My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 74

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


PTW/N: 8 Oct, a "red-colored date" (read: holiday), Aahhh~ finally, after a very long time~, after the "everyday red-colored dates" I can experience it again~, so here's an update...... Now we enter a new act, aaannd FYI there are left 2 chapters, Author-sama hasn't updated this series since 03 Jun 2022.

[Act 4 Begins]

74 - Chapter 1

Gradually, my consciousness emerges and I gently open my eyelids.
Staring at the already familiar ceiling of the Mizuki residence, I greet the morning as usual.
However, I immediately feel a strange sensation.
I feel the presence of――something in the futon.
Specifically, it is like someone is sleeping curled up around my stomach.......
I turn the comforter over, expecting to see a cat, but instead, I find a cute little girl burrowing under.
Zzz, zzz, she is making a lovely sleeping sound that is comforting just by listening to her.
......It's Nonoa-chan. She's really curled up like a cat now, sleeping attached to my side.

"He~y, Nonoa-chan." (Kazuto)

I shake her shoulder gently, and she opens her eyes dazedly and stares at my face. Then, a gentle and soft smile peculiar to children appeared on her face.

"Ah, Kazuto-bro. Good morning~...... ehehe." (Nonoa)

A smile that leaks out on its own, perhaps? It's so cute, reminds me of an angel.

"What's going on, Nonoa-chan? Come into my futon......" (Kazuto)

I find it cute, but am surprised at first, so I ask her.
Nonoa-chan responds in a small voice while sleepily rubbing her eyes.

"Nn...... Kazuto-bro is going to go home today......." (Nonoa)
"I see. So you wanted to sleep together because it's the last time?" (Kazuto)
"Yes." (Nonoa)

This little girl is beyond cute. Beyond innocent.
Summer break will soon be over, and I was planning to go home this evening.
As I get up, Nonoa-chan also sleepily gets up.

"Speaking of which, where's Rinka?" (Kazuto)
"Mmm? Haven't seen since this morning......" (Nonoa)
"I see, I guess she's already gone out." (Kazuto)

There may be no time in the mornings that can be spent at leisure for popular idols.
For the past few days, she often came home late, went to bed early, and left early in the morning. I'm sure today will be no different.

"Kazuto-bro, carry~." (Nonoa)
"Here you go." (Kazuto)

I gently lift Nonoa-chan up, who is begging me by raising her hands cheerfully, and hold her in my arms.
She still seems to be sleepy, so she rests her head on my chest and begins to breathe deeply and repeatedly.
She's such a weak child in the morning, isn't she. As I am about to leave the room, smiling at Nonoa-chan's very existence――, I feel a shiver run down my spine.
I immediately turn around and notice that the closet is slightly open. Very slightly.
It's open in such a way that you can just barely peek out from inside.......

"What should I do, I somehow feel a presence......!" (Kazuto)

I'm absolutely sure it is there. I can't say for sure who, but I'm absolutely sure that it is there.
I carefully step forward, and when I reach the front of the closet, I gulp.
I set Nonoa-chan down, bend down, and slowly open the door to find――a long-haired girl with eyes like murky glass beads sitting knees to chest and staring at me intently――!

"WHOAAAAAA, Rinkaaaa!" (Kazuto)
"You react like you were being spooked out by a ghost." (Rinka)
"Why are you in the closet......?" (Kazuto)

I knew...... I knew it was there......! But I'm still scared.
Miss cool popular idol, what are you really...... doing, I'm seriously asking you.

"Because, Kazuto-kun, you're going home today......." (Rinka)
"Rinka too, eh...... But still, it's weird that you're in the closet." (Kazuto)
'It's forbidden to sleep together, right? Then the closet is the only choice left for me." (Rinka)
"I don't get it......! So, what were you doing in the closet......" (Kazuto)
"Through this door, I could feel Kazuto-kun's sleeping breaths and presence...... Fufu." (Rinka)
"What, don't tell me you've been up all night――――?" (Kazuto)

Rinka smiles darkly in the pitch-dark space that is the closet.
This is very bad. She is too busy with her idol activities and is exhausted.
That's what I thought, but I quickly change my mind, recalling that this was Rinka's usual behavior.

"Mother is also terrible. We're a married couple, and yet she forced us to sleep in separate rooms......." (Rinka)
"We're not, but lovers. But I think it's healthy, too." (Kazuto)
"I wonder if Kazuto-kun is on mother's side. I've heard that men side with the mothers......, and I assume you do too." (Rinka)
"I'm not taking the mother's side, I'm taking Rinka's mother's side." (Kazuto)

Even after I say that, Rinka does not stop looking dissatisfied.
Seeing her like that, I can't believe she is a girl who is rumored to be a man-hater at school and is described by the public as a cool idol.

After bidding farewell to Rinka's family, night falls and I return home.
I take out the key and open the door, feeling nostalgic as I look at the house I haven't seen in a few days.

"Let's play a web game!" (Kazuto)

Come to think of it, I haven't claimed any login bonuses at all.
I haven't done any of the summer break events either.
Oh, when was the last time I played a web game?
――――Oh man, I want to play so bad.
I rush in.
I rush up the stairs and run down the hallway to my room.
On the way, I pass a girl and greet her with, "Ah, hello......" and she replies, "......He-hello......" in a small voice.

"............" (Kazuto)

Something doesn't seem right, doesn't it?
I have just reached the front of my room when I halt my rush.
I turn around. Just about to go down the stairs stands a petite girl. She is――――wrapped entirely in a black, hooded blanket.

"Wait, who the hell are you?" (Kazuto)
"――――!" (???)

The girl falls with a thudding sound.
I rush over and peek down the stairs.

"......O-ouch...... It's hurt...... Uuu." (???)

A mysterious girl in all black is lying on the ground with her hands holding her head.......

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[End of Chapter]

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