)

How to fool them....... I think about it, but I decide that I can't fool them anymore.
I had been somewhat optimistic that since they had not recognized me before, somehow they wouldn't either.
Surprisingly, they were sharp.

"Ayanokouji, you were...... cross-dressing and following us?" (Tachibana)
"W-wrong, you're wrong! There is a reason for this......." (Kazuto)
"It's okay, Ayanokouji. You don't have to tell us everything." (Tachibana)
"What?" (Kazuto)

Tachibana smiles gently and puts his hand on my shoulder.

"Whatever your interests are, we'll accept you as a friend." (Tachibana)
"You misunderstand! Let me explain!" (Kazuto)

I plead to Tachibana, who chuckles and looks embarrassed, in a voice that is half like an exclamation.

"I understand, Ayanokouji-kun. I understand it." (Saito)
"Saito......?" (Kazuto)
"Actually, I've been thinking for some time. That Ayanokouji-kun might have that kind of interest." (Saito)
"I don't!? For God's sake, please just listen to me!" (Kazuto)

They both look at me somewhat kindly.
They looked at me with compassionate eyes, as if to say, I'll accept everything.
......Shall I slap them?
They don't listen to me at all.

"Your cross-dressing is perfect, Ayanokouji-kun. According to my calculations, there is a 98% chance that your true identity will not be found out." (Saito)
"......Then, how did you guys find out?" (Kazuto)
"Your behavior was too unnatural, Ayanokouji-kun. If you had behaved more naturally, even we would not have noticed." (Saito)

Tachibana nods his head in agreement with Saito's words.
Ugh...... This may be a valuable opinion.
No matter how perfect the makeup and clothing are, it is only natural for one to be conspicuous if one repeatedly acts in an unnatural manner.
I guess it's a point that needs to be improved for the future.

"......" (Tachibana)
"What the heck, Tachibana?" (Kazuto)

I wonder what's going on.
Tachibana stares at me in a daze.

"You know, Ayanokouji. I've been thinking." (Tachibana)
"...... what's it?" (Kazuto)
"For some reason, I'm not popular. I'm not popular with women at all." (Tachibana)
"Y-yea......?" (Kazuto)

What on earth is Tachibana trying to say?

"So I think it might be not bad...... with a guy." (Tachibana)
"Hu............huuh!" (Kazuto)
"Hey, Ayanokouji. If the inside is a man, it's okay as long as the outside appears to be a woman, right?" (Tachibana)
"It's totally not okay! What the hell are you talking about?" (Kazuto)

Tachibana's gaze is filled with a queer heat.
I instinctively have a bad feeling.
Apparently, the harmony between Kurumizaka-san and Kiyokawa is too perfect.
They make an unpopular guy open up a new door......! 

"Ayanokouji...... now, well, how about that?" (Tachibana)
"What?" (Kazuto)

Tachibana is embarrassed as if he were a maiden in love. His fragile and moist eyes make you imagine the beginning of sweet and sour love――――

"Sorry! I just remembered I have an errand! Bye, then!" (Kazuto)
"Wait, Ayanokouji! My talk ain't over yet!" (Tachibana)

This is seriously dangerous.
I turn my back on Tachibana and Saito and run for my life.

"Dangerous...... that was really dangerous......." (Kazuto)
"You sure have some good friends, yes. I envy you....... pfft." (Ayane)
"You're being sarcastic, aren't you? And you're kinda giggling." (Kazuto)

In a corner of the city where there are few people. As I catch my breath, Kiyokawa says this to me with an amused look on her face as she tries to hold back her laughter. Isn't this junior getting too cocky?

"Hey, Kazu-kun. If Tachibana-kun and Kazu-kun were to get together, which one would be the dominant and which one would be the submissive?" (Nana)
"Sorry, Kurumizaka-san. But, can you please shut up for a moment?" (Kazuto)

From the perspective of Kurumizaka-san, who is a BL game aficionado, this may be something that interests her.
Well, I have no obligation to respond to that, nor do I want to.
Even if it were "if"......!

"Now you know what you need to do in the future, right." (Ayane)
"I guess so....... I need to act more natural." (Kazuto)

If I can get used to cross-dressing, going to a fireworks display with Rinka will not be a dream.
This is a very far-fetched idea, but this is the most realistic strategy for the present situation...... I think?

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[End of Chapter]

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