My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol - 75

My Wife in The Web Game is a Popular Idol

Netoge no Yome ga Ninki Idol datta ~Cool-kei no kanojo wa genjitsu demo yome no tsumori de iru~


75 - Chapter 2

"H-hey. Are you okay?" (Kazuto)
"............Uugh, mmm...... mmm......!" (???)

The mysterious girl's wriggling her body like she's in serious pain.
From my point of view, she's suspicious, but I'm worried a little because of the worrisome level of her fall.
Anyway, I try to observe the girl to get some information, but I can't get anything because her whole body is wrapped in a thick wearing blanket. All I could see was some sort of black, soft mass wriggling around (is it not hot considering it is summer right now?). Judging from her size, I think she is about a fifth grader.

Let's wake her up for now........
The moment I put my foot down on the staircase and make a creaking sound, the girl jumps up and rushes into the living room, shuffling on all fours in a panic.

"......What is it?" (Kazuto)

I don't have a very good feeling about this, but I too head down the stairs to the living room.

"............." (???)

She is peeking at me from behind the couch, with only the top half of her face showing.
In addition, she is wearing a hood so deeply that I can't even see what kind of eyes she has.

"Umm, that. Is your head...... okay?" (Kazuto)
"...... Ouch......." (???)
"I know, right? Do you want to go to the hospital?" (Kazuto)
"............." (???)

She says nothing and shakes her head from side to side to indicate her refusal.
Although the damage does not appear to be serious, it is worrisome because it is her head that has been hit.

"I need to confirm the most important question of all. Who are you?" (Kazuto)
".......I am, a resident of this place." (???)
"What an odd coincidence. Me, too." (Kazuto)
"...... Suspicious." (???)
"You're the suspicious one from my point of view....... What's your name?" (Kazuto)
"............ Ri....... Risu......." (Risu)
"Risu? Risu-chan then?" (Kazuto) (Translator's note: Risu means squirrel.)

Her physique, and her atmosphere, are indeed very squirrel-like.

"...... Being treated like a small animal......" (Risu)
"Ah, let's talk about it properly. Let's go over there." (Kazuto)
"......The hungry look in his eyes reminds me of a ferocious predator, and as soon as he spots a helpless little girl resembling a small animal, he slowly but surely creeps up on her." (Risu)
"Huh?" (Kazuto)
"......The man then roughly pushes the resisting girl down and digs his claws into her soft, white skin in delight at hearing her screams echoing through the house――" (Risu)
"Wait, please wait. What are you talking about?" (Kazuto)
"............Scary." (Risu)

I will never get along with this girl.
It is the first time I have ever felt that way about someone I have never met before.
However, I can't overlook the situation of having a stranger in my house.

"First of all, let me confirm this situation. This is my house." (Kazuto)
"...... Mine, too." (Risu)
"I see! When did you start living in this house?" (Kazuto)
"......since a week ago." (Risu)
"How did you get to this house?" (Kazuto)
" new father brought me here." (Risu)
"Your new father....... Is he probably, my father?" (Kazuto)
"...... Maybe, yes. I see the resemblance in your face." (Risu)

I can't help but run my hand over my own face to check the contours.
Do I really look that much like him? I think of my father's face, but I don't think I resemble him.

"......The address of my previous house got exposed, so I moved here......" (Risu)
"Address exposed? You sound like a celebrity. Are you a streamer?" (Kazuto)
"............ Kind of." (Risu) (PTW/N: Is she a certain nut master??? Lol)

She shows a slight air of thought and affirms my words.
And then, a certain conjecture begins to form in my mind.

"Could it be that, you are my little sister?" (Kazuto)

My mother died in an accident a few years ago, and I live alone with my father.
But my father has not been home very often because of his work......
The girl in front of me just now mentioned her new father.
This raises the possibility that he may have remarried――――.

"...... There's also a possibility I might be the big sister." (Risu)
"No, there's not. Absolutely not." (Kazuto)
"............Tsk. You're making fun of the f*ck out of me......." (Risu)
"You're a lot more foul-mouthed than I thought.......! I just want to confirm...... that you are, the daughter of my father's second marriage?" (Kazuto)
"...... If so, then." (Risu)
"............ Seriously?" (Kazuto)

I've never heard of this. I'm so shocked that my head was spinning.

"This can't be...... No, this is impossible." (Kazutoo)
"...... it's possible, it's real." (Risu)
"Ah yes, I know. Also, you probably knew who I was and treated me like a suspicious person, right?" (Kazuto)
"............." (Risu)
"I see, you're the type who shuts up when things get inconvenient.......!" (Kazuto)

What I find most unbelievable is my father who kept quiet about this matter.
I can't help but be amazed at his spirit to remain silent.
............Let's get this straight once and for all.
Somehow I got a younger sister. She started living in this house a week ago.
The reason is that her address was exposed. Apparently, she is a streamer.

"No use, even though I've organized the whole story, it's all too sudden and freaks me out!......!" (Kazuto)
"......Went haywire......?" (Risu)

My sister, with half her face out from behind the couch, looks at me with concern. I seem to be in a frenzy, or rather, going insane. If this were an online game, I could cure myself with recovery items, but this is a reality, so that's not going to happen.

"We-well, it's okay...... not good, but fine. What are we going to do now?" (Kazuto)
"......What do you, mean?" (Risu)
"We've never seen each other before, so what are we going to do?" (Kazuto)
"You're freaking me out, so nothing....... I won't do anything." (Risu)
"You're being really cautious of me, aren't you......." (Kazuto)
"......You've got a sweet face and voice that makes women unconsciously head over heels for you...... danger level SS." (Risu)

The girl in front of me tries to run away from me, saying things that don't make sense.
However, I want to close some psychological distance between us.

"I am, Kazuto. Is it okay if I call you Risu?" (Kazuto)
"...... Not really......." (Risu)

So her name is Risu, huh. That's unusual.

"How old are you?" (Kazuto)
"......Fifteen...... a high school freshman." (Risu)
"I see, you're one year younger than me――EEEH, a high-school freshman!? I thought you were in elementary school!?" (Kazuto)
"......I'm undeniably a fine high-school freshman big sister." (Risu)
"I totally can't see it, and you're not a big sister............." (Kazuto)

I am not being sarcastic or anything, but she really does look like an elementary schooler.
Seeing me stunned, Risu gets miffed.

"......Next time you treat me like an elementary schooler...... I don't know what will happen to you." (Risu)
"What exactly do you mean by 'you don't know'?" (Kazuto)
"......Before you know it, your neighbors will be avoiding you." (Risu)
"Seriously, you're a terrifying girl......!" (Kazuto)

Without revealing what exactly she is going to do, there is a sense of dread leading me to imagine what the future will be like.
She is obviously accustomed to making threats.

"......Promise me you won't do anything weird to me." (Risu)
"O-of course." (Kazuto)
"...... and I also want you to stay out of my room." (Risu)
"I ge――――" (Kazuto)
"...... And do not get involved with me in any way." (Risu)
"............Got it." (Kazuto)

There's an overwhelming sense of distance.
No, not a sense of distance, but complete rejection and wariness―― which were not the kind of words one would use with family members.

"We're family, after all, and I'd like to get along well with you in a certain way...... I think." (Kazuto)
"......We are complete strangers in the name of family. We're only family in formalities." (Risu)
"That's true, but......" (Kazuto)
"......I don't like the idea that because we're family, we have to get along." (Risu)

I choke up at her strong words.
Perhaps there is nothing strange about my statement to the average person.
It is not unnatural for people to want to get along with each other because they are family.
But from her point of view, it was unpleasant.
Somehow, she resembles Rinka a little bit.

"From now on...... take care of me." (Risu)
"A-ah...... yes, please take care of me as well." (Kazuto)

I was anxious about my new family, who had no intention of getting along with me at all.

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[End of Chapter]

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