Fixed Damage Chapter 82

Fixed Damage
Koibito o Netorare, Yuusha Party Kara Tsuihou Sa Retakedo, EX Skill [Kotei Dameeji] ni Mezamete Muteki no Sonzai ni. Saa, Fukushuu o Hajimeyou.

Arc 7 - Darkness and Hero Knight


7 - Exploring the Ruins #1

"Is it here?"

The ruin was located in the place the Demon King had told me about.

A stone temple standing on a small hill.
A ruin from the prehistoric civilization of Remuscelia──.

Inside the ruins, information related to [Light] and [Darkness] is said to be stored.

My purpose is to strengthen my own [Darkness].
And to hone my ability to resist the power of [Chaos]──the power of the fusion of [Light] and [Darkness].

All of this is in preparation for the upcoming battle against Yuno.

"Chrome-sama, look at that."

Shea pointed ahead.

A huge silhouette of more than 30 is prowling around the temple.

Little dragon.
They are small among the dragon tribe and have little or no flying ability, but dragons are still dragons.
And they often act in packs, so a squad or two of knights would be no match for such a large number.

"As if they are guardians of the ruin."

I muttered to myself as I moved forward.
Naturally, I have no fear or hesitation.

"Shea, Yulin, stay close to me."
"Stay beside."

Shea and Yulin nodded on both sides of me.
As usual, I kept them within the 10-meter range of the [Fixed Damage] effect, and I proceeded at a random pace.


Some of the little dragons noticed us and roared.

The number "21" appeared at the edge of my vision.
As a secondary effect of my skill, the distance to the target is displayed.

I proceeded.
I glanced to the left and right to make sure Shea and Yulin are not too far away from me.

Both of them were following me closely.
Or rather, they were clinging to my arms.

"Aren't you two clinging to me too much?"
"No, no, it's our role as [Subordinate]s to protect Chrome-sama!"
"We also serve as your escort at close-range attack."

The girls were strangely forceful.

Both Shea and Yulin were breathing very rough.
And why is there a slight blush on their cheeks?

"I think it's rather hard to guard if you're so glued to me......."

Well, this shouldn't be a situation where I have to be escorted.

"It'll be all right. I have [Acceleration]."
"Me too, since I am, after all, a [Demon]."

Shea and Yulin were talking fast and still not leaving me.

......honestly, it's a little hard to walk.

"Oh,...... it looks a little hard to walk, sorry."
"Me too, unintentionally."

They both looked embarrassed and finally left my arms.

"Ehehe, I've attached myself to Chrome-sama......."
"I'm so glad I got the chance."

Both of them mumbled with pouty looks on their faces.

During this friendly exchange, little dragons approached us.

Some of them released their breaths.

Neither I nor Shea and Yulin moved.
There was no need to move.

As soon as they were within a 10-meter radius around me, the breath of fire was extinguished.
And the little dragons, as well. 


Their roars turned into cries of agony and screams.
Blood splattered and popped into a red rain pouring down around them.

Little dragons that came within the 10-meter skill effect range, in turn, spurted out blood and died.
The fallen corpses eventually disappeared as countless particles of light.


After all the little dragons disappeared, I, with Shea and Yulin in tow, arrived at the front of the ruin without any trouble.

Multiple columns and a floor to the roof.
It was a simple temple.

We passed through the entrance and entered.


Yulin suddenly held her chest with both hands and crouched down.

"What's wrong, Yulin?"
"......I don't know. I just have this *zowatto* feeling inside me." (PTW/N: I think it's "shudder".)

Yulin was huffing and puffing.


Shea asked.

"No, I think it's *zuzutto*."
"I guess, it might be more like *zogyu~n*, after all."
"......No, the sound effects are rather inconsequential, aren't they?"

I couldn't help but retort.

"Ugh, fuuu~hh...... fuaa~hhh, aaaa~hh......."

Yulin's breath was ragged and she began to pant.

The voice was so alluring that it made me startled for a moment.

The reason why I was so startled wasn't because of the charm.

The sign of Yulin's presence changes.
The presence of the "creature who is not a human being" was rapidly becoming more and more intense.

"Yulin, are you okay!?"
"I...... I am...... no, I have changed...... into something I'm not......."

I hugged her.

It wasn't something I did consciously.
I did it almost instinctively.

I just wanted to stop Yulin's trembling.

I just wanted to protect her──.

"It's okay. I'm with you. Shea is here, too. There's no need to be anxious."
"That's right, Yulin-chan."

Shea also bent down and hugged Yulin from the opposite side.
Little by little, her trembling stopped.

"I...... I...... am."

Yulin seemed to calm down a little, although she was still huffing and puffing.

Tears streaming from her dull eyes, she looked at Shea and me.
For the time being, she seemed to be all right.

But what was this phenomenon?

What happened to Yulin──?

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[End of Chapter]

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