My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 68

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


68 - Chapter 15

Before I know it, the three of us are on our way to the city.
I'm worried that we may be in trouble if anyone finds out I'm a man, but they decided to cover that up with me being a distant relative of Kiyokawa's. I tilt my head and wonder whether they can cover it up with something like that, but surprisingly, it works.
It was a story about an idol who, when she was exposed for having a boyfriend, successfully covered it up by claiming the man was her younger brother.

"If you give a reasonable reason, everyone will be convinced."

Kiyokawa says, with a smile on her face that looks to have a bit of a dark side, which scares me. My ideals for the idol in my mind were slightly shattered at that moment.

"......Rather than not being exposed, they don't even bother to look."

I mutter quietly to myself as I look at the people I pass by.
Even though I'm wearing modest clothes that don't stand out, there are two popular idols by my side. I feel a sense of discomfort at not being the center of attention.

"If we take off our "Idol" labels, surprisingly, we're pretty much normal. If we hide our face, we won't stand out."
"Is that how it is?" (Kazuto)
"Kazu-kun knows it's us, and that's why he's concerned about us. If he didn't know, he wouldn't care if we passed each other." (Nana)

Lifting his hat with a snap, Kurumizaka-san says with a fresh smile.
Come to think of it, Rinka didn't stand out at all when she was in disguise.
No matter how popular an idol she is, she doesn't have a goddess-like halo (in my brain's filter, she does). She is just like an ordinary girl when she behaves normally.

"U-umm. You are Nana-chan and Ayane-san of StaMi, aren't you?"

Just as I was thinking that, a high school girl calls out to us from behind. No, not just one. There's another high school girl behind her. The uniforms are different from the school we go to.
......It's getting exposed easily, isn't it?

"It's Ayane-san, isn't it? The neat and tidy young lady."
"E-errr, what are you talking about......?" (Ayane)

Kiyokawa puts her hat on deeply. She glances around and is blatantly agitated. ......Hey, what happened to your confident attitude just a few minutes ago.
This may sound unbelievable, but I hope she's not the type to be vulnerable to unexpected accidents.

"That voice, I knew it was Ayane-san! You have a very beautiful voice! It's just like a young lady!"
"I-I'm not a young lady~ (falsetto)" (Ayane)

......This person may be hopeless, I think. It's too late to make a falsetto voice now.
The two high school girls are excited to have met the popular idol of their dreams.
If this continues, people passing by on the street might find out and leading to a commotion.
Perhaps fearing the same thing I did, Kurumizaka-san opens her mouth.

"Sorry. But we want to spend the rest of the day relaxing." (Nana)
"I-I'm sorry! I got carried away......."
"Mm, I'm not mad at you, so don't worry about it. And thank you for your support!" (Nana)

As she says this with a bright smile, Kurumizaka-san grabs and shakes one of the high school girl's hands herself. She then does so to the other girl's hand as well.
The girls are thrilled by this. Their faces are so full of joy that they can't utter even a single word.

"U-umm, Ayane-san...... may I?"
"Yes, of course. Please continue to support us." (Ayane)

It's hard to say no to a heartfelt request. Kiyokawa shakes hands with the girls.
It seems that Star☆Mines is very fan-service oriented. Instead of making a disgusted face, she shakes hands with an angelic smile.
......I must be getting involved with an amazing group of girls. I once again am reminded of this.

"Umm, I'd like to shake your hand, please!"
"......Mmm?" (Kazuto)

This...... what does this mean?
One of the high school girls reaches out her hand to me and asks for a handshake.
I almost speak, but the tone of my voice will reveal me to be a man. Quickly, I close my mouth and clam up.

"I-is that a no......?"

A high school girl gives me an anxious upturned glance. She is a very normal girl who can be found anywhere, but somehow she gives me a feeling of wanting to protect her.
I shake her hand, partly to deceive her about the situation. Her hands are a little sweaty.

"Th-thank you very much! I won't wash this hand for the rest of my life!"

The high school girl who shakes my hand smiles a sparkling, hope-filled smile, bows her head vigorously, and then leaves with her friends.

"......Why did, she come and shake my hand too?" (Kazuto)
"I'm sure she thought you was an idol as well, Senior. She must have misunderstood because you are with us." (Ayane)
"That's ridiculous." (Kazuto)
"Kazu-kun is so cute right now, you know, you can't blame her for misunderstanding." (Nana)

I'm not at all happy to hear that. And I feel sorry for that high school girl. The hand that she held thinking it was the hand of an idol is actually the hand of a nerd gamer.

"Let me tell one thing, Kiyokawa." (Kazuto)
"Wh-what is it?" (Ayane)
"You are easily getting yourselves exposed, aren't you guys......!" (Kazuto)
"We-well, it happens from time to time. I'm glad to hear that our devoted fans are paying close attention to us." (Ayane)
"What do you mean by, "If we take off our "Idol" labels, surprisingly, we're pretty much normal.". Pretty girls have, nothing to do with labels." (Kazuto)

Those with good looks inevitably stand out, and those with good personalities also show it in their ambiance and expressions.
Attractive people are more stand out than one might think.

"Eh, those guys are...... Kazu-kun's friends, aren't they?" (Nana)
"Huh?" (Kazuto)

I turn my head when Kurumizaka-san tells me so. A bookstore across the street from the traffic light. I see in my field of vision a guy with glasses and a chubby guy going into that bookstore.......Saito and Tachibana, right?

"Senior Kazuto. I have a good idea." (Ayane)
"Rejected." (Kazuto)
"I haven't said anything yet!?" (Ayane)
"Anyway, you're going to tell me to interact with those two without them finding out." (Kazuto)
"I'm impressed. Your intuition at times like this is remarkable." (Ayane)
"Anyone can figure it out, especially with this flow......." (Kazu)

She's definitely enjoying herself.

"Kazu-kun, go for it! If your friends don't find out, your cross-dressing will be perfect!" (Nana)

Kurumizaka-san makes a cute gut pose.
Stop it, don't kick me to hell with such a pure smile.

"Come on, Senior Kazuto! Your next quest is [Don't let your friends see through your cross-dressing!] It is! By the way, the reward is a hundred-yen juice. So, do your best, okay." (Ayane)
"You say that like it's a game. And the reward is stingy." (Kazuto)

Like I thought, I was being treated like a plaything.

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[End of Chapter]

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